Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Butterball Turkey

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And So it Begins


I went through dinner, bath, bedtime last night being very weepy. Knowing that Today, MT would no longer be my one and only. As I left him at my parents house sleeping, I began to have such a rough time backing my car out of their driveway. Knowing that I was about to change his world forever and he had very little idea. He will wake up in the morning, the grandparents will tend to him ... And I will already be at the Hospital preparing for his little brothers' arrival.

They try to assure/comfort me with words. "He will be the greatest big brother", "Greatest Gift for a Child" Right now, All I can think about is how blessed we are, but how sad I am to be away from MT for Thanksgiving. It will be a few days before I will come home and get to be there for him. I hate that feeling ...... but I am amazed and inspired to be able to provide him with a sibling.

He may not ever remember the Thanksgiving I missed when he was 17 months old, But I Truly hope that He will Always remember/care/protect his younger brother .

And just like that, So it begins. I am off to do the unthinkable .........Again ... On such a week to show my appreciation and thanks ... Some may call it Ironic, I call it a Blessing. An outward sign to never forget the journey our family traveled to get here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Along for the Ride

I was reminded that it has been over 2 weeks since I posted an update of the Fertilized Household. Hold on to your hats - We've been Busy ...

Ok where to begin:

Weekly NST/OB Appointments: I have been going for 3-4 weeks now. I am HOPING that I had my last OB/NST appointment Tues. I was 3 cm dilated last friday and Tues, I was almost 5.5cm. I have been having Contractions every 40-55 mins apart until yesterday. They were 18-22 mins apart for about 2.5 hours. I called the Dr's office and they told me to wait until they were 10-15 mins apart. Told me to give it about 1-2 more hours, then head in. So hubs called into work, and I went for a walk to speed the process along. Half way through my walk, The Contractions just stopped. Completely. FRUSTRATING ......... Today = a few contractions here and there but nothing worthy of timing. If I do not go on my own before teh 24th, I have to be induced on the 25th( day before Thanksgiving here) Bleh, Bleh and more Bleh. We have a ton of Family coming for Thanksgiving and I would like to spend it with them and not in a Hospital. Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. BUT if that is what it takes to get a healthy baby here, So be it.

OK Now Let's Back up to Friday night - MT got a 100.something fever after his bath so I gave him a lil motrin, I checked on him around 1am, and the Fever had gotten to 102.something ... It was no t time for motrin so I waited til it was then gave him more. He woke up at 5am and his fever was 103 something .... I decided to put him in a bath and try to see what that would do .... At 6:45am, I called his ped's office and they told me to do things I had already tried. And if I wanted to, I could go to our Ped ER, But it did not open until 11am. I could just take him to the hospital ER. By that time, he had already fallen asleep in my lap so I tried to wait it out. He woke up around 9 and his fever was over 104.7 and still rising, I freaking out. Called his Dr and headed to the Ped ER to be first in line.

Of course, Everything looked ok, Nose, ears throat, Except his Skin. He was having a terrible flair up (happens right before he gets sick usually) We discussed the seasonal/h1n1 flu scenario and left with ointments for his eczema and tam.iflu..... They said he had possible Flu .. and on the safe side. We treated it. He has been off the meds for 2 days now. Today we went back for a follow up and all seems to be great (even his skin) ....

So now, we are all just waiting and anticipating the Armadillo's Arrival. If you could, I would LOVE good thoughts/vibes/prayers/etc that this Lil one Comes Before the 25th! I have once again been a bad reading/supporting blogger - and once I get it all together - you will see Comments from me again!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More of the Life

Halloween was so much fun. We had a few parties we went to and on Saturday, We joined up with my parents friends that take their kids around to their friend/families houses on a hayride. I was afraid of riding on the trailer and E had to work, So my Dad volunteered to help out. He rode on the trailer with MT as I rode on the inside of the truck. MT had a BLAST! He had no idea what was going on. He absolutely adored riding in the trailer with all the kids and candy. He smiled the whole time. All 3.5 hours. I thought we would have to get off before they were done riding because he would have been so tired, but the kid's energy must have kept him going. And as long as he was enjoying himself, I let him ride. He consumed WAY too much candy that night. But You are only a kid once and a lil candy never hurt anyone. That was the latest he has ever been up in months though. And he enjoyed every minute of it. And I thoroughly enjoyed him having so much fun. I still can't figure out how had more fun, My Dad or MT.

Ok, Let's talk about this daylight savings time ordeal ....... It's been almost a week and I think we may be back on track. What a terrible thing to have .. Daylights Saving time! They tell me I gained an hour, but WOW does it feel like I lost about 10.

My group that I hang out with threw me a baby shower at the Mouse/Cheese place the other day. I am soo grateful for them. It really made me feel very special and blessed.

(remember these are MY feelings about This pregnancy - not everyone has to agree or disagree)

Speaking of the pregnancy - I have been having weekly NST's for the past 3 weeks. A few weeks ago, I received less than favorable news. My MFM did a growth scan and the baby was estimating about 7lbs 10oz. at 1 day shy of 35 weeks and low fluids. His Conservative opinion was the schedule a c section in 2-3 weeks. The term is macrosomia ( big bellied baby - it is from me being Gest. Diabetic) I asked him if anything was showing that the baby was in distress or anything that would warrant a schedule c-section. He did not see anything else alarming. The fluid was low, but it was not that low and fluid levels increase/decrease so it could have just been a bad time to check fluid levels. I had an OB appointment the next day. The OB I saw was all about a scheduled c- section. I lost my mind.

The reason I lost my mind, Something I have never posted on this blog (i do not think). I was put into labor at the MFM's office because of an Amnio at 36 /37 weeks with MT. It could have all gone very bad, but we all know it did not he was/is fine and had no complications from his delivery. So the MFM already told me that he would not do an amnio for this pregnancy.

The morning the did that amnio on MT they also did a growth scan and told me that he was ~9lb baby. He was delivered about 10 hours later weighing 7lbs 8oz. So growth scans to me, are just guesses and are not right 99% of the time. And can be a tool to freak mom/families out with and guide dr's. It is not at all exact.

I would want an amnio done to check for the lung maturation before I would feel comfortable about a scheduled section before 37 weeks.

I am also on blood thinners. Having major surgery becomes such a huge timing thing when on blood thinners, plus it leaves me at a higher % of getting blood clots after the surgery. Not something I want to worry about while adjusting to having a 17 month old and a newborn. I explained my opinion to the OB and she told me that they would have to get back to me at my next appointment on what they decide is best.

Yesterday at my weekly NST and Dr appointment, The Dr that was there to deliver MT, was my OB that day. She is also head of the practice and one of my Favs. She helped decide that as of right now, There is no need for a scheduled section. She is hopeful that I will go into labor on my own. I have weekly appointments/NST's. In 2 weeks, If no baby yet. I will have another growth scan to look at the baby's belly and hope it is the same ... If i make it to 39 weeks, Induction will happen. So ~3 weeks, MT gets a brother and I gain a newborn. Until then, you can find me walking, walking, walking, walking standing vertical often and chugging water to bring on the labor!