Thursday, May 31, 2007

Food for Thought

As you requested, Here is the Freezer:

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The Fridge:

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(*** the caffeine isn't mine .. AGH)

Favorite Socks: ( i couldnt just pick one)
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Funny story about the socks... I had just started working at a real job and it was not all that it was cracked up to be. One of the older and more wiser woman of the office told me her secret to happiness was in fun/decorative socks. We all had to dress professional but no one ever looked at our socks to make sure they were professional and it was a lil inside joke - so i went out and bought crazy/fun socks .. now it's like a trademark

The hubby and I:
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an old pic of where I blog when I'm not fighting the cat for a seat:
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pictures' worth 1000 words

Thank you so much for the Braces Bunch ....
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Talk about receiving warm fuzzy feelings. We lost our mailbox key, never found it, finally today my husband broke down and went and talked to our complex about getting a new one and BAM, insta-happiness. I received so many warm wishes and happy thoughts. It was awesome. Thank you for being such great/supportive people. I made a wish and rubbed a stone (which I am thinking about making into a necklace)

I have decided to join many in the Inferility Photoshoot Off 2007. SO List away ..what do you want to see. (i do not have a house or a tattoo yet ) if i get either they will be definitely posted .. but ask away I finally figured out how to post pics so this is exciting (and i LOVE taking pictures of happy things) I usually take pictures of Yucky things most days.

Anla and I chatted it up On instan.t messanger. That was really cool. Thanks for chatting with me Anla. It was a great time getting to know you.

It's CD 19. I didn't monitor anything but I feel as if I am ovulating or have ovulated. I am very optimistic this month .. I don't really know why. Blind Hope .... aren't I cute ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good use for pregnant friends

So I must confess. I did something Friday night that I haven't done in YEARS.

It was a co-workers birthday, meeting for surprise happy hour. Drove myself, but my very good (pregnant) friend drove behind me. We got there, and I normally do not drink, ya know this TTC thing I have been concentrating on for the last 4 yrs , But I decided, I am not on a medicated cycle, I am on cd somethingteen and I could use a lil lettin loose in my life right now. So, I drank, and I drank some more (in my defense- they were small lil dixie cups and only $1). I was by NO MEANS inebriated and my friend already told me that she would drive me home. So I hitched a ride home with her.(because I do not agree with any amount of alcohol and then driving any type of vehicle + other job related reasons :0) )

I called my husband and told him that I was getting a ride home, blah blah And informed him that I left my car. Well, he managed to call my parents to come over and drive us THAT NIGHT to pick up my car. My friend dropped me off, my parents and my husband were waiting for me outside in their car (i was feeling a lil like I was in high school and was in trouble- but that ride to get my car is another post all together - and not the point)

We got home and I told him that I decided that we were going to try something new this month. I don't know if or when I ovulate (might i throw in this disclaimer - a person who consumes alcohol should probably not be peeing on any kind of stick(s) or looking over waking temps) but this month I told him that we were going to give it a good'ol college try EVERY DAY - (obviously I had more to drink then I thought).

Boy was he excited, he said I should include alcohol in my diet more often. I have kept up my end of the bargain................. and I have nothing else to say

Monday, May 21, 2007

More important than Murphy's Law

This weekend I caught up reading some new blogs that have recently started commenting on mine. There are so many great, creative writers out there. It's almost a little intimidating for myself, since I am not such a profound writer. I am just real and honest and this is just therapy. It's not school where a teacher comes around and gets out a red pen to start horrifyingly riping my paper to shreds and by the time she gets done with it, its a Picasso's version of connect the dots - its just feelings turned to words to help me release all the pressure, so I do not do like the lil tea pot and tip over and pour out all over innocent bystanders.

I just finished reading Jaime's blog today and haven't been the same since. These are feelings I try desperately to put aside. Then I moved to TeamWinks. They have the same theme ... and I cant stop thinking about this. Despite all our (all IF-er's) attempts, we lose the newness, the joy (per say) and excitement of a new life and gain alot (of baggage, financial resources and other crappiness).

Just like the above bloggers, we have attempted parenthood and making many lifestyle changes in order to acheive this goal, and fall short for many months.

I have been on this organic/gluten free/no caffiene diet for quite some time now. (roughly 3 months) I have never been prone to yeast infections, but i "heard that yeast effects the reproductive system" and when I already fall on the wrong side of odds, I am willing to endure or give up what ever it takes to acheive paraenthood. It will only a temporary sacrifice. Saying that, I state for the record that my last yeast infection was aprox. 3 or 4 yrs ago. UNTIL LAST WEDNESDAY .. How can I go from posting how happy I am with my body to I want to set my woman parts ablaze and be done with them? Then I stubbled upon Town Criers' fantastic short and realized how I managed to get a yeast infection even when I am not eatting anything yeasty ... ................. Uterninus's Law ... this is was made for me today .. Thank you Thank you, boy did I need that. That is so great

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As a suggestion from JJ, I sent my husband the same abbreviations and requested that he tell me what each mean. Poor guy, I know he listens to me?!?! Enjoy his responses ;)

AF – Always Faithful
IVF – In Vetro Fertilization
IUI – Inner Uterine Insert
IF – Test tube baby (mix than insert)
PG – Pregnant Girl
TTC – Trying To Conceive
DPO – drug I can't say
BFP – Bastard F***in Period
BFN – Bloody Flowing Nastiness
POAS – The thing that is wrong with my wife's ovaries
OPT – Ovarian Pulminary Test
CD – Clomid
BD – Bloody Discharge

