Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is how we roll

Baby A's annoucements where ordered from here.

Tomorrow at 9:45 am ish will be 3 weeks from when my water broke at the peri's office. I can not believe how much time is flying by.

Here he is (i won't make you wait til the end of the post for a pic):Photobucket

I have an post delivery appointment with My OB today. I am not really sure what to expect. I am sure its an in and out appointment. I am still injecting lo.ven.ox for another 3 weeks. I am sure this is probably why I am going back every 2 weeks instead of waiting the full 6 weeks like most. (because we all know I am THAT/difficult/not normal patient) I am going to ask her if I can start taking my Met again.

I really do feel fantastic. I haven't had many hormonally induced cries like I expected to have. I just love this sweet baby so much. The bleeding has tapered off quite a bit - Which I am way grateful for. Baby A is eating more, so I am having to be very diligent with my pumping to make sure his needs are being met. I am pumping every 2-3 hours to try to up my milk supply. The pump I have (was bought used) and it does not allow me to double pump. I may be going to the hospital tomorrow to see about renting one. I am told that double pumping is the way to go. We'll see.

We haven't ventured out much with Baby A yet. We have ran a few errands. Our laptop died so it was a much to run to the nearest computer store so E could get something to try and fix it (which didn't happen - good thing for a manufactured warranty - a new one is in the mail and should be here shortly) Baby A does love his car seat/stroller for what little outings we have done. I have walked around with him in the sling also - which is his favorite thing I believe. A few friends from college highly suggest a slin.g, Anyone know anything about those? I think my friend has one, I may ask to try hers out.

My parents are obsessed. Absolutely must see their grandbaby EVERY day. (which has mostly happened) There have been a few days that I haven't been over there - but they came over here instead. Trying to pump and keep up supply and keep the grandparents happy has been a bit challenging. I am afraid for those that encounter my parents - they can ONLY have Baby A conversations and show everyone their slide shows on their phones and palm pilots .... Sickening Huh ..

I was asked about what products I deem a must have - In all my 3 weeks of parenting, here is my list:

a little spiral notebook to write down the days schedule: I write the date on the top of the page, we count poop and pee diapers, what time and how much we fed him, (sometimes record naps), I also record if he did anything like sucking fingers, eye contact, etc - This helps gage what he did while I was sleeping and when he needs to be fed again etc. It also helps me see if there is a pattern or it may help me indicate irregularities to ask the dr's about.

Diapers - We have gone through ~172 diapers since we have been home. (17 days; about 10/11 diapers a day)

Bottles - (unless you plan on breastfeeding) - i would still consider having 1 or 2 bottles on hand and Formula (if you are nursing or planning on nursing this store is having a sale on nursing bras.)

Bottle Warmer - the cheapest at bru has been awesome for us thus far

Boppy pillow or boppy lounger - It has really been the greatest gift thus far - because A likes to be propped up in it and talk to us. ( buy an extra cover just in case)

A place for your baby to sleep -

I have enjoyed having a changing table and all the necessities in one location. If you have a changing pad, buy 2 covers, one will be in the wash soon ..Trust me

Diaper Genie II & refills- greatest invention!

Blankets & Swaddles - absolutely the greatest. The tighter the wrap the better it seems. It is June in FL. HOT and humid do not begin to describe this kind of weather and this kid loves being wrapped up tight while napping. I didn't receive many blankets and have had to run to the store or send my parents for more blankets (we are using the thermal/waffle ones) They are light and comfy.

Burp Clothes - If you think you have enough - Buy 1 more pack. They are good for just about anything you can think of. (and you don't run out)

Soft wash clothes - This has helped with the blocked tear duct and sponge bathing until his umbilical cord falls off

Alcohol & non stick cotton pads - for umbilical care

Swing - He absolutely Loves it.

Onesies - Baby A does not like to be nekkid- He likes to be clothed. I bought a pack of 10 newborn ones and that has kept us well stocked - because I have to do a lil boy load of laundry about every day anyways it seems

Of course: Camera, patience, an extra hand, lots of love and flexibility. The best part, for me, is figuring it all out. Figuring what works for you (even if the books say it's bad, or scarring, or insert whatever stereotyping here)

Be willing to eat crow, be forgiving to yourself, be patient with yourself (and your significant other) and ask for help when you need it. Enjoy it for what it is and what it isn't.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More Q and A

Answering more questions - ( keep um coming it gives me something to blog about)

The Cats - they pretty much stay AWAY from A. They are not big fans of his at all. They try to keep a good distance between them. (excpet they like his "toys" ..I have to keep them out of his things.

