Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr Google Loses this Round

There is so much conflicting information about the start of the 3rd trimester. So I gave in and called both my MFM and OB's offices. They both declare the start of the 3rd to be 28w. According to this website (and many others), using my IUI date as ovulation, it goes right along with what a few of you said: 26w6d - 27w3d mark. So I guess it depends on your dr and their opinions.!? Here is a link my OB's office referred me to on my first OB appt.

Here are 2 pictures from the weekend. *creative belly shots
This is what I see when I am propped up in bed looking down.

This is what it looks like from E's side of the bed. Scary HUH!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My heart is aching - please Give love to my friendly Blogger Busted Babymaker who had a placenta abruption at 23w3d. Oh the sadness

Blue Light Special

mostly weekend re-cap - very little p-word until the purple font but mostly embarrassing symtpoms

I have been meaning to jot this down since Saturday. My co-worker informed me that the b.lue store was having huge sales. I haven’t been in the bl.ue l.ight s.pecia.l store in probably 15 yrs. She said she saw maternity clothes for $3. Um that was all I needed to hear to run out and see what I could find. I work in a job that I am allowed to wear “regular clothes” 90% of the time. We have lab coats, uniforms, bdu’s and other protective coverings but, no matter how hard you try, you will get something on you. It’s just part of the job. So I have clothes I wear to work and clothes that are not for work. Some are in the same category and some are not.

So when I hear $3 I immediately think – SAVINGS – who cares if I get stuff on them, I can throw them away if I can’t get it out. I ended up with 4 pair of jeans(pants) and one shirt all for $22. That, my friends, is a steal. I have a clothes addiction – Much like having a purse addiction and shoes addiction …. I LOVE clothes.. I usually LOVE expensive clothes. But Saturday, I was diggin’ the more economical side of clothes shopping. Especially since I am almost in that 3rd trimester – I call that the home stretch. (I still should ask my dr, when they start counting a pregnancy in the 3rd trimester- However I did love Nancy’s answer of 26w6d! That just tickles my fancy! Thanks Nancy.)

Ok so after My super savings, I decided that I needed to celebrate with a pedicure.. I mean what else is a girl to do on a rainy day in Fl. So I tried out this new salon ….. OMG worst pedicure I have ever had … SOoooooo very uncomfortable. I was highly disappointed. I should state that I am a girl that has received many pedicures in my lifetime. I think pedicures are simply divine. I haven’t had one since pregnancy. I was afraid of all the hoopla. Wouldn’t you know it – this lady made my feet bleed. She scrubbed incredibly too hard on the side of my foot with those pu.mi.ce I was a nervous wreck after that. I have since been cleaning it with and ne.osp.r.oin. I asked the peri yesterday and he assured me it looked ok. But I just can’t help but feel a little worried. But the toes are blue and lovely! But you can bet I will never be back there.

I am 26 weeks today. I am definitely larger than before. I am feeling it. I am only up 2 more lbs since my last ob appointment. That’s a total of 8 lbs. ( I am still blaming 1 of those lbs on Mini –since he is getting bigger and I had plenty of extra room to start off with) My sciatic nerve has its moments of hate but mostly controllable by sitting down and putting my legs up. The weirdest thing that I can think of – no, one of the weirdest things I can think of is that by the end of the night,(tmi alert) I have this weird pressure feeling on my pubic bone (I guess that’s where it is) that causes me to have a hard time opening my legs up ( yes I typed that). Like when getting in a car, or walking up stairs, getting out of the bed ..etcs. that movement .. the pressure and doing those actions are noticeable uncomfortable. The other weirdest thing I can describe is – the automatic pee button. This is what my husband and I are calling it. Mini either moves or kicks or does some kind of C.hin.ese wa.ter to.rt.ure trick that can instantly make me pee myself…. (YES, I am doing k.egal.s-have been for weeks) Friday night, going to run an errand, I was on the cellphone with E, locking the door, had my sunglasses and purse in hand – ya know being ultra coordinated. And the automatic pee button was tripped – I dropped everything, desperately tried to get back inside to the restroom and did not make it. I was laughing so hard that It did not help matters at all. Last night, E and I were taking 26 week pics and he made me laugh so hard that I almost did it again … I was so mad at him.. and he – just kept snapping pics while I was wobble running to the bathroom … Boy is he going to get it.

