Monday, March 30, 2009

What Child is this

who laid to rest ....

The medicine has been stopped. So has the te.rrors and restless nights. I placed this child who resembled my MT to bed tonight when I got home from work and he went in the crib and went to sleep. No fussy no muss ...

MT seems to be back to normal .. Teething like a banshee. (our norm) Runny nose and drool ..It's hard to tell the difference really. I am just so thankful that we are sleeping again. However long it lasts

Sippy Cup - *making sure his lil ears cannot hear me type this 3 rooms away sleeping so I do not jinx this. He purposely drank water out of his sippy cup 4 times today. (4 sips 2 different times) 2 times on our way home after the park playgroup and 2 times while eating lunch. I almost fell OVER. I consider this progress. Hoping this repeats tomorrow and here after so I can stop self inducing fear of dehydration since we live in a warm (read sometimes hot and muggy) climate.

  • I walked in the door after work tonight and I swear to you that my child said "Hi" and waved to me.. My husband witnessed this it to. I was floored. I wonder if he will do it again ..
  • He has been waving "bye bye" for weeks now. Just not when prompted .. on his terms (as most everything is lately)
  • He can clap if he wants to. But only if HE wants to.

My parents have a wooden swing on their porch. MT adores being outside on their porch and swinging. He has always had to sit in someones lap until we discovered a new use for this. We strapped the back/bottom straps to the swing and buckled him in .. oh My Word .. The squeals! He loves it.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


This post is going to be all over the place - Just a warning. If you aren't in a great place - Skip to the red - come back later if you wish or just skip it all together - I have been trying to blog about Life for like weeks now. But Life gets in the way, I forget and then the moments are lost.

Vacuum that sucks - why is it that my baby can pickup dirt on my carpet but my vacuum can't? I bought a new vacuum a few months ago. It's a Eureka, I hate it - any suggestions that aren't the Dys.on - I can't afford that option.

My friend who knew I had a blog but didn't know the exact url found my blog this week while googling antibi.otics and ni.ght ter.rors. She called to tell me that she thought she found someone having the same problem as us then realized that this had to be my blog - We had a good laugh over that. I told her I appreciated her telling me and also trying to help me.

Venting - blowing off steam. Because I am here to keep it real. 9 month milestone no one mentions:

These past few weeks have been challenging in so many levels. I would say about a month ago, We hit a huge milestone. One that I haven't read much about yet (too tired) and no blogs that I follow talked about it. MT has decided that if E is home, ONLY E WILL DO. The first few times, I thought this was cute/funny. E was proud that MT only wanted Daddy. E works 12 hours. Drives home and MT will ONLY have daddy do it. If I try to do whatever task needs to be done and E is home, he screams, protests, has a hissy fit, did I mention screaming in protest? So, yah, Not so cute anymore. The newness has worn off and E is not flattered anymore. Anyone see where this is headed? E then procedes to say the unsavory phrase that sums up: I am tired, I worked all day, You stayed home, you deal with him .... I remind him that ME dealing with him is why he is protesting loudly. This lil conversation goes on, hurtful words are thrown at eachother and then the morning is new and the day tends to be on repeat. I try to get everything regarding MT doen before E gets home so this isn't such a demand on either. Then there were ear infections, cranky days, and sleepless nights of what i still think was medically induced te.rrors. I am not a person that holds grudges - but I have a hard time "getting over" hurtful words. Even if I know they were said in the heat of the moment. So maybe I hold some from of a grudge.

Another 9 month milestone that has been brought by the letter F for frustration is: MT found the body part that makes him a male. (can't wait for google to hit on that one). Every.Diaper.Change. The first morning diaper change is always a poopy one. Good Morning Momma! Some mornings, It takes 20 mins to change his diaper and clean up the mess from changing his diaper! It's a wrestling match and I do not have enough arms. I am struggling. Any suggestions?

No is starting to get understood, othertimes, No is a very funny joke.