The book I am reading is This (the last link didn't work for some) I am still not quite finished with it. *I know there are alot of controversial parenting books out there - I think the big key to all of them is to use common sense and give yourself room for error and as always stated, Be kind to yourself, it's a learning process for everyone.

Photo bloggin -
I finally got around to ordering his birth annoucements - Photobucket

Anla made a sling for me - He LOVES it - absolutely Loves it. Photobucket

It has rained (and by rained I mean gullywashing) everyday that we have been home from the hospital. I wish it would stop raining so I could get outside and enjoy a nice walk. A loves being in his carseat/stroller. He falls right to sleep as soon as the car/stroller starts moving.

My parents live about 8 ish miles away and bribe us with dinner pretty much every night we have been home. If i bring hte baby over, they will make us dinner. I am truly being absolutely spoiled rotten. Baby A is also because his grandparents hold him all the time. He is the first grandbaby on both sides ( I was the first grandbaby on both sides also) I know what is in store for him ... LOTS Of spoiled rotten-ness. (and I think that is just perfectly fine - remind me of this when I am ranting about being spoiled rotten and tantrums are mentioned)

As for a schedule - we sortakindamaybe have one - He wakes up about every 2.5-4 hours, I go get a bottle ready and warming, go pick him up and do a diaper change, feed him now about 3 oz-ish, after the bottle I try the swing (tomorrow I am going to try his floor gym) until he is just too tired to stay awake, then he sleeps and we rinse/repeat that whole routine every 2.5-4 hours during the day.

After the first feeding in the morning(anywhere from 6-8), He would rather cuddle or have me hold him on my chest. Sometimes he falls directly back to sleep after the first morning feeding. Sometimes he is wide eyed and busy tailed.

He has pee'd on me quite a few times, It's really just the funniest thing, I so want to get it on video.

Remember keep the questions coming - Sometime's I am just at a loss of words

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A real post

I just want to thank all of you for being so kind and encouraging to me about our birth and few weeks with Baby A. It is/has helped so much in getting back on my feet.

So as of late - other than busy, I have been a tad bet reserve in my postings. (getting to that in a minute) Here it is a little over 2 weeks since A has arrived and we are getting along really well. I am being spoiled by my husband's presence. E has taken a month off of work - You have NO EARTHLY IDEA how much of a help this has been. I am not a night owl.. he is. He takes the late shift, I do the day shift. It works out quite well. I get sleep, he gets sleep and A get all his needs met w/o having exhausted care takers. It has/was also a HUGE comfort while trying to tend to my own health and needs after delivery. I think it made my recovery time so short and manageable. I was sore in the mid section (like pulled muscles and a horrible period, etc. for a few days but by the weekend I was feeling pretty darn great - the bleeding is still here but not nearly as bad - just enough to be annoying) Pumping is going well. Baby A is pretty much on a some what of a decent schedule - which helps out with pumping and planning on when I need to do things. (laundry, dinner, errands, dr's appointments, etc.)

I am reading this book and haven't really made it that far into it yet. My landlord swears it made a huge difference for her. She also had a little boy about 8 weeks before me. My next door neighbor growing up also had a baby about 9 weeks ago and suggested I go out and read this book. and a few others, So I started it. Give me a few days to finish it, I may have a post about it.

The reason for this post is to talk about how very timid about posting what I do, haven't done, don't do, need advice on, or help on with Baby A. Just like the insecurities that arise after posting about a BFP. There are insecurities that follow posting about baby's arrival. Just like the BFP, assvice starts flowing. It seems this "mommie" gig is quite more of a competitive sport then the NFL. I can not tell you how many different schools of thoughts there are. Different Opinions there are and how many people are VERY assured their way is the only right way. I am trying to word all of this very delicately. (because I have partook in many "I will never do that to my child , or "How Horrible is that for a child", insert whatever judging statement here) It seems these days there are so many sure fire ways to send your newborn to therapy in years to come if you do not choose the right: bottle, swing, sling, crib, bassinet, clothes, dr, diapers, feeding schedule, breast, formula, carseat, wipe, .. I was told yesterday that Maybe I "didn't use the right kind of alcohol pads on his belly button because it hasn't fallen off yet" ... I thought to myself .. "Did she really just Say that" .... Then my mind started to wonder if there were different or better alcohol pads I should be using ... I mean really .... wasting precious brain powers worrying about alcohol swabs and worrying more.