Also – shower talk is in the works. I have to say that I know I posted my fears about that – there are still in the back of my mind, but I am really excited also. Now only if I could get the courage to order
this dress … It is hard to justify spending money on a maternity dress when it won’t be worn much. (plus my husband keeps reminding me that the ribbon is pink – and I keep reminding him I AM still the Queen of The Pink)

Monday, March 24, 2008

P-word Dr appointment post, skip to the red for fun facts today

Look, I am in the double digits on my counting widget!!!!!!! Question - way conflicting info - 3rd trimester starts at the 26th, 27th, or 28th week? I have tried to figure this out and meant to ask the Dr today. Maybe I should call back.

Cliff notes : I had my monthly growth scan today and fetal echo. I am 1 day shy of 26 weeks, Mini was measuring 25w4d but weighs 2 lbs 5 oz. (sleeping heart rate 135- which they advised me was “perfect” after the fetal echo) I will take that thankyouverymuch. The wonderful u/s tech was trying and trying to get a good picture of the lil booger. However, Mini had other ideas – such as sleeping with his butt up in the air. Face down.. no cooperation. So no good pics ...

The the u/s tech asked if we knew what we were having, I said yes a boy .. and she says.. “Um I can’t confirm that”. I asked what she meant thinking she just could not see the goods because of the bad positioning this kid has crammed himself in. No she meant, she thought it was the “other sex” ………… We did not leave there until a sex was determined. As you can see below, thankfully Mini is STILL a boy .. it was just bad positioning on his part…. My heart nearly skipped a few beats…. I was wondering what I was going to do with all the pre-collected blue items We had.
Mini is obviously already taking after his father. This morning while trying to get E up – I left the alarm on to annoy him enough that he would eventually have to get up and turn off the alarm clock while I was in the shower and getting ready. (our appointment was about an hour from our house – in the middle of rush hour traffic - so we needed to leave pretty early) I was in the shower and heard the alarm clock going off for nearly 5+ mins. I had to go over and shake E to wake him up after I already had woken him up 3 times before I got in the shower. Basically I am telling you this because Mini REFUSED to cooperate for the U/S tech. She would have me roll over, stand up, go to the bathroom, switch sides, poke him in the hand with the wander, NOTHING was going to move this sleeping kid…. I am only hoping this trend follows suite outside of the womb.(please)

One thing is very certain – Mini likes sleep and was not at all happy with our attempts to wake his lazy butt up. One pic below – he has his hand over his face (nose and mouth) – can we say Theatrical MUCH…. (but look as those beautiful fingers) We have our next growth scan April 21. I made it later in hopes to be more of a convenient time for Mini’s schedule


I learned something today – Because of leap year – the ovulation/due dates wheels that dr’s offices have are all off by one day and so many hours (I forgot that number) So they changed my due date – june 30. It’s one day-ish. No biggie for me really – whenever is fine with me. Just thought that was interesting – So we all may be off by a day + hours.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Now, Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

I wanted to thank all of you for the generosity poured out through your really sweet and appreciative comments the past few days. I wanted to state that I was not saddened by the recent anon comment as much as I was deeply offended that someone would be so blatantly hurtful towards another person. The the last anon comment was based off another blog comment I left for another blogger - It was not intended for the Anon poster and was taken WAY out of proportion By the Anon poster ... .... Regardless.. that' s all the time/energy I will spend on that issue..... SO

Back to our regularly scheduled program:
It's Good Friday and I just wanted to wish everyone that celebrated a Happy Good Friday
and Happy Easter

I will be going to our annual Family Easter Egg round up on Sunday. I will be thinking about all of those getting ready to cycle, coming out of a cycle, waiting for a cycle or next step, and those going in for er/et's while we are gathering all our eggs. What a great holiday for us's. Let there be Eggs Eggs Everywhere! Easter Eggs