Sleep regression, Ear Infection, Teething, Meds, whatever else - We seem to be on an upswing. Last night MT woke up at midnight made some noise, and soothed himself back to sleep. Today was his last dose of meds. I hope things only get better from here.

They have to because, Sunday ( i think or maybe Saturday) I lost my mind. MT was doing his 'only want daddy' routine, daddy was doing his 'but it's my day off' routine and I was stuck in the middle pleasing no one. I broke. I cried so hard, it felt great! I haven't cried that hard in years. It felt cleansing. It started out very toxic, I freaked out my baby. Sleep deprivation is serious!

This week, we have spent several days outside. I am a huge believer in healing powers of the sun/air. We went with some of our friends. It is Such fun. There are toddler boys that are "treasure hunting" and they truly enjoy when a cache is found. There are prizes in some of the boxes. You can take something, but you are requested to leave a like item for the next people who find it. I really suggest looking up your neighborhood and seeing if there are any caches in your area. Take a walk and try to find some. Let me know if you ever do it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dr. Dr., Gimme the News

So - Appointment #4 in 15 days. What do we know:
  • I asked if we could just go ahead and do our 9 month well baby visit even though I wouldn't necessarily say I had a well baby.?! Instead of keeping my appointment for the 31st. She agreed to go ahead. He weighs 20lbs! This is an improvement because over the span of the Dr's appointments he had lost 3 lbs. But Managed to gain 2 back. This put him in the 45%. His height is at 28.5 inches - 30%. Head is 45 in in the 40%. Pretty consistent to his last set of stats. A few more inches and I will have to give up the infant Carrier. It's just so much more convenient for me.
  • We discussed his hatred for formula again. Her cry is for me to get more formula/liquids in him. I have NO IDEA how to do this. I barely get 12-15 oz. She wants at least 20oz ... I asked about the next step formulas. She said if it was cheaper option, try them. It doesn't have all the same vitamins but it really isn't that much of a difference. I wasn't going for the cheaper approach. I was going to just try something different and see if that would help. She does not want me to introduce regular whole milk yet ... She also didn't like that we introduced yogurt to him at 6 months - When it was suggested to us by the other Dr in the practice .... I dunno. I have never put anything else but bm and formula in his bottles - Have you tried anything in the bottles?
  • The eczema has gotten better in some spots, worse in others. She thinks we are doing a good job
  • She does not think the screams"things I am referring to as ni.ght terrors" are related to his meds. It could be, "but it's very rare. It could be from the sickness, It could be his age and development" Night Terrors can start as early as 9 months. She begged me to continue the meds for 6 more days.
  • His ears are clearing up. Not cleared up all the way. The nose drainage is related to the ears she thinks. There is no fluid in the lungs. I asked if I could let him sleep in an upright position in the swing or carseat because he cannot breathe - she said yes. She preferred the carseat
  • .. Insert laugh here. I am trying

Since changing the time the med is administered, the Night terrors happen in the late afternoon nap or midnight. The past 2 nights, It's been Midnight. I am getting used to them. It's just a phase right?!


  • I have added black beans (Huge new Fav), re fried beans w cheese melted over them, cut/peeled grapes, going to try chick peas soon.

Last weekend, the weather has been supremely gorgeous! So we have been taking advantage of it:



We put up a baby gate to keep said lil one out of cat food/litter box. Little did we know the stupid cats would not figure out how to jump over it .... took a week for them to figure this out ... OY!

I feel like there is more I wanted to jot down/remember but my mind these isn't working so well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new attitude

After many negative thoughts about my job, I have recently (as of last week) decided to look at my job differently. I actually do not think of it as a job anymore. Yes, I still get paid, but I have decided to think of it as 3-4 hour cardio workout. Which I desperately need. It's a very fasted paced timed operation. Ever since this new mindset, it's not that bad at all.