I am not familiar enough with the parenting after IF, or mommie blogs therefore I am unsure of where to find helpful information that tends to reflect my style of parenting as of yet. I think this is all just stemming from another layer of my insecurities and afraid of more nasty comments. I never thought I would actually be researching or googling "what kind of alcohol pads are the best to use on a newborns belly button" , or "when do you introduce the newborn to a swing, bouncy seat, car ride, grocery store, mall, powdered formula, etc."

Do not get the wrong idea - things here are absolutely fantastic. He is sleeping about 3-4 hours at night, 2-4 hours during the day. He is starting to be more awake and alert during the day and We could not be more happier with the progress we have made from turning our nights/days around. I have breastmilk in the freezer .. I mean things are really trucking along at a very comfortable pace. It's just more transitioning ..It was like going from Treatments to "holy cow 2 lines", now "it's Holy Cow I have a lil bundle of magic and I am in charge .. Now what?!." So far it seems to be a trial by error and eventually it all starts to figure itself out. It is amazing how after only 2 weeks, I know the difference between a hungry cry vs a I just want to be loved on cry vs I am tired of being in this position cry. I am trying to make a pact with myself to allow myself to be confident in the decisions We make for our child so that I can get thicker skin to withstand the Mommie NFL Season because If I don't, It's going to be a long 18+ years. I hope that the next part of this community is just as open-minded and supportive as the first part.

Baby A does have a blocked tear duct. We were told to apply a warm compress on it after naps and massaging it to try and get it to open. The Dr said she would check it again at his next appointment - his 1 month appointment - (in a few weeks) unless we felt it was getting worse - she wanted us to call her and come in sooner.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Induction Day

Today at 4pm I was supposed to be admitted into the Hospital to induce labor. Boy did the world have other plans for me.

We tried A in the swing today. I am never sure when to introduce new things. He loved it. He just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

I already see him changing so much. We are up to 3-3.5 oz at feedings. I know he must be growing like a weed.

If you can spare a good thought, PLEASE stop over and offer Courtney some good thoughts. She needs to be in our thoughts today as she received some news today that is very less than favorable and could use our support.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Knew

a year ago:

1 week ago:

I am not sure if these photo's even do this justice. I am down 60+ lbs from last yr. I read that pregnancy is good for but never really related or figured that it was just rumored. But WOW, I am wearing about 4 sizes smaller than when I got pregnant. I am in shock. I weighed 25 lbs less coming home from the hospital then when entering for delivery.

Things are still going well, I am so grateful for my husband who helps out SO much. He is just loving being home and able to tend to us. I even managed to get out and run a few errands yesterday with my mom and aunt while he watched the baby. (well I say errands, We went to the baby mega store for a few items and then to the mall for a quick trip to get me a new outfit to wear to a party in a few weeks and the grocery store)

To answer more questions:

I have found these pads to be thin enough to annoy me less and really absorbent.

The bleeding has not been as bad these past few days (even on a blood thinner)

Pumping is still going. I am trying to pump every 5 ish hours.

I am writing all diaper changes and feeding times/amounts in a little spiral notebook to see if we can predict a pattern. It also helps my husband and I figure out when each fed him last because we are taking sleeping shifts still. It seems we have managed (for the most part) to switch, accommodate, or adjust to his day/night confusion.

My husband is a night owl, I am not. I can get by on a few hours of sleep, He must have atleast 8. I get my night pump in and go to bed, he does the midnight shift and I take over anywhere around 4-6 am (if A is awake). A does eat about every 2.5-4 hours. My dad claims he is much like a seagull and it is remotely close. (pooping, eating , sleeping) Although, I have noticed that he is staying awake more than before.

I think all in all - so far so good. I will admit, I have googled a few "how to's and when to's" while trying to figure out how to care for a baby. There are just some things that I need help with and I wish there was a clear answer.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

9 Days

"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward." Kurt Vonnegut (you will understand this more after you read the bottom paragraph)

if you want to skip the baby read and go straight to the glamorous parts of pregnancy and birth no one talks about, aka "the funny accident story" read the purple - skip the rest)

It's been 9 days since we have been at this parenting thing. We took Baby A to the dr today for his 1 week weigh in. He is weighing in at 7lb 7oz. So almost up to birth weight. (only off by an oz.) the Dr was pleased and sent us on our way.