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't even know where to start. I am a pretty open and honest person. I know that by posting ANYTHING on the world wide web, I am opening myself up to a universe of people. (which sometimes brings judgements) We all know that it takes all kinds to make the world go round and I respect that. I am not a fan of censorship, I think one should be allowed to say what they want when they want and have opinions that change like the seasons if they so desire. I am and will always be a fairly open and way too honest and always forgiving of a person. I say what I want on my blog and try my very best to respect the human race. In the past, I have received some very helpful anon comments - but as of late, these anon comments have been very judgemental and down right hateful. I try to live by the rule of only writing/commenting things that I am able to stand confidentially behind. I know that I should not assume that others will do the same, but I sort of did. With all that said, I am now requiring all comments be from an open ID. Remember that behind these blogs, there are real live people with real live feelings. Some times it's best to follow the rule your mother told you in kindergarten "If you do not have anything nice to say(type), don't say anything at all"

Things you never want to hear

coming from your Husband's mouth while talking to his mother on the phone -

"Oh yah her (.)(.)'s are huge and n.ipp.les are very dark and sore - the air hits them and she winces ...."

REALLY???? Is that an appropriate thing to discuss with your son?

This is the women that asked her son, (my husband) if the "excited" me ....

There is so much more from last nights conversation, that if i typed it, You would not believe me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25 weeks

60% of the way there and 105 Days to go - Mini is the size of an eggplant. I also read somewhere that my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Thank you very much - way to make me feel sexy huh? Also Mini has been kicking or dancing alot more. It feels like I have Flipper in my belly practicing the backwards dolphin swim. I get weekly updates from here.
This was what I received Sunday regarding 25 weeks about dental hygiene: "Want to keep your baby safely inside you until term? Put your dental floss where your mouth is. Surprisingly, research links good oral hygiene with longer pregnancies. Sounds crazy — doesn't it? Crazy, but true. Something as simple as brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly can reduce the risk of g.ingivi.tis — a common condition in which your gums become inflamed, red, and even begin to bleed. Untreated gi.ngivi.tis (that's where the regular dental checkups come in) can progress to — a more serious infection of the teeth — which has been linked to and even an increased risk of pr.eeclam.psia. Keep on top of your teeth, and that old (untrue) wives' tale — the one that claims that a woman loses a tooth with each pregnancy — can finally be put to rest." - Good to know- thought I'd pass it along.

Mini's development - "The spine is strengthening this week, as the joints, ligaments, and rings form to protect the spinal cord from any injury. The blood vessels in the lungs develop, in preparation for breathing. Your baby’s eyes can open and close now, and they will react to light. His mouth is developing in preparation for the sucking reflex, as well as for swallowing. His nostrils are opening this week, and he may even be able to smell. He is already practicing walking, as his feet pedal up against your uterine wall. With all his twisting and turning, it’s amazing that the umbilical cord remains uncompromised. The umbilical cord is built to sustain life even through all the twists and turns of your baby, as its tough anti-knotting capabilities keep it well intact." I also read the the nostril is opening and breathing is being practiced.

OK TMI inserted here - I am not sure exactly when it happened but reading Hilary's post today made me remember that some where along the lines, my ni.pp.les are the size of small pancakes. Let's not forget that they are as dark brown as i have ever seen. There are some weird things going on there. Size and colors aren't the only thing. This past week, they hurt very bad. They are insanely sensitive and throb. It's very uncomfortable. It's not constant, it tends to come and go in waves. Ok sorry !

Thank you for all the compliments on the crib. I tell ya, I never knew all these decisions and choices were so hard. (or maybe they are hard because of too many choices) I forgot to post the pictures I ordered off e.ts.y. Here is the link. We aren't painting the room. The room is actually pretty close to the color of the walls in the crib picture. Instead we decided to decorate by adding paintings and wall hangings and furniture. We are contemplating a blue/green changing table or dresser. I found a website to order wall letters from. There are 2 that I really like and I can not decide which on to go with. I am going to ask a few friends later to see what their opinion is. If we can't decide, I will post them here and do a poll.

