Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing Dr

No - not that Kind!

I was right about the med's and glucose levels. So right now, I am in a holding pattern. I am waiting for the lab paperwork to come in the mail, They mailed it and apparently it's being delivered to my address via Alaska ... I was going to have the 3 hr test done today but since no papework and really no babysitter, We had no choice but to wait.

Ever since I had the 1 hr test, I have been testing my fasting sugars in the morning, 1 hr after each meal and then again just before bedtime. Over-Kill, I know. But it has helped me see a problem that I am going to discuss with my perinatologist on wednesday. My fasting/waking sugars are the highest .. Higher than they should be. I want to discuss maybe instead of taking the 3 hr, continue monitoring like I am, and take some sort of insulin/metformin or something of the like at night to help my fasting sugar levels. I have no idea if this is possible, but That Fasting level is the only problem.

I ate/drank something that I knew should send my sugars over the edge just to see if it really would .. and it didn't ..It was still in the low range bracket. I have no disputing that my sugar is wonky, and Since I am monitoring it, I am hoping with all hope that I do not have to do the 3 hr test. It makes me very very ill. (for like 2-3 days) I have done it a few too many times.

On a different note, I am still trying to convince myself that we will all adjust to E's new schedule and that we will all be better for it. Good things that have come out of it:
  • I have gotten more involved in the momgroup I was hanging out with. It has been a blast getting to hang out with them in the mornings. They are a great support and friendship and provide insightful and adult conversations
  • MT decided he would not in any way take a bottle from me - Nosirreebob thankyouverymuch. So our night time bottle is gone .... We are bottle free.
  • E's is making BIL help more around the house ... YAH. I was in bed watching TV with all chores done/clean house/laundry in the dryer at 9pm last night .. first night in MONTHS that I can recall being in bed that early ... and I LOVED IT.

E has off this weekend and I am in need of some alone/me time. I can't even figure out what I want to do with my own alone time! Sitting in silence sounds great! Maybe a quiet theater? I used to think weird things of people who went to the theater alone or a restaurant ..but now i get it .... it's quiet and dark and no one will ask you for anything.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Calling all

Armchair Dr's ...or Anyone with Google Degrees of Medicine: Please comment

The antibiotics warning says not to take if diabetic, May raise sugars ....

To me, This means: Can't these Antibiotics I was given today for an infection because it will mess with my glucose lvl? I think it can If i understand this right.

Shouldn't I wait to take the the 3 hr test after I am done with the antibiotics? Or not start the antibiotics until I take the test?

Of Course, Gotta call the Dr back in the morning. It seems they should know this .... Not sure. Thoughts?


  • i just got the call - I failed the 1 hr test and have to complete the 3 hr test. They are going to mail me the lab form and I will have to work around a few schedules in order to make it there at a decent hour to fast ... but We will get it done.
  • I have another UTI. I didn't even know. They will call in meds for that too.
  • I am on my way home to wake up E to have a chat about my life and how I need things to be a bit different regarding his schedule, helping out, his Brother - I hope we learn to all adjust soon...
MT is 13 months:

He stopped drinking his nightly bottle a few weeks ago really, But I would still make it and offer it, He would take sips but then lose interest. Monday night, I didn't make one, and he hasn't asked/fussed about it's absence.

He has FINALLY started doing the all done sign language AND saying all done when he is finished eating, or being outside, done in the bath tub .. He is VERY very very proud of his new accomplishment and word. Sometimes, he just says/does the sign for all done just for claps. He enjoys being praised. Who Doesn't...

Shoes - Since Monday, I am a proud owner of 2 new pair of shoes. He actually likes them. He understands now that he has to wear shoes to go outside and will bring them to me when he wants to go.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, I got him to say Happy Birthday to you while practicing singing in the car on the way to my parents house. But have not gotten him to do it for others to hear

It is so amazing to watch how much he is understanding now. He certainly understands so much more than I gave him credit for.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthdays and a Show

At 6:45 am, tomorrow, I will be standing in line to have my blood sucked out of me for the fasting 1 hr glucose test. After a bit of a mix -up (have I mentioned how awful my dr's office is about keeping their stuff straight), My MFM requested my OB's office to do a 1 hour fasting glucose test. This means, I have to go, have my blood drawn, then drink the nasty drink. Wait an hour, then get poked again for the 1 hours drawn. I was told that the results could take 7 days .. boy the suspense will be killing me. I have been testing my glucose lvl with my monitor off and on throughout the pregnancy - it seems to be ok. We will see what the test indicates versus my handheld.