With that said, I am still looking at all my options. Who isn't

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lil Different

This post could be long and drawn out but no time -

We got the meds late in the day when we started and I just continued to give it to him at the same time the rest of the days Yesterday, I decided to give it to him earlier in the day to see what would happen. He woke up from a nap doing the same type of scream that he does at 2-3 am. It was also 4-5 hours after the meds are administered. The only way to describe it: He sounds like he is crying. But it sounds pathetic, Fake, manufactured almost. His eyes are open but he is not really awake. He wakes to be picked up, you pick him up, He wants to be put down .... pick up, put down, thrashing, rolling. etc rinse repeat. Good part was, It was not 2-3 am, bad part - Not any less frustrating. After the episode, we did manage a good night dleep w/o any wake ups.

Today I have given him the meds at the same time as yesterday. I have to go to work but I have warned my parents that this could happen to them at the 4-5 hour mark. I dunno. I have another appointment with the dr's office Wednesday. I hope that if nothing else, the ears look better. I asked if I could just combine his 9 month well baby appoint on the same day instead of going back on the 31. But we may be back anyway.

At least there was sleep last night. I was very scared of the person I was quickly becoming. Hopefully more upbeat posts to come

Sunday, March 22, 2009


10 out of the past 12 nights MT has woken up pretty much at the same time screaming. The problem is he really isn't awake. He just looks awake, is standing or trying to stand in his crib and screaming inconsolable. This cry is ear piercing, nagging like drawn out pathetic wails of hopelessness. Lt almost sounds fake. And honestly the #1 most annoying sound E.V.E.R.

We have tried:

  • not picked him up and letting him cry for some time
  • patting him on the butt in the crib until my arm just can't do it anymore
  • giving him a bottle
  • giving him mot.rin
  • picking him up and trying to console him
  • putting him in our bed
  • pushing him in a stroller

Nothing works. He fights and tries to escape out of my arms. Lay him down and he thrashes, rolls, burrows his face etc. He just cries for hours. Until he just can't stay awake anymore crying and goes to sleep. Is this related to the ears, teeth, or the meds? Is this Night Terrors? I am at a loss and I feel like a huge failure. I honestly don't know what to do.

UPDATED with a question - Anyone else experience their child/themself while on antibiotics to cause/have night terrors? Am I grasping at straws?This is just my gut feeling. I can't find much research linking the two .. Of course yuo can find some information on it but not medical studies.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Hamster Wheel Keeps Turning

Where Did I leave off .. Oh yes: 5 long sleepless nights of Ri.ngworms + Ear Infection + Teething + Antibiotic Diaper Rash.

MT would fall asleep around 10-11pm and be up from 2am - 6/8 am screaming ... inconsolable. Nothing I tried worked. So finally the 6th night of this, I admitted Fail/defeat and called the Dr around 9pm. She gave me some tricks to try ... and asked me to call for another visit in the morning. I called right when their office opened to find out that they only had appointments for the same Dr I had already seen last Tues and Wednesday and talked to on Monday night. I didn't want to see her again. So I had to wait for an appointment with the Dr I wanted until today.

Monday night, After talking with the dr. I decided that I was not going to give MT anymore antibiotics. My husband and I both agreed that we thought that the antibiotics were making him more miserable and we most to blame for the wakeful nights. Unfortunately MT had the ear infection before going to the dr. so We didn't really think it was the culprit. Remember, We went to the Dr to discuss his rash that was getting worse. Tuesday ,no meds, bedtime went fairly well. Asleep around 9 pm, In the crib around 8:30pm. This was a huge success for us considering the previous nights. His lil diaper rash was also clearing up very well. Wednesday bedtime came and went without a hitch also. Score for us.

I am unsure if it happens to be a huge coincidence that once we stopped the antibiotic he slept through the night. I am sure having no diaper rash help sleep also. Oh did I mention also that the pink stuff seemed to hype MT up pretty good also. Whatever the reason, Yah for everyone sleeping. Sleep is good. It is hard to adjust backwards on sleep regression.