After I watched Gilmore Girls (live because I have visions of my Tivo failing me) and the recorded Dancing with the Stars last night, our TV in the bedroom seriously blew up. They voted a person off (don't want to say who just incase people haven't watched it yet) and we heard a very loud snap/crackle followed by a disturbing electrical fire smoke smell. My husband said he thought it was from the tv but I assured him the tv was fine BECAUSE IT WAS STILL ON .... little did I know about 45 seconds later, that we would be screaming/laughing/panicking about something catching on fire in the inside of the TV which provided smoke and flames shooting out the sides of the TV ( i made a comment about this being more exciting then the finale) ...... Needless to say, today, I got a new TV today

*I can't promise but , I think this will be the only time I will mention Gilmore Girls finale ..... Huuummmm, Not much to say really. I think as a fan of all seven seasons, I deserved alittle more closure than that. On a positive note, it had all its Old Funnies/fast talkin back in it. If the writing could have been that good all 7th season then it would not have needed to end......... OK, now I think I feel better ;)

On a side note, We are currently looking for our mailbox key. Apparrently vacation makes you somewhat forgetful and ditzy because ever since we came back from vacation .. neither one of us can locate our mailbox key .. thus I cannot check my mail .. hopefully I will be able soon, I was looking forward to the postcards ... ... My life, It's never ending chaos

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Endings ..... with Possiblities

Today is it ..... Gilmore Girls will be O.V.E.R. I have been an avid watcher(even through the rough seasons of bad writing). My page has been an ode to them from time to time. (along with its unique address)
It feels as if I should have a going away party for my family members. I understand that they are just fictional characters, but I really got sucked in long ago. My mother used to have to record them and Dawson Creek and send me the VCR tapes because when I went away to school, the town did not get the W.B at that time. (sad huh, I went to a big place for school - it wasn't back woods - i swear) I use TV to relax. I get way too involved into the shows I watch and I am very loyal. I will watch the show even when its just plain BAD .. then I will make fun of myself after I watch. A limited # of TV Shows/Movies (and sometimes music) just have this trance effect on me. They allow me to just stop thinking for a while and relax- which is VERY hard for me to do otherwise. Gilmore Girls (for the most part) allowed me to do that .. and it will be missed - But If I can't find any other shows that have this effect on me, I do have all seasons on dvd except this last one ;)

On the TTC front - Its like CD4 and we have decided not to do cl.omid yet. We are going to wait one more month. That will be 3 full months on met.formin, and my no caffeine/sugars/yeast diet. I feel much better. I have lost 25 lbs. (going on vacation, i think, made me just maintain my weight and not lose any). My cycle this month although was a little more emotionally painful due to its bad timing, but physically has been quite delightful. YES i said Delightful ... So far no need to run home and change clothes from an unlikely mishap ( like I have had to do in the past). I have not been incredibly moody, or crampy. What I am saying, * i guess* is that AF has not been an unruly visitor thus far ..... and I hope that she stays fairly decent the next couple of days and then I hope she delights in the FL sunlight and schemes with my ovaries and they decide to produce me a nice plump follicle ... wouldn't that just be grand ...

*i gave a link to my page -if you didn't figure that out. It has some vacation pictures - until I can figure out how to post some here

Monday, May 14, 2007


Things that are Back from vacation:
  • Me (had a great time .. more to come w/ pictures I hope)
  • a computer virus on my home computer
  • Good ol' AF - CD3 ( she came 1 day before that holiday we had on sunday - hope came crashing and burning)
  • My organic/no caffeine/no sugar/very little yeast Diet (this lifestyle is hard to maintain when you aren't the one preparing meals) and you should really take a picture when you tell people that you are eating like this ... you get the strangest looks

more to come ...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Short Break

I haven't had much time to myself lately. I have been gearing up to go on vacation. I have been working like a dog preparing to be gone for 7 days. And as soon as we get back, we have to be ready to move out. I accumulated alot of over -time from work these past couple of weeks that I have to use it before June 30 or I basically lose it. So needless to say, the vacation is a little untimely and rushed (on the preparation end). We are going to visit my sister in ATL for a few days then meander our way to Tennessee to visit some old friends that I haven't seen in yrs. We went to college together and have been in touch via email/cellphone/text messaging but it will be so awesome to be in the same town again for a few days.

You know those one pair of very comfortable, soft, well loved blue jeans that make you feel really good, confident, and uncaring .... that is the effect this friend has on my soul. She was my college suite mate. We grew to have such an amazing bond between each other that we could be those cliched friends that could end each other's sentences, laugh at something that she knew I was thinking w/o having to say it, and such other really cheesy, mushy stuff. A friend that will watch "10 things i hate a.bout you" and "return t.o me" over and over and cry with you every time EVEN when you both know the ending ....... That's her. Those type of friends in my life are few and far between and I will cherish this time greatly ....

YAH ..i got my very first post card and was so excited when I got it. Thank you so much for the postcard JJ It really brightened my week between working 40 hours and then coming home to spring clean.

On the WTF is my period radar..... Its CD 27 .. my husband said he has a good feeling about this month .... we are still eating very organic and healthy - had a few meals that didn't fit that regiment- I will soon be on my 3rd month of metformin ( in 3 days) .. I hope everyone has a great week and I cant wait to catch up as soon as I get back

Peace Out