We celebrated my mothers birthday tonight. Since she made me dinner on my birthday, I repaid the favor. She wanted spaghetti and a cake. Simple and easy. So I made homemade spaghetti sauce (i actually have never done that - She always does) and a birthday cake. My BIL's birthday is tomorrow, So I told him the dinner/cake was for him too.

My dad's birthday is Sunday - birthdays birthdays birthdays all over. He wants a steak from a certain restaurant, So I assume Monday or Tuesday, we will take my parents there.

I appreciate the support/comments. It does really mean alot to me- I know that I have been very dry and boring and I appreciate those that are sticking through it.

A funny/Holy Tantrum MT moment - The Show:
Last weekend, we went to St. Augustine Beach for an impromptu vacation to see my sister who was also on vacation. They have Outlets... YAH shopping! I wanted to get MT a pair of shoes. I have shoes but none seem to fit him yet and he is a walker and really needs a pair of shoes ... He has a wide, flat foot so i wanted a sandal type shoe that would be easy to get on/off. Found something similar, tried to put his foot in it. He would curl up his toes and scream in demand that I stop. My parents were with me trying to help me convince my 13 month old that shoes are fun .... NOT going to happen - after a very hefty fight and 3 adults, I managed to get him in a pair of sandals. I put him down to walk in them and you would have thought I was making him walk in flippers (you ever tried to walk in flippers). He was NOT having it, after 30 seconds of repetitively turning his ankles over, flapping the shoes and screaming, He threw himself on the ground hitting his head on the shoe racks, rolling around and screaming in protest .... My blood was boiling ... I was THAT mom, with THAT Kid .. How embarrassing. We immediately took the shoes off his feet and proceeded out the door .. I was Furious..... I have decided now, that all punishment will require shoes ... If i can ever buy him a pair! Welcome to toddlerhood ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hang with Me

P talk - just warning - skip to the white
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and Congratulating our Newest Member of the Blue team. We are so excited to be able to re-use all of the cute blue things! I have been asked a few times if I was disappointed that I am not going to be able to celebrate with Pink - and honestly, I am not at all. Not in the least. In fact, I really didn't ever believe I was carrying a member of the pink team. Every time I heard it, I laughed .. and thought to myself ... We'll show them!

I am intrigue how completely different this pregnancy is from MT's though. I would be willing to say that Everything is different. My sleeping or lack there of (Hello Insomnia), my nausea (that sill lingers on), my tiredness, my aches/pains, my hormones (that are taking over), my patience's, etc. Everything just feels so out of control/sorts and different. To answer the Name question: No, Of course not, We do not have a name picked out yet. We are working on it. It's going to take months, I am pretty sure of that

This should be entitled "Why I am such a craptastic blogger friend"

  • I have mentioned my mom before, Well, She is not doing well. Things got severely bad about 5 weeks ago and We had to deal with that. My dad just can't do it on his own, So I try to step up and help out. It is still not much better than when it started 5 weeks ago ... but hopefully we are on the right track with her and She will be doing much better soon. To top it off, they have found cancer cells on one of her biopsies. So in a few weeks, I have to go with her to get more tests done and some more skin grafts
  • Teething - Really, I hate to even have to include this on my blog ever again but it seems that Teething is our "thing". Poor MT, He just cannot handle it. AT.ALL. Medicated up and all, I see no relief. I tried the Hyla.nd's teething tablets, they made him vomit all over. .. Not sure what else to say about that - It sucks Royally.
  • New work schedules - We will soon be adjusting to E's new work schedule that will leave me and MT on our own for months basically. This is scaring the bejezzess out of me. Because of this, I had to quit my p/t job for now. I am hoping to figure out, at some point, How to manage working a job outside of the house into this life of mine.
  • Adjusting to my 22 yr old BIL living with us. WOW, the challenge that this causes could honestly be it's very own post. I am just trying to not sweat the small stuff, keep the language and such at a G rating - and failing miserably. Things are going to have to be discussed at length, I can see this coming. We have tried by making comments to him about it - but I think we are going to have to make some ground rules .... He always has a comment back to our comments - and remember He was raised by my MIL - not the best Role Model. And certainly not the best example of how I like things to go down at my house.