Thank you all for being kind and patient with all the baby prep talk and week update. I do not know if I am able to communicate properly how all of this feels to me. It is very therapeutic, but in the same sense, it's extremely overwhelming and alarming. I still feel like I am just in a very long cycle preparing for something that seems to be out of my reach. But so close i can taste it. I have no idea if that makes any sense what -so- ever. I still recognize the bitterness that I carry around with me at times. Sometimes, It comes out of my mouth and into the open where I have to deal with it - or be confronted by it. Sometimes, it stays in the depths of my mind only to torture me and my thoughts. I feel I am getting more excited every week and i find new fears as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

That was a weekend of sorts

I been being to post this – someone asked what site I use to track things on my blog. I use this site.

Pre-paring for baby speak - skip to purple to avoid it

I should state that lately, I find it hard to make any decision. ANY … simple ones that really do not matter a hill of beans …. I just do not seem that confident decision maker I was a few months ago. E blames it on me always being tired and in a fog.

Ok so Friday night, we headed out crib shopping with a book of resources in hand. I should go on the record saying that I believe that many of these options/choices/purchases that present themselves to be made for preparing for baby are mostly lead and played up severely by the emotional aspects more so than then being absolutely necessary or vital. *maybe this is because I have much to learn or because this journey drug me across a few million speed bumps along the way to get to where we are. Aloud to actually make choices.* But I have been tryin to make decisions that are not based on emotinal and hormonal aspects and not because "all the cool and great mommies are doing it" - Sometimes it reminds me of being in middle school all over again and I HATED middle school coolness competitions.

Ok so we were standing in the Babies are Them furniture section surrounded by a few choices – we look over and found one that we think is a match. Then the waffling begins. It’s not the BEST … the BEST is $X amount of dollars. My husband chimes in that the lower priced crib will get us through the next ~2 yrs that we need it to get through. It is not a family heirloom we are buying and this crib will most likely never have another baby to sleep in it. It is not a death trap and will not affect his SAT scores. He reminded me that we were there to look for the criteria that “I” had listed on a sheet on paper and this crib fit all those criteria. (Thank God, for rational husbands) So after much “are you sure’s”, “will you be happy and content with is purchase”, we purchased the crib. It is now in my spare bedroom in a box. Cross another to do thing off my list. Here is what it will look like when it’s put together:


Saturday, we went to my parent’s house. E helped my dad redo the flower beds with new decorative rocks and such. I sat on the patio swing and read this new book. So far it’s really good and I recommend it.

Sunday – Well Sunday was supposed to be an eventful day. WE had a list of errands to run but the day had other plans for us. I decided that I wanted a salad from
this restaurant. We have one located in our mall and I needed to return a few clothes that I ordered that I did not like – so it killed 2 birds with 1 stone. We went – we ordered, we sat, and sat, and sat… Well I made a few trips to the salad bar but .. People that came in after us had started receiving their orders, and we still sat foodless… I finally asked to speak to the manager and explained that we came in way before these people and still had no food or explanation why our order was taken longer – he explained to me that the kitchen was short and apologized. I explained to him even if the kitchen was short -shouldn’t people who were there first be accompanied before others – about that time our waitress comes RUNNING over with an order and puts it on our table. It was NOT even close to anything we ordered. I calmly explained that was not what we ordered and that I had enough and we would go somewhere else because we had sat there for 45 mins and still did not have the right order. He assured me there right order would be out in nano-seconds and that our bill was free. So the waitress went in the kitchen and came out with the EXACT same food she tried to deliver to us when the manager was there – I did not have the patients to gain explain to her that was not our order. She was all confused as to why I was aggravated and we got um and left the restaurant. I have never in all my #0 some odd years EVER just walked out. But now I can add that to the list of things I have done. We left and received better service here.. Not as healthy, but I needed some protein and dessert bad after that encounter.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our weekend Mission

no p -word talk but baby prep talk

OK our bedding arrived yesterday and I truly just think it's adorable. I am very fond of it. After a much debated crib/bassinet/convertible crib conversation, we have decided to go with just a plain ole crib. So the great debate goes as follows:
My parents were originally going to buy us the nursery set. My father has now decided that my son (his first grandchild and first the boy on our side of the family in quite some time) needs a toddler race car bed. Think we are skipping a few steps? I mean, I do, but do not care to crush his excitement at all. SO whatever ... he instructed me not to buy a convertible crib because as soon as a toddler bed can be used, he is buying the race car bed ...

