Tuesday, July 3, 2007

OK ...... TMI ...... Don't know what to Say

I have a confession to make: remember Sunday/Monday at 2 am when i was up praying to the porcelain goddess .... Well it was right after we had our prescribed romantic sexy time. I was up for hours laying next to the toilet ... WOW rough night. Ok its now Midnight, once again after our prescribed romantic sexy time, and once again, I am running back and forth the the bathroom........ feeling insanely nauseous as hell and such (and such is to make it seem less like a big deal). Seriously, WTF is wrong with me?? Anyone experience this? I am honestly afraid to consult with Dr. Go.ogle, there is no telling what I may find. You askm Am I nervous? YES, as would anyone doing fertility treatments. I am scared that history will repeat itself and I will not ovulate - BUT will this make me puke my guts out after sex??? Does Cl.moid have this type of power/side effect?? The first thing I thought of is maybe endometriosis also?!?!!?! ... Do you throw up and feel insanely nauseous after sex with Endo? Won't that be a grand combo PCOS and Endo?!?!?! Anyone ever experience this at all?? Have any advice? It's an awful feeling. Yes, I know I am complaining about puking. Please do not think that I am forgetting that some woman get morning sickness when they are pregnant. Trust me, I will puke for nine months straight BUT I BETTER GET A BABY OUT OF IT... This on the other hand ..is driving me insane


Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue.

I do have endo, and no puking after sex.

Jayleigh said...

I have PCOS but no endo. I don't ever puke, let alone after sex.

I am on day 6 of 12 days of prometrium and then I will be on Clomid for the first time in 6 years. I don't really remember feeling sick on it, just INSANE.

I yelled at people and was a witch to my hubby. But sick? I can't remember being sick.

Good luck, dear friend. You'll come through this OK.

Mands said...

Never had this type of side effect to sex or endo or clomid :-)
It sounds like nerves, but maybe you should speak to your doc or one of the nurses about it just to be safe.
And maybe have a little glass of wine to calm your nerves beforehand. A lot of people have got knocked up that way ;-)