Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still Having Fun

Just wanted to post some funnies so you know we have not lost our sense of humor
  • Last week, I was cleaning up the kitchen and MT was on the floor in there with me, I turned to scrub the stove, and he was playing with ABC magnets .... Or so I thought. I was standing less then 2 feet from him and some how he managed to take off his diaper, and find a snack from the trash can - He was licking lasagna remnants that had been thrown away and in the other hand was a banana peel .... Why didn't I grab my camera first .... because I was too busy freaking out about my mother of the year trophy (which after you finish reading this post will realize I have NO chance EVER winning)
  • The cure for teething seems to be - Take him to granddaddy's and let them ride up and down the road on the riding lawnmower
  • We put those plastic outlet covers in all outlets ..... MT has walked over and removed one before I had a chance to run over and stop him.
  • My son is currently sleeping with one of his spoons and a toothbrush as teething toys. Because he refused to go to sleep without them in his hands.
  • We went to I.kea a few days ago. Oh the fun we had! I put MT in the high chair and gave him 2 blackberries ..... JUST 2 ..... and went back to the car to unload the loot. Here is what I walked back into: it was just 2 blackberries ...



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suggestions Needed and Crazy 8's

I have been meaning to ask the Internets these questions for some time now ....

  • Anyone know a good breakfast bar with fruit in it that does not contain loads of sugar? Can I make my own with less sugar? Ya'know like these. MT loves this concept and I loathe the sugar overload ..Am I being too wacky?

  • Are you still putting your 12+ month old in footy pajama's? How long can/do you do this?

  • Any one's child waking up in the morning with bumps that look like mosquito bites on them? Maybe hives? I have no idea what/how he gets these on him. It seems like every few days, Some fade and More appear ... He doesn't itch or bother them ..they just bother me because I cannot figure out how they get on him. He got some a few days ago and they look like hives actually but they do not go away for a few days. Maybe more allergies I just haven't figured out yet. Yes, he has clean sheets, I dunno, Sign me up for MOTY.

Thank you for not flogging me for my last post. I am trying to be gentle with myself.. feel what I feel and move on. My OB's office forgot to prick my finger for the NT test while I was there, So I have to go back for that tomorrow. It will be alil while longer for the results.

I was tagged for a crazy 8 Meme

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. Summer and the fun to be had outside.

2. MT's Birthday

3. Keeping Armadillo Safe until December.

4. MT Walking unassisted.

5. More Boat/Island Trips

6. Getting a JOB that is a good fit for our family

7. Seeing Amanda in a week

8. Spending Family Time

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Worked 2 p/t jobs.

2. Washed dishes.

3. Played on Facebook.

4. Watched Ellen.

5. Checked the Mail.

6. Looked for work.

7. Cleaned the kitchen

8. Cried about nothing - Hormones are crazy

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Stop worrying/over analyzing.

2. Get a good nights sleep.

3. Move

4. Help a teething baby teeth painfree

5. Teleport

6. Not have to work; be able to be paid for things I LOVE to do.

7. Read a book - my attention span latelyhas me re-reading the same line over and over

8. Magically make the laundry clean and fold itself - same with the dinner and dishes.

8 Shows I Watch:

1. The Soup

2. Ellen

3. So you think you can dance

4. Wipeout

5. Keeping up with the Kardashians

6. Gossip Girl (but it's over right now ...)

7. Desparate Housewives - Wow the finale was much needed

8. Big Love

8 Favorite Fruits:

1. Mango

2. Strawberries

3. Cherries

4. Kiwi

5. Tomato

6. Pineapples

7. Watermelon

8. Blueberries

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

1. Europe

2. Greece

3. Italy

4. San Francisco, CA

5. Seattle, Washington

6. Hawaii

7. Alaska

8. Australia

8 Places I've Lived

1. Shallotte, NC

2. Tarpon Springs, FL

3. Holiday , FL

4. Calabash, NC

5. Tallahassee, FL

6. Palm Harbor, FL

7. n/a

8. n/a

If you want to do this ..TAG your it ;)

When it rains, It pours

Just being honest - Very honest!