A few weeks ago E's mom called him and told him that she found a crib/changing table at a yard sale and wanted to buy it for us. He nicely explained to her that we wanted new furniture. Last night we were discussion that we really need to start crib searching and that maybe his mother would like to send us the money she was going to spend on the yard sale pieces to us and we could use her money to put toward our crib purchase. I didn't think he would really call and ask nor did I think she would agree to this - BUT He called AND She agreed. Yah I am so grateful.

So this weekend, our mission is to find a sturdy, non convertible, well made standard crib. Now that we have the bedding, I feel more confident in picking out what color will look best. I have lost all imagination apparently. I could not "visualize" what would look best. Usually I am pretty good at picking decor out but recently, I have lost that knack. If you have a suggestion on color, name brand, store, experienced crib purchaser, anything ..please leave me a comment

On a side note - My husband told me that his co-workers were discussing their pregnant wives (because apparently the public safety workers do nothing but pro-create - Lucky, you mean people just decide to have kids???!!) OK sorry ..tangent - all of the men agreed that there is just that "something" about their pregnant wife that makes them think that she is "one haute momma". (that is the g-version of what I was told last night) I just WISH that I could have been a fly on the wall for this discussion. I mean can you really see these guys on duty discussing this??

Monday, March 10, 2008

24 weeks.. Does that Really = 6 Months?

WOW - I can not believe that I am posting something that is referring to me being 6 months pregnant. You know what they say "Number's Don't Lie" or do they? - So there you have it. My all crazy, over- hormonal self has actually made it to 24 weeks ..or 6 months! It sounds like a MUCH bigger feat when you say 6 months ya know. According to a few websites I am 2/3 of the way there. According to this website I am 58% of the way in. 112 days to go .. REALLY ........ NO WAY! This blows my mind. Time is just ticking away.

Last night I signed up for a Childbirth class. It just all feels so surreal. My dr's office has been requesting that I do this since my february appointment, but something about signing up just didn't seem comfortable. It's done and we wait.

According to this website - Mini's "face is basically complete now. The fetus's eyes are close together on the front of his face and they are still shut. Your baby's ears have moved into their final position on the sides of his head. Where they are now is where they will be when your baby is born! Hair will continue to grow on his scalp and his eyelashes are well developed. Most of your baby's features look the same as they will at birth. Because your growing baby is getting plumper, he no longer has room in your tummy to do cartwheels and somersaults. "

"By 24 weeks the lung cells begin to produce a substance called surfactant, a substance absolutely necessary for successful gas exchange. The absence of this substance is often a limiting factor in the viability of premature newborns, as its absence precludes successful breathing. Neonatologists, or doctors specializing in the care of newborns, can introduce a drug form of surfactant to the lungs of premature babies, stretching viability, or the age at which survival outside the womb becomes possible, even farther back in pregnancy."

I know that some women are worried about their weight gain - Look what I found here: "Much of the weight gained during pregnancy goes to your baby and the products of conception:

Fetus: 7.5 to 8.5 pounds
Amniotic fluid: 1 to 2 pounds
Placenta: 1 to 2 pounds
Increase of blood and fluid volume: 4 to 8 pounds
Uterine muscles: 2 to 3 pounds
Breasts: 2 to 3 pounds
Fat deposits around internal organs: 2 to 10 pounds"

Hope that eases some of your minds.

