Friday, November 30, 2007

I forgot to write this story the other day:

I think it was 2 days ago ( or 3) I can’t really remember. It was 6:30 pm and E wanted to go out to dinner because I could not think of anything I wanted to eat. So in preparation, I went to the bathroom. To my shock and embarrassment, I noticed that my underwear were on backgrounds. Not Inside-out plain and simple ….. Backwards… They had been like that ALL DAY.. and I just noticed. So if that doesn’t help explain most of my mornings, I don’t know what will. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In my defense, I bought me so new “Bridgette Jones” panties and they are gi-normous and very comfortable. Plus Mornings are rough and I think I am losing bits and pieces of my brain.

Wish me luck today, I am in charge of planning our “holiday luncheon” and it is in about 3 hours….. Hoping all goes well. In reference to yesterday’s post… keep the food suggestions coming. I have gotten a few really good ones.

Please go over and wish Her-Story and JHK good luck on their IUI’s today.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOk so I am in need of some help, suggestions, ideas.

We went to the grocery store AGAIN this week ... and I find nothing that is remotely appetizing to eat that is slightly healthy for me. We left with bottled water, pickles, bananas, yougurt, and more uncrustables .... and that's it!

What are you eatting during the day .. give me ideas. I have breakfast covered. I bought raisin Bran and that seems to be ok. Need lunch ideas ... lunch and dinner is where I just lack an appetite and creativity but need to eat ... Breakfast is now just a ritual

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My brain is all over the place lately: so here it goes:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJJ had a great Idea to introduce how your blog was born. I was inspired by a real live friend and Jaime. I read her blog and how open and honest about her feelings she was able to be .. and I was moved and then envious. So I started my own. I then quickly landed on JJ’s blog a few days after, and the rest is in the archives.

I out-ed myself out work yesterday. (trying to sneakily scan U/S pics- and got caught) The trips to the bathroom, nausea, peeing, eating, tired, late, leaving early, Dr’s appointments, type of work I do, sharing very close quarters, and a few other reasons, it just seemed easier. There was already chatter about it, So What’s done is done

Go here and here for some continued good news

I think the extra hormones in my body are making me a tad bit whiney. I was having a pity party for one yesterday because my husband schedule is on my nerves again. Having to have a shot at 5 pm every day, trying to work 8 hours and make in home in time for my husband to give me a shot and walk out the door for work has really gotten to me. I know I have gone over this before, .I work far away (and add extra snowbird/holiday/tourist traffic to an already long commute= the suck, add driving in a car or pretty much moving making me nauseous = more the suck) I am a pretty much independent kind of person and my husband lets me be. Right now, I just want to be cared for. I would just like when I am puking in the toilet, not to have to be the one to have to clean up and nurture me, and find something that sounds/smells like I want to eat/drink it. I do not know how you single women do this on your own. More power to you. (again, I am sorry that it sounds like complaining – its actually just venting- I think it’s the extra hormones

v E is off of work today and I am just so glad for that. I have made it to work by 8:15 2 mornings in a row!!! Go me

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

9 weeks

"While your baby is still extremely small, he/she is now ready for rapid weight gain. The baby is beginning to look more like a little person since the embryonic tail is completely gone by week 9. The eyelids are fully formed, have fused shut, and will open again during week 28. All the baby's joints such as the knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, and wrists are working and allowing the baby to move about freely within the amniotic sac. Your baby's heart began beating around day 24, but now his/her heart has divided into four chambers, and the valves are beginning to develop. Your baby can also make a fist, and he/she may begin sucking his/her thumb.
How big is your baby?Your baby is about the size of a grape, measuring about 1 ½ inches from its head to its rump, and weighs a fraction of an ounce."

18% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 82% left to go.

*Disclaimer - please know i am NOT complaining - just documenting and observing:
I am beginning to have a hard time sleeping at night. It seems to take me a while to get comfortable. I am and have always been a belly sleeper. So this laying on my back trying to sleep is starting to wear on me. Waking up to pee assures me that things are still progressing. I lay one of these by my bedside before I go to sleep because when i wake up to pee, i have to come back and eat that or mornings are much worse. Last night I found a love for these.

And I ALWAYS want these Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, November 26, 2007

8w6d *updated w/ pics

Today there was a lil mix-up at the dr's appointment again. Somehow, they canceled my appointment and never told me - the OB nurse thinks it was a mistake by the office staff not understanding dr's notes, but all was well they gave me an U/S and that make me happy as can be.

I will post a picture later.... It looks like a mini baby now. I actually cried for the first time. I think it was a little bit of the confusion of the appointment and them actually turning the sound on so we could hear the strong heartbeat. They say all my labs and hormone levels are going great and I have lost 4 lbs.

I am measuring 8w6d..which adds up to what my ticker says I am at today. The baby is 1 inch long and has a heart rate of 164 or 165.

My next appointment is Dec 14th. They will do the nuchal translucency at that time and most likely take me off my progesterone.

All is going well.

Meet Mini:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh the glamour

Yesterday, My sister called and asked if we would meet My family for greek food. *we live in a small greek community with excellent good greek food*. Since we had all had turkey and dressing and every vegetable known to man for the past 2 days. Greek food sounded wonderful. So E and I went up and met my Mother, Father, Grandmother, Sister and Boyfriend for lunch. I ordered my usual and a salad. After dinner I asked for a piece of gum due to the LARGE quantity of garlic in the food. The gum was minty flavored and started to turn my stomach a little. I ignored it and went to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner last night. In the grocery store .. things just smelt AWFUL ... i was rushing to get everything we needed and i kept telling E ... I think I am going to "lose it" but I didn't want to because it just felt like "losing it" was going to be worse the second time around. ....... Well we made it out of the grocery store and I had been trying to convince myself to keep it down... Finally, I spit out the gum -because I was just convinced it was the gum .... I yelled at E to pull over quickly and on the side of the road, I lost my lunch .... then the unthinkable happened .... My stomach was spazzing so much that the added pressure totally made me pee myself ............... I was mortified at the time ... because some man pulled over to make sure that we were ok and offered us to come into his house (that we were in front of) to use the rest room. What a kind man... E stated "I am sorry sir, my wife is pregnant and just ate Greek food" ....Anyway, I get back into the car, make it to my parents house, wash my clothes and say goodbye to my sister and her boyfriend. ... .. I guess this is the not so glamorous part people leave out in all those fairy tales huh .... It still makes me laugh about it though ..\

*on a side note- after i realized that I went to a greek restaurant had greek salad and ate Feta cheese..I had a melt down .. It's a soft cheese that I totally forgot about at the moment of being hungry.... I only ate a very small amount but ...freaked out none the less ..

The shot are breezy as long as ice is applied and the shot enters my body very slowly! Only one side of my belly bruises.