We are getting along pretty well. Sleeping is still a bit off, we do our best. Baby A is really just so well natured. He has managed to take a few naps in his crib.

Let's stop right there for a minute - I had this all planned - You see I'm a planner. (just a disclaimer - if your opinion is different, that is fine, be respectful of mine) I just HAD to have this crib set up because Baby A was totally going to sleep in his crib when we got home from the hospital. After 3 nights co-sleeping in the tiniest hospital room, I became accustom and quite partial having him close to me. When it came time for bed, I wasn't sure what we were going to do. It just broke my heart to have him in the other room. So up went the pack n play. He has been sleeping there at night.

There are a few other things that I have had to eat my words on. Seems like this is all new territory and what i thought would happen is not how it has happened. It is all new and enjoyable and different and frustrating all wrapped up in one event of emotions.

Breast milk supply is still going well. I have done very little research on freezing and such. I really doubted that I would be able to supply his needs with my breast milk. I got this pump off c.raig.slist for $75 and threw away all their parts and bought new parts. It really has been fairly easy and I am SO thankful that some things just work out. We were doing breast milk and formula but for the past 2 days, we are strictly on just breast milk. I just need suggestions in how to keep it cold when we start to venture out? Any ideas?

I have had many many many surreal moments, I keep having to remind myself that this is MY baby and that I am not babysitting and no one is coming to get him. It just hasn't really sunk in all the way yet.

We still have a period where Baby A just likes to be held. I actually love it, it's in the wee hours of the morning, but I like that he is comforted by our touch.

TMI ahead- this is referring to the accident (mentioned in a previous post). The first night, I had fallen asleep and either the pack n play was closer to my bed then it was before I went to sleep or I just was so disoriented that I forgot the pack n play was there. Baby A was fussing and I had to go to the bathroom and E was sleeping (he can sleep through fussing and a freight train) I stood up and was blocked in by the pack n play and I was still a little unsteady on my feet being that I just gave birth. So I panicked because I was trapped in and needed to grab onto something to help me along, but refused to grab the pack n play for obvious reasons. I kept panicking and mentally trying to figure out how to get the the bathroom .... Before I knew it, my bladder took control of the situation and "relieved itself" right there in between the bed and the pack n play .... I was standing there in shock and panic and had to wake E up to get the wet/dry vac..... I was laughing and crying, I was embarrassed and relieved .. It was funny but not, It's one of those things that no book tells you about. ... SO add Wet/dry vac to the "must have" list .. The next night, I was having what I thought was "a lil gas". I ate fried food, the first fried foods I had in MONTHS. So I assumed (we all know what that does) that those were gas pains. While I was in the nursery changing a dirty diaper... UHM let's just say, I found out that they were not gas pains per say... I had more dirty to clean up after Baby A was all cleaned up .... After those lil incidents, my bladder/bowel control has been MUCH better, infact things are going quite swimmingly now.

*side note, my commenting may be slowed down, I am still reading and supporting, Sometimes it's hard to comment with only one hand.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A week ago

It was a week ago that my water broke at 10ish in the morning - Has it Really been a week ... It does not feel like it has been that long at all.

To answer more questions -
Baby A's hair color is debatable. It brownish/reddish. I guess it depends on the lighting. It does tend to looks like his fathers. A darker red color. We have had many discussions regarding his hair color .. How incredibly boringly lame and excited parents are we.

Pumping is going amazingly well. I am pumping 2+ oz each session (about every 4 hours for 30 mins)

(going to share alot of tmi's here) - you have been warned

Physically I am feeling fine. I am not a fan of pads, which makes the bleeding overwhelming. I haven't worn a pad in years, so this is a tough stressor for me. ( yes insert more lame-ness here. It's weird finding stupid things like pads that cause stress) I am still having some "down there" pressure. It is nothing too intense. I have had to take a few Tyl.enol to help manage the pain/cramping/uncomfortable feelings towards the beginning of the nights.

Removable shower heads are fantastic!! i know i know ..sorry just thought I'd keep the oversharing theme going as usual.

Bladder control is under control now. The first few days were iffy. I am afraid to "push" for a bowel movement though. I am not at all locked up, in fact, I am leading towards borderline diarrhea, and have had 1 accident since we have been home. (it's actually a comical story now but a few nights ago it wasn't- If i get really brave this story will be posted) I am afraid of hemorrhoids. I was told by the nurse I have a tiny one and I am afraid to irritate it and make it bigger or accumulate friends. My tummy is weird, smushy, flabby, and droopy. Not sure what I think about that - except it is easy to sleep again and I LOVE that. E keep commenting on how weird it is to be able to put his arms around me. Or snuggle with me at night - he was so used to the big ole belly there.