I am trying my best to stay afloat and keep up with everyone - but honestly - Not doing a great job at that at all ... Hang with me, Don't give up on me commenting, This too shall pass ... and I will be afloat again soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a Small World After All

It was so great to see Dr. Wonderful again! I am not sure I ever wrote down that the day of delivery, I met a nurse that worked for Dr Wonderful in Detroit before moving to our area. She did not know that Dr. W was practicing in the Bay area and had very good things to say about him. Which I fondly agreed with all of her sentiments. This man is really is THAT wonderful. I sent him a letter with MT's birth announcement letting him know that we met an old nurse of his. He said that they are now actually friends on Facebook because of the letter and birth announcement I sent him. They communicate a few times a week via FB.

The same Ulta -Sound Tech that reveal the anatomy of MT was all excited and ready to reveal the anatomy of the Armadillo. The office was so upset that I did not bring MT or a Photograph of Him. We got right down to business, counted the heart ventricles, watched the blood flow, counted/measured organs/body parts .. ... Everything that needed to be there was there! When she got to what I thought was the identifying parts that distinguish between pink and blue .. I shouted "OH YAH, That's Boy parts!" She laughed and said actually that was the umbilical cord ..... But after a few more minutes, The Jewels were Revealed in much more detail, I said "THAT's a Boy! ..She giggled and shuck her head in agreement. MT is going to be a big Brother to his Baby Brother! How exciting!!!!

He hugged me and shuck E's hand a bunch of times and told us how thrilled he was for us. On our way out of the office, he reminded me that he wants a picture of MT (in 3 weeks when I visit him again) and that tonight he was going to send my delivering nurse an email with the exciting news.

What a very fun Day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Verdict

From the last post (ignore if you already did) - Enquiring Minds Wanna know what type of baby monitor you would/would not suggest - take time to leave a comment about that.

On Monday at 11:45 am, I will find out if MT gets a brother or a sister. It's a few days before my birthday, But It's definitely a present I will take early.

Tuesday Early Morning, I received a wake up call from MT around 3 am - He was screaming. I went to check on him and he was burning up. With all the de-cluttering, I could not find his thermometer. It was also 3 am and I was delirious. I just gave him some tylenol and took his clothes off and we sat in the living room for a while and he wanted water. Then I tried to lay down with him in our bed. The kid steam rolls. ... Really, He just tosses and turns and flips all around in his sleep. So finally I decided to get up and take him back to bed. He woke up 2 hours later. Rough night for sure. He was not feeling as warm and I know he is teething so I just kept him well medicated, and went through the day. Later on, again he felt extremely warm, I decided I needed to take his temp .. 104 OUCH ..... I gave him more tylenol and called the dr's office ... Of course it was after hours ... It took me calling them again to finally get a call 2 hours later .. . By that time, I already had the temp down to 100 and a sleeping baby. I was no longer panicking did not think urgent care was needed. Today he has had no temp thus far, but very cranky and sleepy. I am kicking myself for not making a Dr's appointment today - But I really do think that the Crank is from stupid molar that refuses to come through ... Not that high temp though .. Not sure what to think about that. He is showing no real sign of sickness. I have a feeling I will be in the Dr's office with him Tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming to an End

*My comments have been sparse lately. I am still reading, I promise

First order of business:
Ok question for those that have a baby monitor. We have an angelcare but have recently decided that we need to buy a different one. We bought ours on craigslist and I LOVE IT. Except my steam rolling baby sets off the alarm 2-3 time a night and the receiver in our bedroom is causing interference with our alarm clock buzzing since the re-arranging/de-cluttering. My husband keeps turning off the monitor in the middle of the night ... Makes me frustrated ... SO What are you using? Do you like it? If not tell me that too, If you could buy a new monitor what would it be? Video? Or just Audio?

Well, the De-clutter 2009 has about ended. I just have a few bins to go through. It's papers that require setting up an organized filing system, a cleaned off desk, books that need a bookshelf .. But I need to buy a bookshelf and find a spot for it, find a few more spots for odd pieces in the kitchen, waiting on the new stove burners/knobs to arrive ... That kind of piddly stuff. Looks Like I may need another trip to Ikea. Truly, I am obsessed with that store. I am glad it is 45 mins away and not 10 mins away!