These past few weeks have been less than stellar. Problem is - My attitude or hormone levels, lack of sleep or just a combination of life. I have been angry and frustrated constantly for 3 ish weeks now. I am not sure anymore If I am choosing to be angry or if it's too many raging hormones. But really I have been uncharacteristically not myself. And I am not liking this AT ALL. I get frustrated with myself for being angry/frustrated. And I now how blessed I am and how ungrateful I look/sound/feel. So the cycle starts all over again. BUT I think last night after a humongo venting, yelling, blaming session directed indirectly at my husband at 11:30pm, I think I am over "it". What ever "it" is.

In all fairness and disclosure, It's been raining (like raining monsoon style) for 17 days straight. Some where in the beginning of the 17 days our roof started leaking through our light fixture, chimney and ceiling in the living room. I notified all the correct people, the roofing contractor came out and delivered bad news that nothing could be fixed until it stopped raining and the walls/inside attic area had a chance to dry out. After a few days, I finally convinced some jerkface that he needed to tarp it off in order to keep some of the rain out of my living room while we were waiting for the rain to stop and everything to dry. (so I didn't have to keep dumping buckets and watching my curtains soak up the excess water) I have had to run one of those commercial blowers, an ionizer and a humidifier for weeks now. I had to break down and take some sudefed because all the dust that the blower was blowing around was making it hard to breathe and sleep. We are still in a holding position waiting for the rain to cease.

Despite my sour attitude we had a FANTASTIC Memorial Day Weekend. I even brought my camera along. We had 2 days in the sun on an nearby island and no rain. It was! MT was so good and had a blast.
Today, I am starting a new p/t job. I am hoping that this p/t job will work out and I am able to quit my other job very soon. The other job was the straw that caused the venting, yelling session last night that my husband suffered from. It is very physically draining and just not the right fit. My co-workers either don't show up to work when scheduled or if they do show up, they are late and High and seem to figure out a way to leave early which leaves me working the hardest and longest. Which is where my husband had me realize was where alot of the sour attitude is coming from.
MT has decided to get the rest of his molars this weekend. Monday, I noticed huge welts/bumps on his gum line. Hopefully they will be making an appearance soon (and not disappearing again like they have done a few times) and he gets some relief. Spots where his canines are are also bulging. He could be getting those too.
I had my NT scan yesterday. All measurements looked great. I am measuring 12 weeks. Armadillo's heart rate was in the 160's. The tech tried very hard to get a look at the goods. But the baby was not cooperative at all. She said her guess would be maybe another boy. But she was not sure. I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks. They forgot to do the finger prick so I have to go back sometime this week to do that. In between all the craziness.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More of the Good

So maybe I have been hit with the Negative Nancy vibe lately. I am trying not to be - That girl. I try to write about the good and the bad and maybe I over enunciated the bad and left out most of the good. These over-abundance of hormones in my body have taken over.

11 months: The Good
- When asked for a hug/kiss, MT will oblige
- Can give "High 5's" and laughs hysterically
- Sleeps most (95%) nights from 7:45pm - 8:30am
- Can walk holding unto furniture, hands, objects, etc
- Says Kitty, Buh bye, Daaadeee, Mum(or MumMum)
- infatuated with Granddaddy
- can feed himself most foods, gets most of it in the mouth until he gets tired of it, or full
- Smacks his lips together when Hungry
- Drinks from a straw
- Taught him how to make noises by strumming his lips with his finger
- Loves to snuggle in bed when he first wakes up and I get him out of the crib
- Loves to play with children
- has a love for music
- Flocks to water

We had to take him out of the infant seat this weekend. He was closing in on the 30 inches. Not to mention, the seat is heavy, then you add 21 lbs to it. I could not carry it for long. I do miss being able to have the handle on my baby but It was time. His lil feet were about to hang over and I was running out of strap to loosen it. I have been very happy with our infant seat. So far, I am just getting used to the convertible. It's been harder to buckle him in. I need to take it to a fire station to make sure it's installed correctly. We bought this seat (in tan)as my Christmas present. I found one at a great price and could not turn it down. It's very fluffy that's for sure.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A lil Late and trying not to Rush

Seems these days, A lil late is how we roll. Standard Norm for us.