Mentally, I am just pleased as punch. I am so grateful for how far we are, how well we are coping on little sleep and an upside down schedule.

The night/day confusion is getting better. I just need to figure out how to transition the more breast milk less formula combination. Our feeding schedule could use some oz consistency. 1 oz of breast milk does not have the same effect that 1 oz of formula has on A. So you can not do the 1 to 1 ratio.

Keep the questions/comments coming. It gives me stuff to blog about and gives me something to do during our down times. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about Baby A and our new family. I am reading, my comments on your blogs may slow down until we get our footing and our days/nights back on track.

I leave you with a pic:Photobucket

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We spent 4 days in the hospital because we had to wait a complete 48 hours after A's arrival because at delivery he had a fever.

Tuesday, there was still alot of anxiety and excitement and visitors. I was having alot of pain in my right hip. I thought I had dislocated it. It was very hard for me to get around that day. The nurses graced me with some pain pills and a heating pad. I pretty much laid in bed all 24 hours of Tuesday except the frequent bathroom trips.

By Wednesday, the hip was feeling so much better, but I had pulling,tugging, stretching feelings in my stomach. (and still do just a lil) It felt like a pulled stomach muscle and the onset of one of my really, really bad periods. (which btw nothing can really prepare you for the amount of bleeding that occurs after birth) I was getting around MUCH better then Tuesday. (which if you think about it was only hours after I delivered the lil Man). Baby A was circumcised this day also. The dr's came to do it on Tuesday afternoon, but the pediatrician forgot to sign his release forms.

By Thursday, I was up, walking, showering, and getting dressed all by myself. I was, by far, ready to go home. I was tired of being in the tiny rooms and having nurses come in every hour to check something. Not only check me, but check Baby A. Since I had GD, they had to monitor his blood sugars. I could not feed him until they checked his sugars and his vitals. Something about this just frustrated me. Thursday morning Baby A was cleared for discharge, but I waited until 1pm before I was seen by my dr to discharge me. By the time she came to discharge me, we had everything out of the room. My mother and sister came and helped E pack everything up and get us out of there faster. The ride down to the car in the wheelchair carrying my baby was the most surreal for me. Everyone stops and looks/mutters "oh look a baby" or something to that effect. I received many congratulations and happy smiles. It felt overwhelming perfect. I had NO IDEA that many strangers could totally make me feel like the mommy I had been longing to be.

Friday, we had our first pediatric appointment. It was adventurous, exciting and comforting. All went well. I am to up the amount of a bottle A takes. Our feeding challenge was his sucking. This however seems remedied by the wonderful stage 1 bottle/nipple. He is eatting about every 3-4 hours. His sleeping is alittle irratic. I am pumping, So he is getting a combination of breastmilk in the bottle w/ formula.We are hoping to have a good pumping supply to cut out the formula. I can pump about 20-25 mls at a 30 min pumping session.

To answer questions:
We had narrowed the name selection down to 2 names that we both agreed we liked and were waiting to see Mini before deciding ... After he was born, I asked E what he wanted his name to be ....I had already made many choices by that time in my pregnancy, I really just wanted E to have such a say.

I think, so far, the hospital stay was the worse part. The facility is fantastic, room service was great, the nurses were/are really helpful. I can't really put one reason why I disliked the hospital stay so much. I think 1 big reason is that the post partum rooms are sooooo incredibly tiny and I am a tad bit claustrophobic. As the days progressed, the rooms illusioned to get smaller. There wasn't any real place to get comfortable except the bed and I get cabin fever in a bad way. So I blame that on my cabin fever.

sorry so long, I know you just came for more cuteness baby photos.



