Monday, October 26, 2009

Neither Hair nor There

A few months ago, One night while MT was spending the night at the grandparents house, My Dad gave MT's bangs a trim. (w/o my consent) They needed it, It was just bangs and I was not THAT concerned about it. I was alil grateful over it because it was something that I did not have to figure out when to schedule or pay for.

A few weeks ago, I left MT with the grandparents and went to a consignment sale. My dad kept sending me phone pictures of MT .. I just thought he was bored and playing with his new black berry. Well, When I went to pick him up, I noticed "something" looked different but I could not figure out what it was. Then I asked, Did you cut his hair? Phrased in a way hoping that he was going to say No ..... But instead, he said "Yes! I have been trying to show you for hours now." ...... I was devastated. I had to hold myself together. It has been a challenging time for my dad dealing with the lose of my mom's health, income, help, motivation, etc Dealing with Family members, phone calls and all that go with having a sick family member (he had just gotten off a bad news phone call) ....... And I certainly try my best to not cause more stress. BUT the words that were flying around in my brain were unbelievable .... I could not understand how/why he cut my son's hair!!!! I packed our bags up and put on a great face .... Held it together for quite some time .. Until I was trying to tell E about it.. It didn't look Terrible ... But I just did not want his first haircut to be done that way. Nor was I ready for him to have a haircut yet. I ADORE the mop top look and I want to keep it for as long as I can. He saved no hair for me, He took no pictures of the event .. I wasn't even there to see it ... I was so upset over it.

I have not mentioned it to my father because he was so excited that cut his hair. He has mentioned several times that he did wish that MT would have sat more still so he would not have messed up in a certain area. This weekend, he mentioned something about trying to fix it, blah blah, and I told him Absolutely not, I liked it a tad bit long and that I did not want him to cut it again ..... It was stated so diplomatically that I had NO IDEA who I was. Because the inner me was red faced screaming and fist pumping. Hopefully, I made my point though. Hopefully!

After a long stretch of fighting the Tot to eat, I think that MT is in a growth spurt again and coming back from feeling so lousy. I am back to feeding him meals/snacks about every 2 hours. He acts like he is starving and will inhale any kind of food offered. And I mean Anything. Which is going to be great for putting on some more pounds. He is by no means under weight. But he always falls into the under the 50 percentile for weight. Now, If I could just get my parents and husband aware of what "no diary" means. We will all be on the same page. I made a print out today! I hope this clears up any confusion on the issue ;) .. I also think he has some allergic reaction to Hay after our first encounter with Hay this weekend.

I have such a busy week. I am temping as a receptionist for a few days, We have 2 (maybe 3) dr's appointments, I want to carve a pumpkin with MT. I still need to finish his Halloween costume prep. We have a huge Halloween party on Thursday that I am helping with ... I need to work on my time management abilities. Temping has allowed me to start catching up on reading/commenting on your blogs. So hopefully, I will be all caught up in a few days ... To only get behind again, I am sure of that!

Friday, October 23, 2009

No Mee Mee

YAH, the stomach bug is gone! And MT feels like a new lil tot! He is back to his old self, Running, playing and catching lizards. He is Milk -less. It has been 9 days, No Diary products. Skin looks great. I am now having to rethink/question basically his whole life. I am wondering if the Milk issue (his Dr has never tested yet to confirm if it's an allergy or an intolerance- yes believe it or not, there is a difference) was what I blamed on teething pain, He always upped his milk intake during teething to supplement his lack of eating. The diaper rash that everyone blamed on teething, probably was Milk related ..... I wonder if the disposable diapers got blamed for his pooping all the time and the Milk was the culprit .... I blamed diarrhea on teething, Maybe that was Milk related also ..... I will never really know. I am trying not to look back in guilt, because, Really My Dr's were no more help in the issue than I was. But, it does seem like the signs are all pointing to a milk related issue.