So today - Went to the Dr at 4:45pm. Saw the Dr I like and she took a few good looks at MT's rash that has gotten worse since undergoing treatment. She said that it is not ringworm and that is why the treatment was not working. She diagnosed him with nu.mmular ec.zema der.mititis. (i can't find an article w/o showing awful extreme condition pictures - so I will spare you the links) Basically they are coin shaped dry patches of skin that mostly affect the arms/legs. I did find a website that stated they can tend to resemble r.ingworms but the difference is the spots are not marked with the definite raised ring. I also told her that I stopped the antibiotics and why. She looked in his ears and apparently both are infection now. So she says that it was a good thing I came in because the meds were not working for that either. She wanted me to scrap all the meds we had and start over again. So now back to square one. I asked for her recommendation on a probiotic. Went and pick up that, filled the new antibiotic. Bought new soaps/lotions to try for bathtime .. So far so good. Poor lil thing is sleeping upright in his swing right now and I up he is out for the night - But who knows.

We did manage to have some fun in all that Dr talk though. We played in the Easter Section today - Look I found an Easter Bunny on isle 5:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Growing Pains

  • Took the Cats to the vet - It was basically a disaster that involves me changing vets and spending loads of money for no services. That day will go down in history for my mind. I felt like the Mama Animal trying to protect her young and being threatened by a pack of wolves. Yes it was that awful and no one even looked at the cats for rin.gworms.
  • Scrubbed/vacuumed as much of the house as possible.
  • After the re-arrangement, I have realized that some of the ideas were not that great. Babies love cords... And Teething Babies want to put said cords, in their mouths. MT fascination is like a Moth to a Flame
  • I need to get rid of all our floor lamps. Also like Moth to flame. He managed to pull one down and break the glass globe
  • Between the teething and ear infection, MT and I are not getting much sleep. I am thinking back to a weeks ago. His opposition to having his diaper changed and taking naps was probably an early sign relating to the ear infection. He would scream when trying to get him to lay down. Thus Ear pain. Good to know. *why is 9 months the common start of ear infections? Anyone know
  • Antibiotics- I am not against medical interventions at all. But I am questioning my choice for treating this ear infection with the antibiotic. I am unsure how to tell if he is in pain from the teeth, the ear, or the absolutely awful rash the meds have given him. I am making sure to give him 2 servings of the whole milk yogurt a day but this rash is A.W.F.U.L. I am using a wash clothe and water as wipes. But WOW, he is hurting from the burn when he poops, he pretty much just wails from pain. *to the CD-ers: Something I never thought of- Ask for NO DYE, or no flavor antibiotics if you find yourself in need of them. I am assuming it's from the meds. After each poop, our liners are pink .. UGH I am washing them for the first time since the discovery. Hoping it comes out. It took a few poops to put the two together.
  • Did I mention - Very.Little.Sleep. I think I have found my breaking point: Ringw.orms + Ear Infection + Teething + Antibiotic Diaper Rash. This morning at 3-6 am MT and I both were in tears. I think this is one of the first times that this has happened. I usually do a better job at keeping it together.
  • I read on another blog that this Milestone (9 months) has brought on the most changes. I could not agree more. MT has only been 9 months for 5 days and it seems that once again his development and social abilities are changes by the hour again. I also think this is another reason our sleep patterns have been affected. His lil mind is processing more and more and producing more and more skills. I feel the anxiety creeping in. I felt this way back when he was 6 months also. The anxiety won't last long but it seems like Just when I get things figured out, It's time to change it up on me again. I think the anxiety increases when our sleep decreases also.
  • We did manage a boat stroll yesterday. It was so nice to get out in the open air and be on the water. DSC_0057
  • He wasn't a huge fan of the life jacket at first but as the ride progressed he became accustom to it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calling all Babies born in 2008! Cibele has a fantastic post.

Rackin' up the Firsts

Back to the Dr at 8 this morning - Rough Night, No sleep, still fevered. Actually after a few doses of Mo.trin, it was still 102.4 f at the dr's. Good news is that we do not think he is not allergic to the anti-fungal meds. He has his very first ear infection. I did mention that I am not completely convinced that He has ri.ngworms. She did admit - some spots look alot like eczema, but some look like ring.wo.rms .... Thanks to the great help/comments/suggestions from those that left info on yesterdays post, I think I will pick up some of that Aq.uaphor and see what happens. Off to get more meds ....