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthing story take 2

Ok where were we ... Oh yes .. arriving at the hospital. We called our parents and a few friends to let them know that our plans had changed ... meaning baby sooner than anticipated. I went up to L&D Admin to find out that my OB's office already notified them of my arrival. I checked in, was brought upstairs to a room and was hooked up for more N.ST monitoring. The nurse informed me that my ob's office told them that I could not get any meds until 6pm - they wanted to make certain the hep.arin was out of my system. (I had the shot at 6am) So we waited, they tried and tried and tried some more to get iv's started, labs drawn, etc.. have I ever mentioned that I am a "hard stick" .. took 4 tries to get the IV working (Had to call the "IV team experts" which later I had to end up getting another one after delivery because they thought the first one stopped working)

Around 5 the OB came - She let me know that she and Dr Wonderful had a bit of a "disagreement" Monday morning when he called her about my 4cm dilation and Wednesday induction. They had a difference in medical opinions and practices and My OB thought the amino was not a wise choice - nor was she ok with his wanting to induce me on Wednesday. It was too late for me to draw my own opinion, I was already in active labor dilated to 6cm. She talked with the dr who was going to do my epidural - they all agreed the Hep. was out of my system ~5:30pm and all things were a go for the epidural. I received the epidural around 6:15 ish. (OMG AMAZING Miracle drug- think what you want of me)
(ok gonna get a lil graphic)
The baby was turned face up toward the va jeeen and I had to roll from extreme side to sides for about 3 hours in hopes to get the baby to turn the way the dr wanted. The nurse checked my cervix again after the flipflopping side to side to help position baby and found I was 10cm dilated. She called the dr and she advised the nurse to have me push and see what I could do - I pushed and the nurse yelled OK GOOOD STOP ... The dr came back in around 11:15pm - I was cleared to start pushing and at 12:02 Mini arrived safe and sound. The ob dr had E pull/guide the baby and actual do the delivering. I think he was shocked and traumatized but very glad he was allowed to partake that much in the birth. I tore a little, had to have a few stitches (this is when my epidural pretty much stopped working)

The pushing was a bit of a challenge - it was hard to tell if/how to push during contractions because of the epidural - but I learned to compensate. It was a GIANT flood of emotions when Mini was actually delivered and placed on my chest. I just cried and cried for a good 5 minutes. It felt A-MA-Zing. They cleaned me and the baby up, I asked E what his name was - he declared Austin ... so We went with it. (the other nurse in the room found out that I was a patient of Dr Wonderful's - she was floored because she worked for him in Michigan and didn't know he was in FL- she was so excited and asked me for his office number) That nurse, tested A for his blood sugars. They were all good, he was being assesed and I was being cleaned up.

After 1 hour, E went down to let our families come up one at a time to meet Baby A. They were all so thrilled and excited - It just felt so magical really. It was by far a greater birthing experience I had imagined and everything was just on our side. I was/am beyond pleased with the L&D unit and my experience. About 2 hours after delivery, I got REALLY nauseous and ended up throwing up pretty good. I think it was coming off a high mentally and physically. Poor E got hit with it and had to get a pair of scrubs (we forgot to pack a few of his items because we were a little rushed for time)

Around 3:30-4 I was moved to my post partum room. I was EXHAUSTED. We crashed.
(ack gotta stop again - will continue later)

It started out a Dr's appointment

Thank you for all the congrats and delurkers. It was so great to read all of these sweet, encouraging, beautiful comments and well wishes for our family. It gave me something to do in the weee hours of the mornings when Baby just wanted to be held.

I want to start at the beginning to record this for all it's worth:

We worked really hard this past weekend to get the nursery up and functioning. Monday morning, brite and early (645am) we headed off to my mf.m appointment. I got there and was called back. They did another growth scan and b.pp. The scan measured Mini to be 8lb 4oz. I PANICKED. I was just imagining how big he was going to be by the induction date. Dr Wonderful asked if i had a cervical check at my on Friday. I told him no. So he wanted to check. I agreed. He was VERY shocked to find that I was in between 3-4cm dilated and he quickly went and got my OB's office on the phone. They decided that an animo was the next safest decision, so I obliged. The amnio really was no big deal, I was going to go home for the day. Rest up and wait for the results Tuesday. Dr Wonderful and the OB's office were tossing around induction on Wednesday as long as the amnio looked well. I was told to get dressed so we could move me to the ns.t room. I stood up to get dressed and water just gushed out of me all over the floor. (like 2 glasses full) I called the u/s tech back and told her, they rechecked my fluid level via u/s and noticed a significant difference. Plans started to change. Dr Wonderful got on the phone with OB's Office to let them know of the new situation. I was did an ns.t and was showing baby was fine and my contractions were there but not in any rhythmic pattern.

While i was hooked up for the nst, Dr Wonderful came in and told me that after leaving his office i was to go home get my bags and get to the hospital. So we left his office 1 hour away from our house - got our bags and headed to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital around 1-130 pm.

(more to come - all i can get typed out right now)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i will post a real post later - here is a picture to tide you over

Here he is...