MT's word for Milk is Mee Mee. I knew he was getting better a few days ago, when he would stand in front of the fridge and plead for Mee Mee in the most pathetic 16 month old way. So sad and heartbroken over the fact that we were not getting it for him. I decided to call our ped's office again and ask for alternatives, plus I have already begun my research on what choice alternative I would like to try. I decided I would try Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk. For now, this seems like a good match. He has drunk it, hasn't at all complained and loves to eat it with cereal. So, for now, this is our choice. We did go through a few Hemp Milk's when he was a little younger and if I could find some reasonable priced, that might be a new choice as well. I am still researching this. It's all so conflicting, considered weird and new. So, it is hard to find all the facts. And it is such a personal decision. Right now, I have only stopped yogurt, cheese, and milk. If this continues to work, we may just continue without those items. If I notice that something still doesn't seem right, I will really push for tests and have to cut all diary everything out.

On baby#2 news, My OB's office has decided to agree with the specialist on my due date. So I had my 33 week appoint./nst test. There was some activity on the NST test that I had on Monday that warranted the Dr to want me to come back in a week. So, I will go back on the 30th and do it all over again. I also have a growth scan on the 29th with my specialist.

So Next week, I have a really big week. I am also filling in as a receptionist for a friend and making sure everything is ready for Halloween. Do you have Halloween plans? Are you dressing up? If so, as what?

We went to a pumpkin patch with friends yesterday. It was alot of fun. MT picked out the wierdest, wartiest pumpkin and loved carrying it around. He is so hard to get a photo of these days. He does not want to be still and look at the camera .. Or smile. He will do all the above unless a camera is involved... My lil Stinker! Here are 2 pictures:


E is off this weekend, and I am going to clean clean and clean .... It is hard to deep clean/organize with a big belly that has a mind of it's own and a 16 month old that doesn't really get the concept of cleaning/organizing

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whoa - It's really been that long

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have had time to sit down and blog. I am terrible at having time to read/comment on your blogs lately. I am reading/commenting when I can. Tell me in my comments whats been going on with you.

I have finally figured out which cat is peeing all over our house. I caught her in the act! It was not the one I mentally prepared myself to blame. I shamed her and did the whole routine. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) she will not pee any other place other than the litter box from now on .... Oh, I hope. E still wants them gone. My heart is heavy over this. I feel like I am failing or abandoning them. But on the other side, They are unhappy and deserve to be happy. OH, I just do not know what the best thing to do is.

I have moved to every 2 week appointments with NST's. My first one is tomorrow. Most days, I can't figure out how/why I am pregnant again. Don't get me wrong, I have been working through the demons and the head games that I was/slightly am still being haunted by. But there are more days of happiness and anticipation. There has been a bit of a disagreement between my OB and Peri again. It's over my due date and with Gest. Diabetes, I really need them to resolve it soon. Hopefully, tomorrow , they will have a better understanding of eachother and will come to some type of agreement. There is a 2 week difference in my due date between the 2 dr's. Example - I go to my 33 week appoint tomorrow according to my Peri, But According to my OB, it's just my 30 week. ..... It's been this confusing every appointment. But worth it. Last week, I did have to call in on a weekend and let them know that I was experiencing some difficulties and contractions. Turns out I have another bladder/yeast infection combo. ... Just trying to hold on and take care of myself and the pregnancy

We went to Orlando to visit Courtney and B! I had such fun just talking with them and hanging out by their hotel pool. (of course my camera battery died)

The latest - A week ago, I discussed stopping cow's milk with MT's Ped to see if that could be the cause of his eczema, diaper rash situation. A few days off the milk, his butt rash cleared up pretty good and his eczema looked better. I thought we were on an upswing. I was allowing him only 1 sippy of milk a day. Friday morning, I gave him his sippy of milk. He drank it and about 20 mins later, it was all over my living room floor, him and me. I cleaned us all up and thought maybe I should stop milk altogether. But, After I got us all cleaned up, it happened all over again. It has been going on all weekend and I had placed a call into his ped. I did what they told me to do - try to keep him hydrated etc..... It's Monday morning, nothing has changed and I have another call into the ped's office. This is the longest/sickest he has been and for that I am grateful and panicking. Grateful because I do know that others have dealt with so much more serious sicknesses but panicking because this is the most/longest sick he has ever been. I hope we can get him well soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What do you think?

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