Monday, July 9, 2007

Rainbows and Butterflies

So, It's CD 20- trip to the RE to measure my p4. I have been still receiving positive OPK's the past 4 days and I got a little worried. (seems i worry about everything lately). I Had a new nurse, we will call her Nurse IDK (i don''t know). She didn't know the answer to ANYTHING. I told her that I was worried about my OPK's being positive for so many days, and that a book I have states that this could be from your body trying to release and egg but never actually releasing it. I was wondering if that may be my case Since I never have ovulated before and if so could I get a trigger shot? (yes, i know I am going to be the death of myself) She blew it off and told me not to worry so much and that injectibles may screw with OPK's. I told her that I wasn't doing injectibles, and she said well "i dunno what clomid really does and I wouldn't really worry about it"!!! I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I'm in the RE's office aren't I ???? (this is a woman that has a picture of her and her family of 6 hanging in her office) SO OF COURSE she doesn't know what clomid is ..... LORD Help me!!! Then I expressed to her that getting blood from my puny pathetic veins is most effective when done with a butterfly. She insists, and actually prides herself on being able to accommodate uncooperative veins. I assure her that I do not doubt her excellent-ness but just wanted her to heed my warning... 1 stick .. no blood, 2 sticks, no blood, swirl the needle around to find the vein ... no blood....... Next arm ..... repeat same as above. She chimes in that just maybe I was right about needing a butterfly needle?!!?!?!?! So finally, after 6 sticks later and a butterfly needle ( and i drank a 24 oz bottle of water before i got there so I know I was not dehydrated) we finally got just enough blood to perform 1 test. Thank GAWD I didn't have to do more than 1 test today, Nurse IDK would have had to work "extra hard" today. I waited and waited for my results. Finally at 4pm, they called and told me that Yup, Confirmed Ovulation and that my number is 7.5 . Once again as much as I am excited, I am worried. Isn't it supposed to be 10 or higher? But keep in mind I didn't ovulate until CD17 so technically I am 3DPO. The Nurse would called me back, told me that they would get my results to the Dr tomorrow. I think I may call the office tomorrow and ask if i should be taking some form of Progesterone. Anyone that understand these numbers - PLEASE weigh in your opinions as for if I may want/need to supplement progest..... I am all new to this because my P4 /CD21 number is usually <1.

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SaraS-P said...

The title glitch can be circumvented by using the Tab key to key the cursor in the title box. It drove me nuts.

I know nothing about P levels, but I am sure O'ing late would be a factor. I am also sure SOMEONE among us will know more and offer helpful info.

T-girl said...

Everything is fine!!!
I've also had several days of +ve OPK and it just depends on how long your surge is.
What is most important actually is the p4 levels, because that indicates if you ovulated.

Your levels at 3DPO seem right to me, they are not so high yet because you were just 3DPO, and they usually peak at 7DPO.

If you can, ask for more blood work to be done at 7DPO, so you can actually see what your level is at that point. That should tell us if you need supplements or not.

Most of the times, at 7DPO, the doctors want to see a level over 10 for unmedicated cycles and over 15 for medicated cycles.

There is a lot of info at

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I know a level over 5 confirms ovulation and since you were 3dpo, I think you were doing pretty good.

Jayleigh said...

Dear Lady... I so feel for you. How many cycles is this for you? This is my first go-round in 6 years and mercifully, I have forgotten all/most of the numbers and what they mean. I'm going into it blind this first time, with the steady prayer that it will take.

After a total of 14 years TTC, I feel like this time is nearing the end of my window of opportunity.

Hope you're doing well!

Courtney said...

Congratulations on the surge and the finally getting the big O (ovulation that is)!

*and thank you for the comment - I like the quote :)

Reproductive Jeans said...

What a time you had! I dont know about the P levels, but it seems you have gotten some good feedback here...

BUT glad you are getting a surge! That is a great sign=)

Cibele said...

Anything above 3 indicates ovulation... as somebody else said already, Drs. want to see 15 or above for medicated cycle. I think that for 3dpo your progesterone level looks fine. I have low progesterone, usually get between 7 and 8 at 7DPO (non-medicated cycle). Maybe you can ask to repeat 7dpo and maybe start progesterone supplements. I am taking 50 mg prometrium and I don’t feel side effects (only more hot flashes). Good luck !

Princess Peach said...

you gotta surge, you gotta surge - that is great news! best of luck.

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Err... I'll tell you, it is really annoying to have someone who can't answer your questions! That's when you want to say "Can I just speak to the doctor please!!!!!"