Here is what I went in and saw yesterday:


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No way to say it discreetly

Happy 9 months to us - today I celebrated by taking A to the Dr's.

I noticed about 3 ish weeks ago (guesstimating) that MT started have what I thought was a dry patch of skin on the back of his left arm right above his elbow. I assumed this was from the roughness of our carpet and his new found maneuver. The army crawl. It was a likely scenario that made sense to me. Especially since he has extremely sensitive skin. Every night after bath time I would apply some lotion to it in hopes that it would start to go away. Well, a week ago, I looked and saw about 10 more rough patches and got concerned but E and my parents all agreed that I was being overly cautious and alil over protective about the whole thing. He has sensitive skin and I just need to accept it. Friday, I was with a friend and her 4 kids and I asked her what she thought. She said that it looked like her husbands eczema. I was quite saddened by the suggestion but figured it was time to call the dr. So, I made the appointment.

The dr walked in, took a few good looks and declared. Ri.ngworms ... I cried. I will admit, I think I actually panicked and wanted to vomit right there. She assured me that it was not as bad as I was thinking it was, but it needs to be treated through medication.

I learned that it is not actually a worm but a fungus. There seem to be 3 different types(strands?) Athletics's foot/jock itch/cradle cap/diaper yeast infections/rashes are all forms of Ringworm. The treatment is using anti-fungal cream. The dr wants us to try the cream and a prescribed oral anti-fungal med because A has sensitive skin, the cream may cause skin irritation. It seems to be the same med You/and baby can take if you get thrush.

The Dr's first statement was about the foam floor mats being a huge culprit/carriers of it. She asked if I had taken him anywhere like a kid gym, playground or any other place that has mats and shared toys. (towels, hairbrushes, pools) And actually we have been to a few over the past weeks. Plus, my husband mentioned that when I was looking for day cares I took him with me and placed him on the floors/mats/play areas to see how he responded to the other babies/teachers.

I told her that I have indoor cats that have been taken to the vet every yr for shots/etc. but they have never stepped foot outside do not have the signs of patches of skin with no hair and such. She tends to think that it is highly unlikely that it came from our cats. She tends to think that it is harder to get it involving the pets. BUT you can bet that I am going to schedule an appointment for my cats regardless. My parents have an outside kitty. Also could be the culprit. We may never know ...Ugh Frustrating.

I gave him the oral med at 1:15 At 3 I picked him up from his nap and he felt really warm. I took his temp. 103.8 F. New milestone - First Fever. Immediately phoned the dr. I asked if it could be related to the med's since we were there at 10:30 am and no fever or any really sick symptoms. No real advice/guidance other than to give him Motrin and a bath. I was given a number for after hours care and an appointment at 8:45 am tomorrow.

It's been a day ... E just walked in the door from tactical training with a hurt/banged up shoulder with ice wrapped on it. .... Hoping it gets much better soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In 2 days

On Monday, June 9th, 2008, I went for a regular scheduled Dr’s visit with the perinotologist. I was 36 weeks 7 days into my pregnancy. Long story short, On my way out of his office, My water broke. Austin joined the world June 10, 2008 12:02 am. This Monday, Austin will be 36 weeks 7 days old. 8 months 3 weeks 7 days ago I went into Labor. So On Tuesday, He will be officially out amongst the world longer than he was in. Almost 9 Months. Happy 9 months !

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Job

Well It's been 4 days on the job. Here is what I signed up for:

The job is actually in the food service industry. I work in a rehab/nursing home kitchen. I am eligible to receive insurance and PTO. I took this job because the hours are just too good to pass up and the location to my house is 4 mins away and there is an option for insurance should anything happen with E's job. After working for 5 yrs and traveling over 45-50mins to work, the commute ROCKS MY WORLD. Ok so Here is what i signed up for: A part time job working 4-7:30 pm 2-4 nights a week and 1 8 hr shift on the weekend. I would do the dinner shift, Helping assemble trays of food and beverages to be passed out to the residents, wait for dinner to be over, help wash/put away all the dishes, restock drinks and then go home. It didn't seem so bad. While I am at work, My parents or E watch MT

Here is how it has panned out.