MT is 11 months (11 months, a week and 2 days to be exact). It seems to be a very awkward and challenging phase for us right now. He is not a Infant but Not quite a walking Toddler. Like our very first Tween stage. He is not content laying/sitting playing with toys/other babies. He is in constant motion. He wants to chase and be chased. Run around with the older kids but Can't figure out completely how to stay on his feet. Thus leads to me hunched over assisting him walking all over helping him chase after the world. As much as I do not want to rush life, I will be glad when he figures out how to walk on his own.

He is down to 2 bottles a day and I believe that I could drop them both. They are the AM/PM bottles. He only drinks 2-3 oz out of them. I have managed to get him to drink Milk out of a sippy cup. He has been doing this for about 3 weeks now.

He has also decided that he does not want that 20 min morning nap, anymore. The problem is, I think he still needs it. (some days) He gets cranky/wound up and unable to eat lunch. I am not sure what to do completely. We are just winging it. I have let him skip it a few times and lunch is *disastrous on those days. Ends in tears, His and Mine.

*Food always flies regardless of how tired he is, lately. But it is thrown so much more if he is tired/cranky.

He has decided that he thinks I am a short order cook. He will eat some things some days , and refuse to eat the same items on another day. Which makes feeding him challenging. I never know if what I fix him will be suitable for that day. I know as soon as he starts throwing it. He throws what he will not eat. ... MUCH frustration and lots of bending over to clean my floor. He eats on carpet .. ... A stern "No", Makes him laugh. I also figured out that I have to leave the food on the floor until he is done. Because the "pick up" game is OH SO entertaining.

He made his first boat trip to an offshore island here. I have spent many many summer days growing up going to the island and it was such bliss to get to take him out there. He enjoyed every minute of the boat ride and beach. I was worried because the first time we went to the beach, It was a big fail. Sand was the cause.

I forgot to bring a camera to show how awesome he did wearing his life vest, hat and sunglasses. He was a rockstar trooper. He fell asleep on the drive out and back.

We are in the process in moving to all snap diapers because yesterday during nap time, I went and found his diaper off and thrown out of his crib. If I had been thinking, I would have snapped a picture of his. I was half annoyed but half amused. I ordered 3 fu.zzi Oh the softness. They feel amazing. (are they only supposed to come with one insert) I put them to the ultimate test. Overnight. No leaks what do ever. They have my stamp of approval so far.

I had a perfect moment Monday last week and ran out of time to blog about it. E, MT and I were sitting on our bed and I was cleaning out my purse. I found the Armadillo (baby in the belly's Nickname) Ultra sounds. I handed one to MT and starting explaining that he was going to be a big brother. He started jabbering and holding up the u/s and squealed with glee. I know that he really didn't understand. But every time we would say, "You are going to be a big brother", He would laugh, giggle and scream. He sat there with him until he lost interest and then we moved on.

Speaking of the Armadillo, I have my NT/Triple Screen on the 26th. I have been able to get out of the house more and eat lately. It is good to be on the upswing. I am just hoping things are still going well inside. I am not able to be as careful as I would like to be taking care of MT. But I think Having MT to take care of helps my mind not have time to wander.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Irony w/in

I am sitting here watching this movie. Thinking of the birth of my son, almost a yr ago. In a hospital. Including an Epidural. There is not one thing I would change. Honestly. I am still very pleased with my birth experience. The nurses were incredible. The Dr. was hardly there, she was around when needed, but not too demanding or too medical/technical. Maybe my body was just ready or the baby was ready. Maybe I was too Anxious, Scared, Excited, In the Moment, Naive or whatever but things just progressed and happened and it was just So. I checked in the hospital with the expectation that I would have a baby. I didn't really know exactly how that would occur. I was hoping for a smooth vaginal delivery but knew that in the end, a live healthy baby boy was what I wanted the most.