He's Here!!

Welcome to the world Baby Austin.

Austin made his arrival at 12:02 am on June 10th, 2008. He weighs 7 lbs 8 oz, and is 20 inches long.

Farah sent me a picture but I need her okay beore I post it.

YEA!! Congratulations Farah and E.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mini Vann on his way

(scroll down for updates)

This is Stacy, a friend of Farah's.

Farah's water broke today while she and E were at the Perinatologist office. She went in for a regular appointment and was 4 cm dilated. They did an amnio to check the baby's lung maturity and then a NST. After the NST Farah stood up and her water broke. They were on their way home to get the baby bag for the hospital and expected to be at the hospital by 12:30.

I am sure Farah and E would appreciate and prayers, good wishes, happy thoughts, etc. for a safe and uneventful delivery.

YEAH!! Woohoo!!

2:50 pm edit: Just talked to Farah and they are checked in and just hanging out. The doctor (OB) is set to arrive at 6:00 or so Farah thought. As we were talking the doctor (could have been a different doc from the OB) walked in and she had to hang up. She had a heparin shot this morning and that is delaying getting things going. I did get to read her several of your comments and she is very appreciative of the support, prayers and well-wishes. I will update again when I can.

5:00 Farah sent a text message. She is 6 cm dilated.

5:20 I talked to another mutual friend who spoke with Farah and she has not gotten her epidural yet. The contractions up to this point have not been very painful. Now they are getting closer together and more painful. The OB has been there. Will post when I know more.

6:20 Via text message: "Epidural in at 620. Feelin no pain."

8:17 pm Via text message: "9 cm. contractions 1 to 2 min apart. Baby facing up. Working to get him face down by rolling side to side every 30 mins."

10:21 pm via text message: "Dr wants me to labor 1 more hr then access baby position".
Stacy here, looks like Mini likes the 10th better!

11:00 pm another text msg..Bab has turned and they have been given the okay to start pushing They are just waiting for the doctor.

12:28 am - text message - Mini made his grand arrival at 12:02 am on June 10th! From what I can tell, all is well. I'll let Farah post the proud details (or someone else, I'm sure there will be tons of people talking to her first thing tomorrow) - (this update was from another friend)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Show and Tell #3

Christmas 05 we were in the middle of moving to a new apartment. My husband was at work but I was at home unpacking. I sat a box (of boxed foods) on the stove to unload it into the pantry. I put it up there - then had to run to the bathroom ... It wasn't seconds later I smelt burnt cardboard and heard what sounded like bebe's being shot all over the house. I quickly (as in with my pants not even pulled up) ran to the kitchen to see what the noise was - (and was blaming my cats): What i got to see were FLAMES coming out of the box of foods and lil popcorn kernels being flung everywhere. Somehow I managed to turn on the burner to the highest setting while placing the box on the stove ( yes pure luck). I drug the box onto the floor, rand from the bathroom to the kitchen to pour pitchers of water on the box to put out the flames. (we have just moved, I wasnt sure where the fire extinguisher was). I was panicking thinking that I was going to burn down the condo and life was going to be VERY BAD.... The flames went out .. and I had to grab hte camera. I mean whatelse to you do when you just about burn down your new abode? Here is evidence:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Birth Day?

I went to the Dr’s office for my first NST/OB appointment today. The NST was really fun. I did have to drink one of their apple juice boxes. They were not thrilled with my sleepy head baby. He is not a morning person. He doesn’t like to move unless he has to (around 11am is a good time for him – always has been this way) I eat breakfast around 8 every morning, Mini move some to let me know he is in there and snug but doesn’t have a dance party or anything like that until 11 am, and then again around 7pm at night. Ok tangent ....... I sat hooked up to the machine for about 1 hour (not bad – and I LOVE to hear the heartbeat) and I was sitting in a recliner with my feet up – just perfection!

Then I gave a urine sample, weighed myself, did the group b strep swabbing and blood pressure – still a great 110/68! At least something about my body is making me very very very happy. My bp is steady an my weight is the same it was 2 weeks ago, my sugars are going down by every week. My fasting is at 80-86 now. (yes higher than average but lower by 20 points when we started testing) Although the Dr. measured me and exclaimed that I am “HUGE”. It was like she was telling a story about the fish that got away..OMG HE WAS HUUUUUUUUUUGE (hand measurements/gestures and all)… I am sure it was my imagination – but it just makes me so worried to hear those words so much in reference to my boy! She said that it could be my body type (she mentioned short waisted – I assume I am, I never really thought about it before) I just really really really want the best chance to have a vaginal birth and with throwing words like HUGE around sends me in a bit of a panic mode. The dr I had today, I know from others, is not a fan of c-sections so when she sat me down to discuss this as an option if the report from the peri on Monday (when I have my next/last growth scan) shows an abnormally huge, or Non head down Mini, vertex (sp?). I kept telling her that from the u/s’s I have had, he is head down, and he weighed ~6 lbs 3 weeks ago. She could not find it in his notes….. I will ask him Monday to specifically write it out.

