Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tomorrow, Odds decrease more

I will be 31 tomorrow. Who would have thought that I would have to race against time?!?!?! My husband is finally gotten very cheerful and hopeful for this cycle. He has added alot more of himself emotionally into this cycle more than any other cycle. I dunno if it's because he is changing work shifts and it will be more difficult to perform sexy-times on demand, or the new discovery of ovulating, or the reality of the $$'s that IUI's are going to cost us if our cycles do not provide us with a BFP. Our insurance does not cover IUI's. When we discussed how much each procedure was going to be for a IUI, I could see the "HOLY SHIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME" look on his face. He panicked. My husband is very frugal and buying fruit that is already cut up is a struggle for him to understand. He does not "encourage convenience for dollars". What ever that means... Ok back to the reasoon I am posting: I just wanted to share the text messages that have been going through our cellphone service over the past few days:

From E: C'mon uterus 6 more days til POAS
My response: Hahahahah you are cracking me up ..but seriously Uterus better be on our team

From E:I hope the boobs are feeling more plumb and sore
My response: Some moments yes , some moments No .. still holding out that it is a good sign

Me: 5 more days to go
E's Response: GO GO Uterus

Things that autofill in my cell phone:, Prog.esterone, HCG, dildo-cam, Uterus, Bloodwork, needles, metformin, ovulating, boobs, implant(ation), swimmers, spermies, eggs, follies, ..etc
Entertain me, what are some words that autofill from your cell phone text messages?


sharah said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I hope you're enjoying it!

butterflyanla said...

lol. You text messages are cracking me up. Happy Birthday!

Diana said...

Sadly I am a little further in the age game at 34 so I missed the texting boat. I am an old fart that still calls people. But I laugh at your texts!!!