My opinion, This video is alittle harsh on the Medical/OB Practices. I think knowing your choices, having choices and being educated is very important. I am not at all against home/non-hospital birthing centers. I have close friends that have births at home or in mid wive facilities. (and are midwives) In fact, I would love to have a home birth. BUT, My mind (and my husband) will not allow this path for me at all. Having Dr's/nurses there WITH us and FOR US every step of the way helps my husband and my mind feel more confident. I am not going to lie, I was going with the flow for the most part while in labor. I had no idea what to expect. I mean I read a few books, Went to a class (that I hated), Had coffee with friends that told me their ins and outs of birth. I am not sure I would have considered myself extremely educated..but I was educated enough that I felt confident in going with the flow until there was something that I just was not comfortable with. Do I consider my first birth lucky, I don't know. It just went smoothly. Confidence, Knowledge, Communication and Education were key for me. I do not feel like I lost any kind of experience with my child because it was not considered a natural birth. I do not feel like I bonded less because it was in a hospital or medically assisted. I do not feel guilty that I had a hospital/medical birth. I should not be made feel guilty that I had a medical/hospital birth. Nor should anyone else, How/Where ever you deliver.

BUT this is my experience. Not any one else's. I do believe that everyone has different needs/wants. I believe that everyone is entitled to have their desires/wants/needs met. I also think that the L&D that I used is very aware of helping make the best birth experience possible. I am glad I saw it on cable and did not go rent it. I do not feel like the video "clears up any misinformation" for me (a quote of why they did the movie). I feel like I want to give Ricki's friend Abby a hug at the end of the documentary. Oh the Irony.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smelling the Ocean

I am undecided still about what to do with my hair. You guys all confirmed my thoughts. "what if the wispy pieces don't go back" or get annoying ... SO I am still going to think on it. I really do think I look more decent with short hair though. See still wavering.

This morning I had to go back to the OB's to check my weight and discuss my situation. I have been able to eat regular food for 2 days now. The zo.fran is helping me feel like a living, breathing human again. I did however lose more weight. 10 lbs in a week since my last visit. She was slightly concerned and reminded me that I need to do my best to eat protein. Being that I think I have this under manageable control now, I am sure I will get back the weight necessary. (and let's not forget I have plenty of weight that I do not think anyone will be able to starve off of me) I am schedule for the NT Scan and another weight/HG check in 2 weeks. I was able to convince the Nurse to try the Doppler this morning. She kept telling me that it was too early, I just wanted her to try. She did and she found the HB within seconds. (I think I am 11.5 weeks - the dr thinks I am 10.5 weeks) whatever .. HB measuring in the 160-170 range. Utter relief to know that I am not feeling well for a living reason!

Blood Pressure was a little elevated but that is because my father was late to pick up MT, I had to call and ask if they could schedule me for a later appointment. Feeding an 11 month old has become one of the most dreaded events lately. It involves lots of flying objects and very few ways to communicate. Followed up by diaper changing as the next. I though we worked through the diaper changing stuff but seems this morning we had to revisit that place ..

I wish I had taken a picture of the coastline I drive up on my way to the dr's because honestly ..It's breathtaking. It's serene and it makes me remember why I live in FL. Here is one I found on the Internet. It's 5+ miles of this to my dr's office. Seeing/smelling the ocean does me good.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take it to the Polls

I tried to insert the Poll (to your right) into this post - but I am Internet code challenged.

So the Question is:

Would you prefer:

Long ( thick) hair that you can pull/twist up for the Summer

Or Short (thick) Bob

If you have other suggestions ... Leave them here. I need a new hair do . And of course, I am coming to people with more fashion sense then myself lately.

So vote ..Leave suggestions ..I am brave and gutsy when it comes to hair but have a very limited budget.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week End Fun

Thank you very much for the feed back .. How's this text color? Better/Worse?

I hope yesterday was not too horrible for those still waiting their miracle or hoping for another miracle.