If you could spare some good thoughts, prayers, whatever you do to calm nervous and guide you - I could use some. I am really anxious about the big baby theory and c-section. I want the best possible chance and would love to be able to experience a vaginal birth. With all that said, we have an induction date. I go in June 23rd at 4pm, and with hopes and prayers, will have a baby June 24th. 18 days away (I will be 39 weeks). (They would like to do this based on my hep.arin use. It’s easier to contro/monitorl. I said this baby started out being controlled – he can be birthed controlled/monitored). We are very excited and nervous and I am pretty anxious filled with mixed feelings. I just need to keep breathing and concentrating on the good aspect that my body has done for me over this pregnancy . No bleeding, bp good, no weight gain, hearing heartbeats, no visible heart defect yet, great spine, ovulation when RE said I didn’t (let's not forget that), this baby has already beat odds and is very loved .. I hope Mini continues to wow us into the future.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

36 weeks

89% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 11% left to go.

He's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Your baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement. At the end of this week, your baby will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42 weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) -YAH!!

I read somewhere that said the placenta weighs 1/6th of the babies weight. (of course approximates) Did you know that only 5 percent of babies are born on their due date?

Other fetal development that is occurring around week 36 of pregnancy includes the following:

The gums have become rigid
The sucking muscles are now fully developed
The brain is developing rapidly
Your baby is practicing blinking

During this week of pregnancy, your baby may move into its birthing position (if he or she has not already done so). Your healthcare provider will use the term "presentation" to describe the part of your baby that is lying over the cervix and will be delivered first. The most common presentation, occurring in more than 95 percent of deliveries, is vertex, which is when the top of the baby's head is down under the cervix. Other presentations may include breech, transverse, face, shoulder, or brow presentation.

Yesterday I stayed home and we worked on cleaning out the spare bedroom and making it into a baby room. We have everything done except the installed crib and washing of all things clothe and tiny. My father is going to help E put the crib together except he is sick with strep throat and ban from visiting (by me) until he has had 4 days of anti-biotics or until his fever breaks and it's been at least 4 days since a fever. Even if that means 2 weeks from now. (when it's all done i promise pictures)

I am still trying to figure out WHY cleaning has to start with making a bigger mess. Or maybe that's my nesting. I have to start with large projects ... who knows, I thought E was going to go into convulsions when I suggested all things Mini only go in the baby's room. We had to go through OLD OLD OLD OLD boxes that haven't been unpacked from previous moves. They are unpacked now and either thrown out, re-organized, or filed.

I have been swimming every day for the past month and i LOVE IT. Weightless is a fantastic feeling at this point. I have my first NST, cervical exam, and group strep b test Friday at 8:30am. I am hoping all goes well because I have a birthday party and a baby shower to attend Saturday. Plus I do not want to hear things like bed rest because that is the most uncomfortable place in the world for me now. I feel as if i have to pee all the time. I think every now and then Mini grabs my bladder and just squeezes it for fun. I am over driving to work, after these past 2 long weekends I have taken, I realize how much less i swell and how much better i feel when I am not at work. Only a few more weeks. I do not want to start using leave yet. I can make it a few more weeks.

We went to the babiesrthem mega store Saturday and bought it out. Erhm, I mean bought a few items off my registry that I thought I may need. (changing pad/cover, burp cloths, swaddles, a pack of bottles, etc.) I forgot a few items (headrest for the carseat, mat to go under the carseat, hangers, etc), So we will be back there again this week to pick up the remaining items I forgot off my list. I made a list and STILL managed to forget them. In my defense I was experiencing alot of brax.ton hicks and just wanted to sit down.

Thanks for all of the comments on my pictures, My favorite one is the last b&w palm tree pic. I think I am going to get that one blown up and framed.

If you are looking for car seats - Read this.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why don't you slide

Here are most of the beach pictures from yesterday. Hope you enjoy!