1st night - Introduction to the work, My thoughts, Wow that's alot of work crammed in 3.5 hours with just 4 people.

2nd night - Well, this is do-able. Crap forgot to leave the carseat at the parents house when I dropped MT off for lunch. They can't leave the house. So, I had to drive and pick him up instead of them coming to my house - Oh well.

3rd night - This is manageable

4th night - What do you mean that only 3 people are normally scheduled. The fourth person was just here to assist me in training ..... Tonight was an off night. And by off I mean - awful and frustrating by all parties involved. I was working with 2 people that I had not worked with before and they were not into being team players. Basically, they let me know that I was slowing them down instead of helping me out and cutting me some slack. It was frustrating and in my mind, I walked out on them and quit on the spot.

After I grabbed the new schedule, came home, took a shower and started to relax, started thumbing through the classifieds, Just to see what is out there. I think this job has numbered days. Not sure what that number is though. It could get better or easier. I have been scheduled for 5-6 nights instead of the 2-4 that I signed up for. I do not have an 8 hour shift on the weekend, Instead I have 3 4 hour shifts. Every Fri, Sat, Sun for 3 weeks. I plan on going in and having a lil chat with the supervisor that hired me. I need to see if he forgot what he told me, or if this is just temporary for training. Maybe he did it to help me get better/quicker with the job. Maybe there is a reason, Some one is off, On leave, Needed the day off etc. And Soon, I will be doing the schedule that we discussed. It's not that bad of a job, really. It's new, It's manual labor and it's timed. It was just an off night and I am in the early stages of the learning curve. And this allows me to spend much more time with MT than my other job. This being the motivation. Keep the Eye on the Prize kinda mantra.

E and I have discussed my working/job requirements for hours on end lately. For once in a long while, we are on the same page and understandings. I am working for the "what ifs" and extras in our life. It does not mean that we do not need the income, It means it keeps the anxiety at bay and allows us some breathing room. Let's me have a focus. It's actually very amazing how well we have managed our finances. I am not a very diligent budgetor. But we are scaling down by leaps and bounds. It's been a good feeling.

On a better note, It was one of those days in FL you live for. Not too hot, Not too cold and perfect for a picnic in the park. My great Aunt and Uncle are here, so that's just what we did. My parents and relatives made us a picnic and we met them out at the park for lunch and had a great time.

I was reminded that the clocks roll ahead tonight. Babies aren't aware of this lil maneuver.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What was I saying

February 3rd- Was my 2 yr Blogoversary. I missed it ... Like alot of things these days.

Speaking of missing it. Sarcasm... AF was back this week with avengence. I miss not having to have a period. My body was so kind to me when I didn't have one. Now, it's back and It's heavy and hormonal. This month I spent a few days first yelling lots and being Way overly moody. Fun times. Then found myself hunched over the toilet/trashcan praying to the porcelain goddess. This period has been the worst one in the longest time. In fact, I actually can't remember having a period this bad in years.

Added to the list of things I am missing lately includes, My mind. You hear pregnant woman talking about the pregnant brain, pregnancy fog. Well Mine has gotten progressively worse over the span of the pregnancy/birth. I am now at the point where i have to send myself text messages. I swear to you, the other day. I parked my car for an event and I actually sent myself a text message of the cross streets where my car was parked. IT.IS.THAT.BAD. I started talking with my landlord who had a baby a few weeks before me ..Oh I should mention the reason I was talking to her was Because I forgot that Feb had less days then the other months and forgot to send her our rent check ..... See, It's affecting everything. She mentioned that she also had this "forgetfulness" also along with some other similiar symptoms that I have going on. She went to the Dr a month ago and found out that her thyroid just stopped doing it's job. The Dr said that this is fairly common after pregnancies. So with that mentioned. I think I need to schedule a dr appointment and have things checked out.