My cousin got married on Saturday and the bride is from Et.hiop.ia. So they had an Ethiopian Celebration at noon. I was worried how MT would do because noonish is our lunch time. Not knowing how long the ceremony would be before food, I loaded up on lots of finger foods to keep him occupied. He did great. There was so much clapping, chanting, laughter, and commotion that kept his attention. He would clap along with everyone and dance to the music. He enjoyed himself. After the ceremony, they served a feast of foods. I actually was able to try a few things and keep it down. They had such a beautiful spread of food. My father, on the other hand,was not into trying anything and asked if he could take MT home to "nap". Which was an excuse for him to run through the Wend'ys drive-thru on his way home. There was a dinner reception that night. (with American food - as my dad said) MT and I missed that part though. I would have loved to been there though. I LOVE dancing and DJ's.

Sunday - Mother's Day. E had to work. MT and I shared a glass of milk and a piece of cake in honor of all the Moms, Moms to be, Mom struggling to be and Mom's missing their children. My dad called to see if we would come over and he would fix My mom and I lunch. So I packed up and headed over. I was actually hungry. This is the first time I have been hungry in weeks. I took the miracle pills and headed out the door. I actually Ate .and wanted to eat. It felt amazing to have food in my body that wanted to be there. I know that I am starting to either figure out how to deal with it or deal with or ..or the Pills are that amazing. Any of the choices - I am grateful. Yesterday, My parent's also ordered us some fu.zzi bunz dipes. Hopefully they are as good as the bu.mge.nius ones I love. I am just going to slowly start adding to our collection.

Today, I have an 11 month old. I am mailing out his party invites and getting pretty nostalgic. He is changing and has changed so much so quick. He is such a little boy now. Independent until he decides otherwise. Once again changing around nap times and sometimes unable to soothe himself to sleep during nap times, Still Teething.

All in all, I am so very blessed. Yesterday MT and I sat in the pool with the sprinkler spraying on us. He wanted to be a big boy and hold the sprayer and walk around the pool but only if I was in the pool too. He wanted to play with the bath toys in the pool but only if I helped .... He wanted to feed himself lunch, but only if I watched. (not the most flattering pic of myself - but whatev) My poor child has been in his crib for 45 mins (yes it took me over an hour to type this - Sad huh) and not able to get to sleep again. I am not sure what the fuss is all about but it's fuss nonetheless. I always blame Teething. Off to rescue My Prince.

Friday, May 8, 2009

testing and tested

I have tried to spruce up the layout again. How's it reading now? Colors easy to read? Overlapping? Suggestions?

A few stories so you don't think we have lost our sense of humor: The other day, at my MIL's, MT managed to shove his figure up my nose so quick and hard that I endured a nose bleed. Standing in the kitchen talking with everyone. I am on blood thinners so I think that attributed to the bleed. But he is So fast these days.

My father sanded a few little sticks that MT has been carrying around and teething on for months now. (I know .. safe huh, The life with a boy) He loves these sticks. He carries them around like prized possessions. Today he wanted to take a nap with it. I just could not let him. I mean. I let him chew on it all over the house, but putting him in the bed with a stick (that has been sanded and has very soft round edges) just felt wrong.

Thank you for all leaving suggestions about cloth diapers. I need to get on that and figure out what to do. If you are interested, Kelly's Closet, is having a give-away of a sample pack of diapers. I am trying to win them, You can too. Read here.

Our Association has decided to close the pool in APRIL AND MAY (and maybe June) to redecorate and remodel...... I am so beyond annoyed. THIS IS FLORIDA! Why couldn't you use half a brain and do this in UHm let's say Dec-Feb?? ... Obviously the Migrating Old Folks are in charge ....

The meds have made me feel like a new woman. Just in 12 hours. I ate a cracker for breakfast and have managed to keep it down along with a few ice chips. Good news right!?! Then, Why am I panicking about a heartbeat. I tried to beg/plead with the dr's office yesterday to listen with the Doppler (knowing that it could still be early) They laughed and told me not to stress out. Boy did I REALLY just want to hear that there was a reason for the Puke-athon and that The reason was still living. So to say that the Zen has left the building is an understatement. E reassures me that since Zen has left the building the Lil Bean is growing and thriving just fine. I am hoping so. When we first found out about the news, I was happy to just go with the flow and relish in the non medicated pregnancy. Ya know, be treated and feel like a normal pregnant woman .. Now, I am trying not to panic.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I hate to mention this but