Here are my updated pics for your entertainment (notice the consignment jeans - not bad for $10)



Ramblins of Weekend Updates

According to my husband – I have developed an increase in hormonal reactions over the past few weeks. I cried when I burned cookies, dinners etc. Friday takes the cake apparently. I went to the grocery store after work and by the time I was done there were tornado warnings, torrential downpours, floods and just plain crappy weather going on the entire state. E called to make sure I was going straight home and getting help with the water and kitty litter at the store to my car. He would get it when he got home. The bagger gave me an umbrella and told me to go get my car and bring it up underneath their overhang and he would load all my groceries – So thoughtful – very sweet. I got half way out to the car and the lightening was popping an the umbrella flipped inside out.. So I was soaked…When I got home, I grabbed the cold/freezer stuff and went inside to start dinner. I bought one of those meals in a bag. Well apparently, I am crazy full of hormones because I opened the bag and just became enraged – I swore the bag o’ food was freezer burned. I was so mad. The rice in the bag looked like perfectly white chicklets – or like it had been Zoomed. I should back this up and explain that I tried to buy meat but all their meat looked terrible. (Now that I am typing this – I am wondering if it all was all part of this pregnancy delusional behavior that I am partaking in that my husband is laughing at) I swear the meat all looked like it was from bad cuts and fatty parts.. Just made me ill. So my dinner plans could not contain any of those meats - it limited my options ... E got off work and I requested that he bring home dinner because the meal I had planned on making was freezer burned. So when he came home in the rain with our dinner – he looked at the bag o meal and said that it was perfectly fine. … So he ate his dinner, and then cooked the bag meal. I tasted it, it was fine, he took it to lunch the next day. Apparently – I have lost it.

The crazy Nesting has begun - Then this weekend, I told E that I had to clean. I worked myself into a pure sweat. I scrubbed, vacuumed, dusted, laundry etc. I went to breakfast and asked my dad how much kitchen faucets cost to replace. Our sink in the kitchen is not deep at all and the spout comes out straight. If you are trying to wash pots/pans you get all wet and have to maneuver in weird positions. And quite frankly I am tired of it, so this weekend I bought a new faucet this weekend (technically my dad bought it for me but whatever) It’s bought, E and my Dad are going to replace it tonight. Along with the toilet guts. Our toilets have been acting funny and the landlord keeps telling me she is sending someone to “look at it”. I have heard that for 6 months now and am over it. (granted we don’t call to follow up – but should I have to ??) So I, (erm my dad) bought complete toilet gut kit and that will be fixed also. YEAH ..moving right along – we will not even discuss our spare bedroom/nursery situation. I have asked several members of my family to help me to come up with a better plan/arrangement for our living room/dining room area. No one will help me with suggestions. I think we need more floor space – but E and my mom are no help- they think is "fine".. Maybe I will ask my father about that tonight.

I found a consignment shop with plus size maturity clothes. I can not tell you how thrilled I was about that. I bought a pair of jeans for $10 and an outfit (top/pants) for $13 and I had a $5 off coupon I found on their website.

I check out how people found my blog pretty regularly. Saturday (or Sunday, I can't remember now) Someone frommy city googled "my full name". and found one of my very first u/s's. I will be editing that - weird

So as you can see – saving birds, crying over meat and cooking, cleaning, and typing this, apparently I am nesting and being quite loopy all at the same time. I already new I was not right – this confirms it. E told his buddies at work about my episodes - apparently they say it gets worse .... Let's hope not

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Job for me? ...

Last night after coming home from dinner (around 10), It was drizzling (as it likes to do in FL). I heard a lot of what sounded like wing flapping. I looked up HIGH in a tree there was bird flapping its wings. I figured it was trying to dry its wings off after the hard rain. It looked like your standard dove/pigeon of some sort from its wings. Not 4 seconds later I see something falling from the branch where the bird was flapping. In the first split second I thought it was a feather but then when it made it to eye level I saw it was bigger and then THUD… OMG it was a baby bird and it fell on the sidewalk. I nearly went into hysterics right there. (it was about 15 feet infront of me) E was trying to get me to come inside but I was not obliging. I went running over to see if it was ok … No it wasn’t ok. I immediately started to cry and told him that we had to bury it. Then came another baby bird falling out of the sky but I caught that one. I was yelling at the bird that was pushing them out of the nest. Like the bird understood me. I refused to go in until E would bring me a shoebox with a newspaper/paper towel nest in it. I put the bird in the box with the lid half covering it and him and slid him under the bushes by our front door. E refused to let it in the house and we have 2 cats that I am sure would have LOVED to keep it warm. I made E come out and check on him a few times before getting to sleep. I cried myself to sleep. I was so upset. Stupid hormones I assume. I kept apologizing to E for crying because I told him I know it was ridiculous but I was so upset and couldn’t stop.