Actually I will be happy to never say or think de-clutter ever again. Everyone that helped claimed it was in no way de-cluttering. They claim it was the make up nesting that I never got to do for MT because he came earlier than expected and starting early with the Armadillo. Could be but BOY does it actually feel great to walk in a room and not trip over boxes, or weird placed furniture. I can open cabinets w/o things falling out. Although, the kitchen is done and cleaned out, We are having to move some things around again to make it more functional for us.

I have every piece of laundry that we own cleaned *mostly* and put away. It all has a spot now. (*there is a load that needs to be folded - but I think We have room for it - If not- I will Make room by finding more to sell/donate). It makes me want to have people over now.

This project was actually very timely. My mother is back to having a hard time again. She is not herself. TV is a huge trigger and being off for the summer and being this hot so early in the yr, there really isn't much else to do. So this has help keep her mind busy. We took her back to her dr and hope to have things evened out in 3 -4 weeks. Some days she was not that much of a help, but On those days, I considered it a break for my dad. And A time for me to use the bathroom by myself. And catch a quick errand w/ an extra pair of hands.

With all the de-cluttering, house guest adjustments and Mom health issue, I think my stress level went too high. 2 days ago, I started having very intense severe pains/contractions. Hindsight, I think I got dehydrated and allowed some lifestress get to me. After some rest and water, It did lighten up and by the next morning I was just sore.

On-top of the De-cluttering, that morning of the dehydration, MT fell on a toy and busted his lip and his nose. Lots of blood, We were pretty sure he broke his nose at first, but after all the clean up, realized it was just bruised. Then a few hours later, After a nap, he was running from me in his crib and fell and landed right on the top railing and now has a black eye ..After that episode, I changed his diaper to discover a severe diaper rash. More bleeding .. I am not sure if it was from the disposable diaper that was put on him or if it is a combo of the teething he is still doing. All but the bottom left molar has broken through. His molars are STILL causing big problems (read crankiness, appetite), and interrupting his (my) sleep, He does get motrin but it does not seem to help much.

Right now, My mom has him at her house and I am supposedly unloading boxes, creating a filing system and taking a nap .. but I just want to sit and melt into my couch and take a good snooze! Which is what I think I am totally going to do ...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Utter Clutter

ok, Ok really I need to get that post off the top ;)

Remember this post: If you don't that's Ok, I'll Summarize:
We completely re-arranged the entire house to allow MT to sleep in his crib in his room and have a separate play room. That was at the end of Feb .. As in less then 4 months ago .....

Today (and tomorrow) and a good part of the next week, are being dedicated to Move the entire contents of my house all around AH-GEN. Fickle Much, you ask? Yes, No and Maybe. It has to do with alot of different things we have going on. Our bedroom currently did not have any doors on it. We need doors. E's brother is moving in this week. He needs a room (with doors) and a bed .... So we spent a good deal of time today actually decluttering and cleaning. Like Deep, spring cleaning. On your hands and knees with a toothbrush and a rag type of cleaning. We also bagged up 7 very large trash bags of clothes, and 4 -5 very large trash bags of misc. items that just need to go. (and that was only attacking 2 walk-in closets, 1 bedroom/bathroom, 1 storage closet and 1/2 of the kitchen. Yard Sale,Here we come! We have 2 more bedrooms, 2 more closets, 1 more bathroom, a living/dining area, and the other 1/2 of the Kitchen left still to tackle.

I have recruited my parents to come along for the ride. Plus 4 people (and a munchkin) accomplish so much more than 2 people (and a munchkin). AND. I hate to actually admit this, but my house was in dire need of attention. It was getting out of hand. It was no clean sweep house BUT, It needed some TLC. It was my push to get rid of things from college that I thought needed saving, go through old unpacked boxes and really evaluate the items' purpose in my life/house. My dad has very good skills with utilizing every aspect of the room to it's fullest and THAT is what I needed. Help, Brawn, Brains, Babysitting, and motivation. On this rainy week, It was just the perfect task. I feel so accomplished ... And so amped and ready for more tomorrow. It feels great to De-clutter. Bring it on! I am winning the war on my household!