Updated: Back from the Dr. I have lost 6 lbs since the last appointment. She was actually able to see/experience the sickness while I was at her office. She has decided to go ahead and diagnose me with having
a case of
H.ypereme.sis Grav.idaru.m for insurance purposes. She says she hopes it is just a mild case and will eventually stop. She gave me two rx's for ph.energan and zof.ran. Hoping they do the trick. Thanks for the wonderful tips and thoughts ...Hope to be back to our regular scheduled events very soon

In the name of honesty. I.AM.Sick. Very Very Sick. Morning Sickness has taken over. It lasts all day and all night. It has been like this for 3-4 days now and I am no longer functioning. E finally couldn't watch me like this anymore so he called the dr this morning. I have an appointment at 1:50pm. I just hope that everything is ok. On top of the all day sick-a-thon, My sinus are pushing on my teeth so bad that I have teeth aches. So between the not wanting to eat because I do not want to see it again, I do not want to eat becuase it hurts my teeth ..... If you are the praying type. I am asking for a lil good thoughts. I am so very worried.

*I deleted the blog coding until I can figure out what to do. Right now, I have a different coding to try and fix. I am just not able to think clearly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trying New Things

So, I added a new layout to the ole blog. Do I need to change the font or color to make it easier to read? *updated* - still working on the format ..sorry for the funkiness

We use cloth diapers here. Mostly Bumgenious 3.0. I love them dearly. We had had no issue with them at all..Until 2 weeks ago. My smart, young whippersnapper has figured out how to un-velcro them. On our trip last weekend, We did go back to disposables and had more leaks then I would like to admit. And a very red, raw booty. His lil skin just can't handle the disposables. *he also would pull off the disposables this weekend too. So, We are glad to have the cloth back. I recently ordered one fitted diaper made by Dream Ease. I LOVE this diaper. After I ordered it from Kelly's Closet. I love this site. They have the most stocked diapers, quick shipping, awesome customer service. If you ever have a question, they have quick response time asnwering you. I have ordered all but my Swim diapers from them.

I read a few bad reviews on the dream ease talking about how the stitching comes undone over time. Anyone have any of these? Any Experience with them? I wonder what over time means? I am thinking that I am going to need more Snap Diapers as MT gets older because I can't let him Run around in the Buff as he would prefer.

I want to try the Gro baby diapers but am afraid of the same ability to remove them .. What cloth diapers are you using and love the best? If you aren't using cloth, Have you considered them? If not, that's Ok. I was just curious

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AfterMath Brain Dump

For those that read the last post - HUGE thanks. I didn't intend to be so complain-y ..Guess I had more on my mind than I thought I had dealt with. I promise you, We had a BLAST! It really is the most magical place on Earth. Yes, I totally buy into that Hook, Line and Sinker.

To answer some questions that were asked. Or to give clarification on some stuff
  • I am not at all against Juice or Milk. I struggle getting 12oz of Formula in MT a day still. He will drink 2 sippy cups full of water. I am trying to get him to drink formula out of the sippy. He HATES the formula or hates the bottle. I am not able to figure out which it is. I have switched formulas a few times to see if that would help us any - But it doesn't. So, I am hesitant to push the Juice issue until I feel I can get enough nutrients in him liquid wise. I did put Milk in the sippy today for breakfast. It went over like a lead balloon. I will keep trying little at a time.
  • I try to be wise with MT's food selections. I am not at all bothered if he is offered different types of food normally. We try to live a very real, very balanced lifestyle. Including our Diets. We try to live out the moderation's theory.
  • YES, Does this Kid look like his Father or What ?!?!
  • I am not at all or ever will be opposed to holding/rocking/insert whatever verb to get MT to sleep. These days are few and far between. My child was held,nursed, soothed to sleep for the most part of the first 5 -6 months. Then all of a sudden, He decided that he would like to be put down to sleep. He tends to get uncomfortable when trying to be held/rocked to sleep. I obliged.
  • My "sickness" has stepped into high gear over the last 2 days and seems to last all day. It is brought on by the thought of drinking water.
  • I personally want to hug every one of you that commented on what a lovely family I have. Gushing, Thank you so much. * and those that included that I didn't look so bad either .. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am having a very hard time with the extra 18lbs that snuck up on me .... My mid- section is so bloated and poofy. It happened SO very Quickly this time. I was able to ease into it last time. I am not eased at all ... it was more like ...... BAM! I was wearing Mat. Clothes in those pictures. It just feels weird Since I didn't do Mat clothes until 17-19 weeks last time.
  • I am Planning a birthday part for a 1 yr old ..... *what time was everyone's party at? I am trying to figure out what time to have the party. I rented a park shelter right acrossed from the playground.
  • I am trying to figure out how to re-decorate the ye ole blog. When I get bored this weekend, I am going to see what I come up with.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