This morning I got up early, took a shower went and checked on the little guy, he was alive and breathing and he had moved spots. I packed in him a new dry shoebox and drove to work. Once I got to work I asked a co-worker who used to work at a zoo around here what to do with him. She directed me to a vet that also does wildlife rescue. So I took him there. Made a donation and drove back to work. I am glad the bird will have a chance. Poor lil thing

Disclaimer - If all fairness, I would have tried to save the bird regardless of the extra hormones I have, because I just love most animals and am just that kind of person. I have 2 cats that ended up at our house via rescuing. 1 from my work parking lot when her eyes were still glued ½ shut and 1 I drove 120 miles to get from my husbands’ friend that found a litter outside his house and was going to take to a shelter. So this is not my first rodeo. You would think that my husband would get used to this. Hey I think I found a new job for me.. The first Female Wildlife Biologist/Host for show

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Monthly Dr Appointment

oK - WARNING p-word appointment and random thoughts all over the place -
(yes barb- sad but true-for the most part, I write like I speak/think- scared now?)

Welp, I made it back from the dr's appointment. I just do not understand pre-natal care really. I guess this is coming from an infertile stand-point. I go there, they do things that I really could do at home. Maybe this is based on my fertility treatments. (I mean, we did do our own injections)

Normal appointment: I weigh myself (didn't gain any), I pee in a cup. (i had a few white blood cells today but I told them I was fighting a cold- they were not worried) They take my BP (still really good), measure my fundal height (measuring 24 weeks - I am 23w2d). Nurse asks a few questions, then does the doppler(still 150-160's). Then the Dr comes in ( because I am still considered High Risk). If you aren't HR I don't think you see a Dr. That's it. Very low key

Today, She went over the MFM notes with us. She was pleased to hear how well everything was and has turned out. She disagreed with his thinking on the lov.enox. She found it interesting that he does not think I need the lov.enox and the dose is much too low for someone with that condition in my weight range. She told me that she will mention this to her team of dr's and see what they think of his opinion and notes. I told her, It's just a shot, If she wants me to do more, I will. She admitted that sometimes dr's give prescriptions for things to make the dr's feel better as in "prescribing the risks, so the dr's get sleep at night". I told her I was fine with whatever they decide. They also want me to have monthly growth scans(u/s's). I didn't ask specifically why. I am sure it is based on the MF.M Dr's request which he already told me he wanted to have done either at his office or theirs. She agrees, whomever's office is fine. They just want to have a weight estimate of the baby. (due to my pre-despositions to pre-eclampsia according to the M.FM)

It's good to have dr's that really want to care for you . I know that I may have complained in the beginning, I had a rough start and a weird perspective, I find it easier to relax and trust when I fill my Mini moving and kicking me while we are discussing this pregnancy.

Boy have I come a long way in that thinking. Me- trying to figure out why I am at a dr's appointment?? Am I that comfortable .. Maybe? The receptionist was scheduling my next appointment - and I asked for a later one. I asked for an appointment a week later (making my next appointment in 5 weeks inside of 4) She said "my, you sure have gotten much more confident haven't you?" I just smiled. I really have. I am relaxed about most of this, most of the time. It's quite new for me and somewhat enjoyable. I enjoy this chilled out version of me. I am glad for the pre-natal care. It just seems like after all my RE appointments, it's really simple. And for that statement - I am going to hush and not say that out loud but be eternally grateful beyond measure. In all fairness, It will not really be 5 weeks w/o an appointment. I have another MFM appointment the 24th.

