Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Fall Line-up

Ok, So after a week (or 2) of the new shows being out, What are you going to keep watching?

I watched:

Gossip Girl .... I love this show .. and I do not know why

Flash Forward ..I have tried to watch it 3 times now, and haven't finished it

Mercy .. and I am not sure what I think about it .. The acting wasn't that spectacular and neither was the story line ......

Amazing Race - YAH!

Greys's ... Yes for now

Castle ... I think I am going to keep watching this

NCIS LLCoolJ ...Yum and More please!

Parks and Rec ...Getting Dry

Modern Family ...Hilarious

Cougar Town .. It was funny

Melrose Place .. I watch ...but I want to stop and can't

The Office .. Love love love this show

The Community .. It's just a Meh so far

Desperate Housewives ... I watch but want it to end

Brothers and Sisters .. I enjoy this show very much

Anyone watch Eastwick? I am going to really miss Lipstick Jungle

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worth it all

Bleeeeeeeeeehhhuuup I say, Just wait til you get here Armadillo - I will show you who is boss round these parts.

Just peel that apple - I'll eat it like a big boy thanks!

Oh, I love my friends

That Miss Jen Lady Makes Excellent Cookies Ma'

Really - Look I am soooooo cute and innocent Believe Nothing that Mama Lady says

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fail #468

Stellar ( said sarcastically) After figuring out our lil dilemma ... It only took me a month and brainstorming with a few people.

MT has been tortured with receiving his Molars and then Eye teeth 2 weeks apart .... So for a month, We were in some pretty Deep sleep deprivation, pain, misery, Etc You name it. He is 15 months old and has cut all but 2 more eye teeth coming very soon and his 2 yr molars .... This is Not fun for anyone involved. Trust me ... There were times, I wasn't sure we were going to survive. Nothing seemed to help, I tried all the (legal) tricks in the books, websites, parents But man o man ..... Screaming and Gnashing and writhing in pain was the only thing that was constant.

It got to the point, I honestly decided that there HAD to be something else wrong. Because Everyone I knew was telling me, that This just could not be related to teething ...... I started to doubt myself. When I start to doubt myself, I unravel .... and By unravel, I mean Like seriously become that pile of mush with no backbone or ability to think on my own .. Zero confidence and then I start doubting everything, and that is just more cause for a tailspin ..... then I just hit rock bottom ....

This weekend - Was my rock bottom. I was angry, defensive, tired, whiny, crying, ..Basically a Hot Mess. The stress/frustration of it all just peaked ....

MT had gone for about a month with refusing to nap. As in "i need a nap but am just going to cry and pitch a fit about it and I will not nap - but thanks". So, MT and I were doing like 14hr awake hour days together. And We were just striving off each others frustrations.... All of this while teething .. and tantrums and gnashing. And hearing how this just was not teeth, this had to be something else. Or other theories were that I do not stay home enough with him, I should cancel Life and sit at home and just wait for him to show signs of sleepy and then run and put him to bed, If he ever does decide he will sleep now...... , and My nerves were completely fried. He was refusing to eat as well. I did try the Stay at home and do nothing, It didn't help.

Since Sunday - It seems that I have somewhat solved our dilemma - He WAS hungry but refusing to eat because it was hurting his mouth/teeth. I was trying to offer soft things to help soothe the pain ..... But on that occasion, He wanted Hard/chewy things ..... or vice versa. So I never knew what or how meals were going to be. I had read so many times that you offer what you are offering, and if they refuse, You do not keep offering .. and I was torn between what was right/wrong. He is not old enough to tell me what he wants to eat, so he would just get frustrated and scream/tantrum .... But I have stopped worrying about all the rules. I just offer things until he was willing to eat and He now is back to napping. He WAS HUNGRY ...... I was starving my child ...... After the initial shock and guilt of it all, things seem to be back to normalish - and he is finishing cutting 2 more eye teeth. They are very close in breaking the surface. And for that, I am very glad to know that there may be a teething reprieve.

I need to make his 15 month appointment. In between all of this - One morning he woke up and nothing fit. He is in 2T clothes now for length. I am trying to slowly but surely start all over again with his wardrobe. That is the downfall of having a boy - People Do not buy you "cute" outfits throughout his life span like see with those having a girl.

If you are having a boy - or know someone having a boy - I think a great Shower Idea is to have People buy clothes in different sizes and seasonal appropriate. Last names starting w: A- D by 3-6 months (winter), E-H 6-12 month (summer), etc.

I am at 30 weeks according to my specialist and I am going to appointments every 2 weeks now. On the home stretch! Last Dr's appointment, My ob actually told me that I am doing a fantastic job with controlling my sugars with all these other stuff that is going on, She gave me a week off of the monitor. And told me to just check my fasting level and 3 or 4 more times during the week and if the numbers change or creep up, Call her. I was very pleased. She said that she thinks, it was adding more unnecessary stress to my days that need mot be there for now.