We had such a great weekend. It was E's birthday. So we went to visit his family and enjoy Disney.

Friday night We met up with Jen's Family and Barb at City Walk. We left MT with E's Mom. We left her with instructions.* Not many, Just what certain cues mean and about when they should happen. Gave her our bath soap and she said that she had some baby soap, not to use ours. I did elaborate that I need her to use ours because of his "allergy" (aka eczema) E explained our dinner, bath, bottle, bedtime routine that is pretty solid now. Since I work at 4 on some days, MT has gotten used to that time away from us. So we knew that He would be fine having someone else do those things. Plus MIL's house is like a zoo in itself. ( 4 dogs, 8 cats {one is pregnant} and 6 kids living at home with 2 adults) There was PLENTY of things to keep him entertained.
*the only thing I am pretty particular on is our Food choices. I do my very best making sure that what MT eats is healthy/certain organic choices as much as possible. I know that as he gets older, the harder it is/will be. I stated firmly No regular Milk and No Juice in the sippy (I found her giving some kind of orange drink to MT in January and wasn't thrilled)... The sippy is for Water. (for now)

We headed out for a night on the town. And had a great time! MIL called because she could not find something, So E talked her through it and all was well. MIL is blown away that MT will go to sleep when placed down for the night. She has made numerous comments on this. ... She has told E that she thinks it is cruel and borderline child abuse. No baby she ever knew or insert whomever she tells babies ever did that. "You just lay him down and he goes to sleep! That is so bizarre!?!" perplexed She had to hold/ rock/sleep with all of her kids to get them to sleep ... She has made comments to E several times and asked if I pick him up at night when/if he cries.... ARE YOU SERIOUS! Do you Know me AT ALL ??? ..Ok back to my post .... So then she called us to tell us that she was worried because MT's blanket we brought with us was a lil too much for her liking. He has grown quite attached to this blanket. So E asked if she would just give it back to him and that we would be home in like 45 mins. In her defense, MT loves to cover his head up with the blanket when he is trying to fall asleep. I don't know why he does it, but he does. She "does not agree with this either". Which is fine ...We don't agree on many things.

We get home and I find JUICE in the sippy cup and MILK in the LID ....Seriously .... YES. She then tells E that MT was melting down this time (near time we told her that he would need a bottle) and she thought maybe he wanted juice or milk instead. I TRIED to refrain from stating the obvious because she followed that statement up with But He just wanted the bottle ....

Saturday, E's birthday. We enjoyed Disney! We did Magic Kingdom and Epcot. He had such a blast. E, who rarely ever shows emotions, was so excited. He said a few times that this was his best birthday memory ever. I was so happy for him to be happy. MT was a rockstar that day. He was not a big fan at first for having to nap in the stroller but decided to give it up and try it out. DSC_0063




We left the park around 9. (good lord was I exhausted) When we got back to MIL's, they yelled surprise as we walked in the door and woke up MT. They had Cake/balloons and then insisted on feeding him the chocolatist chocolate icing chocolate cake ever ...... I was trying SO very hard to be on my best behavior .... Thankfully being exhausted worked in MIL's favor. Needless to say, That night after cake, my child could not go to sleep on his own. I did have to go lay down with him to get him to calm down. I did let him fuss a bit before rushing in, MIL kept saying "Shouldn't you go get him, check on him, He may need something" .... She looked so excited that he was crying for bedtime. She was very pleases that I had to hold MT to sleep that night .....