I don't know if i mentioned this or not but my next door neighbor growing up has had 5 rough pregnancies in the last 3 years. She would go into pre-term labor around 20-26 weeks and end up losing the babies. She delivered a beautiful baby girl yesterday at 32w1d. She was on hospital bed rest since 20 weeks, had cerclage since 11 weeks. The baby was 4 lbs 4 oz and 17 inches (they were giving my friend terbutaline and prednisone since 26 weeks to help prepare the baby's lungs.) The baby spent less than 13 hours in the n.ico on a breathing machine to help open up her lungs but is already off and doing fabulous!! SUCH freakin Fantastic News!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

23 weeks

Things that I have been meaning to blog about:

Light bulbs - Photobucket Did you know that at week 22 a baby can see light. Weird to think about being that there (hopefully) is not light switch in my uterus. I read an article that talked about women/couples putting a flash light on the belly for the baby to see. I have not tried this yet but I really want to (yes I know the harmful affects of rays – so don’t post anything about that- it’s just so fascinating)

Heartbeats – Photobucketapparently some can hear the heartbeats if you put your ear to the belly around 22-25 weeks – there is contradicting guidelines.

Thank you for those that commented on my blog about my Me’s. It was nice not to receive a flogging.

Weight gain Scale– Apparently Mini will be doing some growing double time for the duration of my pregnancy. Let’s hope it’s just Mini and not me. I am already a big girl, I just want to be healthy.

Sciatic Nerve – Yes, It’s making its presence known. It’s very irritated at me on my left hip/butt cheek area. I walk around some days with my hand pushing on it – Other days – its non-existent. Weird

caffiene Because I am a dork (basically) and I wanted to see which was least bad for me. (Because BOY do I really want a Sweet Tea or a Coke haven't had any in a while) I googled “which has less caffeine: tea or coke”. Then I googled “which has less sugar tea or coke”. (If anyone is curious I found
this: Basically Coffee has the most caffeine, then Tea (I’m not talking health anti-oxidant green tea- I’m talking Sweet TAY people-you know the kind Britney is good at makin!), then a Coke. But in the sugar department, it seems that Coke has the most because it is the most uncontrollable. Although at a fast food restaurant where I would get the Sweet Tay – I would say that the sugars probably rival each other. Choices Choices Choices….

Cooking cooking- Thing is usually a very simple and easy task for me. I have always enjoyed cooking and am not that bad at it either. Until NOW. I have burned more stuff this week than i have ever in my lifetime. First was the break'n bake cookies, then came chicken, now last nights stirfry.

Sleeping sleep– uhm that has changed a bit. I was making it through the night w/o peeing – Now I am back to waking up to pee. Usually around 4AM. The alarm clocks go off at 5AM. This leaves little time to get back to sleep but, If I do get back to sleep, I don’t wake up until ~8AM – because our alarm clocks have decided to not use the Dual option alarm. (We have one of those smart alarm clocks that has 2 alarms- E’s works at 5- mine has decided to stop this week)

It still amazes me what people (who do not know you Photobucket) will ask you when they find out you are pregnant but not before they make sure to get in their belly rub in. If I know you ask away – but If you are a stranger on the street…. REALLY ? Do you plan on breastfeeding? Daycare or SAHM? How much weight have you put on? Are you sure there is only one? Natural or Epidural? Once they found out it’s a boy – Oh, Girls are more fun to dress up.
These are all things that have been said to me ion the past 2 weeks – Really! We have a dr’s appointment Thursday. I am sure it will be uneventful (or I hope so). I am curious to hear what the M.F.M dr told my Dr – if anything.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tag, your it!

Anla tagged me

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged you (see above).
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

Six non-important things about me:

1. I absolutely LOVE Star$'s coffee - haven't had it in 23 weeks

2. I am the only person on the planet that Has not seen the ha.rry pot.te.r or Lo.rd o.f the movies. (both of which my husband loves)

3. I have a pet turtle named Mr. Turtle (how does one know if a turtle is male or female - we just call him a he - always have).

4. I am Crafty - but not crafty is a sense of creating something with yarn. I never learned to sew, knit, cross stitch, etc. I enjoy trying to learn. I

5. I have always wanted to be an event planner or own my own bakery. Anyone ever seen " ab.out Br.ian" where they go into business and make cupcakes. THAT is my dream job!

6. I laugh/giggle or grin when I am nervous, embarrased or put on the spot.

I tag anyone that needs something to distract them - or give them a reason to blog! (hint hint: Baby Moxie - I miss you)