Did I mention how wonderful, Barb, Jen and Maresi are - We met at the Aquarium on Friday and they had a lil surprise baby sprinkle for Armadillo (baby boy#2). They are just the sweetest things! Really - I was so touched by that gesture. Jen was so crafty and creative with her gifts. I need to post pictures from this so you can see the wonderful cute gifts I got. (She made a onesie with an embroidered armadillo on it .... AND a Mini Van) - We had such a blast! and the Babies did too ...
I haven't caught up on my blogs but I will .... Tell me - How are you? Is there anything that I have not shared that you want to know about?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogger Support

My Good Blogger Pal Katie has entered a Video to be a blog coorrespondant for Verity Mom. Help her out by commenting on her Video, Please

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heavy Hearted

I have mentioned my mother on this blog quite a few times. Menopause has been very unkind to her. Recap briefly - they thought she had a minor stroke over 3 yrs ago, numerous tests, dr's appointments over a long period, I took 3 months of leave from my job over 3 yrs ago at hte beginning to assist my dad in the care of my mom .... She became a lady who completely changed, overnight. It's hard to describe ...... Long story short they think they finally had a diagnosis/rehab plan. Me.nopausal I.nduced (Hormonal) Bi-po.lar Di.sor.der. They tried a few different medications .... It gets better, then it gets worse, then there is med dose changing and waiting ... then it gets better then it gets worse, then there is med dose changing ...... It's a cycle .... And it's another one of those trial and errors that takes time, A Wait and see Game ... Many of us now about the Wait and See game of a cycle and the Trial and Error of Meds.

Things got ok this summer, never normal, But Ok is good .... Then School started for her and the first few weeks were not that bad, Then the students came .... The Anxiety set in and she was in panic mode. We would try to talk to her to see if there was something we could do to help her .... She doesn't talk .... She hasn't said more than 1000 words in the past 3 yrs. She sits in silence in a room filled with family/friends .. and just sits... She is blank, Numb, Empty, Tired, Struggling and Will not ask for help, or Does not ask for help, or Just plain has no idea what to do ..... Yesterday, she hit a very bad low and things happened and My Dad decided that she needs to just be done with teaching. .... I talked to my dad today and asked how things were going, My dad says she just keeps repeating how she has failed .. and how she can not find her way .. and how she is so depressed. She does not want to see Me or MT today .. .. she does not want to see anyone today ...... So I am at home researching new options of treatments, New Facilities, New Procedures, .. My Dad is out trying to secure a job with insurance, he is a self employed contractor. My mother carried the insurance ... Things are sticky .. We will figure this out, We always do, Life is what happens while you are planning ...

As I started off thinking about where I was eight yrs ago today on September 11. . I am now remembering my mother and the woman she was 8 yrs ago ..... ... The Country we lived in and how it may not all be directly connected, Indirectly - Life happens and People need to be appreciated ... Because in a Blink of a Eye - things can change drastically.

With all of that said, Does anyone have any experience or information on detox's through IV's?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More of those

Those Pesky Milestones -

Today MT is 15 months old. He has cut the top 2 and bottom right eye teeth. Just one more to go. It is on it's way.

But that is not the milestone I am referring to. I am referring to Climbing out of the crib milestone. You know, a milestone that some 3 yr olds never attempt. ..... I am hoping we can corrall him in that crib a few more months .. He is not ready for a big boy bed yet.

I was out at the Mall this afternoon and could not resist this find:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because You always have great ideas

Are you a Work at/from Home Individual that generates a monthly income? Have you ever been? If so, What do/did you do?

I am not crafty in the least. I can follow instructions. I can type. (no I do not want to be a transcriptionist -right now), I can cook, I have uber multi-tasking abilities. I just need to figure out something to help generate a bit of income. I am not good at cold calling. I suck at selling.

Any ideas?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Game

Oh, I have loved hearing about your dinner recipes. I was getting so bored, or stuck doing the same thing over and over again. It was a refreshing and much needed post.

I had another growth scan with Dr Wonderful today. But today's was extra special because MT went with me to meet his younger brother. Jen and Elizabeth met us there so they could help me with MT while having the growth scan done. It was so much fun! All is well with Armadillo. He is measuring about 6 oz heavier than MT was at this same gestational age. So not bad, really. We showed MT his lil brother on the U/S TV. It was so cute. Jen brought her camera to take pictures for us! YEAH Jen .. Such smart thinking. After the appointment, we went out for lunch and had some girl time. It was a fantastic day.. I do not want to say too much because Jen is a much better blogger about this type of stuff AND she has the pics to prove the outing occurred.

**A week ago, The "No" game become so annoying to me. If you are not aware of this game, I will describe it briefly, mom says "no", baby ignores, laughs, Mom says "no" about 30 more times in a variety of tones and melodies, Baby keeps doing said "no" task, throws in some more laughter and ignoring. ... Mom somewhat laughs and smiles a few times to keep her head from popping off and rolling on the floor ...... I decided that I could not listen to myself say "no" one more time. Really, because No one was listening. And it was NOT EFFECTIVE..... Somehow, I just came up with thte phrase "Back Away". It is literal. I showed him what I meant by Back Away a few times and now by the second or third back away .. He is backing away. The first few times we did this lil exercise, He looked at me to see if I was serious or not ...... And Now, He knows that I am serious when I say this to him.

Do I think that eventually, This will stop working, Unfortunately, Yes. He is only going to be 15 months on the 10th. I know I have a long ways to go. But I just feel like enjoying this small victory right now and I will enjoy that feeling ... and figure out what is the next step to take when/if this stops being effective.

**I did not read this in a book, I am sure there is a book containing this info, but I just was trying to think outside the box on the fly ... Plus, I can say Back Away in a tone that makes him recognize that I am serious, No seems to be hard to say in a tone that Always sounds serious.