It's really an awful feeling to not be totally with it. I mean, not like I ever had it "all together". But Wow, sending texting messages to yourself = a whole new level. Post it notes, for post it note reminders .... The embarassing list goes on

Thanks for playing along with the "what tv show are you addicted to" Posts. I forgot to mention that I am finding enjoyment in United States of Tara and Big Love. I tried to get into the Wire. It is on our On demand option and I just couldn't do it. I got 3 episodes in and lost interest. Tv is my brain escape these days.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • Has anyone else noticed that blogs they joined to follow way back are having to be re-followed?
  • Any opinions on the HTC Touch phones
  • Is blogger eating some of your posts?
  • Any good advice on a cheap printer? I just need it to print on paper no photos.
  • Know any good free software to splice 2 mp3's together for a slideshow?
  • I am thinking about sprucing up the blog a bit when things get calmer around here.
    Child related:
  • We are using this bumper.
  • Other than Formula/Breast Milk, What are you putting in your infant/toddlers sippy cups?
  • Found any bibs that are good and do not have to be laundered?Amy suggested some good ones, I am waiting to receive those.
  • TIP I received today but never thought about - I have been looking for baby/infant Benadryl for a month or more. FYI - You will never could find it. They don;t make it, you have to buy Children's Benadryl. And on the box it says not for children under 2! SO you have to call your ped's office and ask for the dose. Which if you are like me, You may want to have this information. But you may want this info PRIOR to actually needing it. So Go now, Call your ped's office and use a black sharpie and write the dose required on the bottle so when you need it you will not panic! (no we didn't learn this lesson the hard way - Just something that could be dangerous but easily remedied.)
  • The crib - Isn't going well for Naps at all. Not in the least. I am still trying but at this point I have actually scaled back the effort a bit because he was hyper-ventilating and crying so hard when entering his room. Ten days ago, he started crying about getting his diaper changed on his changing table. This escalated to freaking out while entering his room. (before even attempting to get changed.) The past few days, He just loses it when he enters his room for anything during the day. Until he realizes that he is not being laid in the crib. Back story - Before we decided to move him to the crib, we played in his room on the floor for about a week. He was then, just crying about laying on the changing table to have his diaper changed. I had read about negative associations and such so I was trying to help. Bedtime - Bedtime is fine. We lay him down, turn on the monitor (love this monitor/for S.IDS - bought it on c.raigslist), hit the button on this toy and tell him "night night". We do end up making 1 more trip back in there usually. He received this lovie from a shower and I use the frog's hand to rub his face until he gets settled/comfy. After that, he takes over rubbing his face and has been falling asleep. So, I'd say, bedtime is fine.
  • Anyone have a ko.lcraft contours 3 wheel? Do you like it?

  • High School Reunion - I was watching old episodes of this show on TVland I think. Class of 88. Why would anyone put themselves through that mess again? If you were contacted, Would you go? ME - NO FREAKIN WAY! Even if I got a trip to Hawaii. I was watching and one girl was crying to this guy that made her "feel insecure" when they were in high school. Is there anyone that was never insecure atleast once in high school? I actually felt so sorry for the guy that was having to apologize for every guy in High School that made her feel insecure at some point in High School. She was in tears, He was close to it and i was laughing at the whole scenario hoping it was all "tv'd or scripted up". Because WOW. .. I mean, don't get me wrong, HS is not a walk in the park. I know this. I wasn't the coolest. Fa.cebook as the tendency to pull out some of my insecurities. But not sure I would subject myself to all that all over again.
  • The Co.ugar - Airs April 15th. Creator of the Bachelor for Over 40's. Who's watching?
  • Friday Night Lights? Anyone
  • Any thoughts on the recent Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice episodes
  • What are you watching
  • I admit it, If it's a bad tv show, teenie bopperish or reality program, I will watch at least once. It's an addiction. Like rubbernecking