Friday, September 28, 2007

Black Friday *updated*

I know there are many happy bloggers out there today but so far I am hit with 2 really sad bloggers and I cannot help but post links to their blog for others to help offer words of support to them:

first is Tarah who just received a BFN after another IUI.

Second is an email I received from Amanda: subject line NOT FAIR:
"My betas are not going as planned. 24 dpo (cd1) HCG-21...29 dpo HCG-90. It's going the wrong way. And it's too low to be good. I had to have more blood today for another quant. I have to go to the hospital Sunday and Tuesday for repeats. Then I have to have an ultrasound on Wednesday. The doc is worried that it's ectopic. Why can't it just be over. I don't get a it should be over, now. It's just not fair. i just don't know what to do. i feel so...lost, out of control, sad, angry"

*UPDATED (only to add more sad bloggin' news, this is a really bad friday)

Please stop by Leah's page, and Carrie also

Please if you have a chance to go leave some kind words on their pages. It breaks my heart to understand such strong feelings.