Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crib and More Teeth talk -Just a warning, You can Skip to the purple font

Sunday night - the night of the overhaul - Sleeping in the crib was great. it was breezy really. (except for the fact I woke up at 4am to a child that was banging on the railing of his crib then escalated into screams*blame teeth)

(naptime before the crib - I would just put him in the PnP. We would have several scenarios 1- He would drift to sleep shortly after being laid down (30%), 2-sometimes he would sing/soothe himself to sleep (40%), 3- there were tears and screams like someone was torturing him (30%)

Monday was the first time for trying out naps in his crib. His morning nap of Day 1 of the Crib : (pay absolutely no attention to the annoying lady with the high pitched voice. K, thanks!) turn your volume down for some reason this video is really loud

Boy does he love his crib BUT not for napping during the day. We had to drop the mattress down a few notches. And by the looks of it, It needs to go down some more.

I put him down when he got sleepy. This crappy video taken with an old digital camera, was about 25 mins after I laid him down. He played and played and played. Never would lay down. Does he look tired anymore?! So needless to say, No morning nap.

The second nap of the first day came with lots of tears. He wanted to stand up and play again. I really wanted him to try and catch some zzz's because he really was delirious. He did fall asleep but only because he began to be too sleepy to continue the battle.

Bedtime, again, No problem what so ever.

Tuesday, Day 2: Naps are his nemesis. Same ole stuff. Loving standing up and moving around the crib. "Look at me, this is awesome fun"


(notice the teeth)* more on this topic in a minute

Bedtime, No problem . ... Starting to notice a pattern?

Wednesday - Rinse , Repeat.

After getting everything moved and set up, I realized that this was going to be a very challenging week to attempt to find small amounts of normalcy. *MT has been teething for what seems to be his whole lifetime. (in my humble opinion) He actually is already getting his eye teeth in. This.Week. Yes the ones your Mother Friends Warn you about. It does seem the urban legend is true for us, The Inconsolable, Clingy, Miserable, Can't Sleep baby has arrived. Apparently, these teeth really pack a punch and pull out the big guns. (not to scare anyone, remember all kids handle things differently- but I scoffed at the information about them being worse than other teeth because we have had a really awful time teething. I didn't think it could get worse. Oh, boy was I wrong) What I have read does seem to be true for us, these seem to be an absolute worst. The gums are so puffy and blue/purple. They are not emerging that I can tell. So I am not sure if they are going to soon or not. If you are keeping track. These teeth will be #11-12. He is also still getting the 1 yr molars. Two of them have cut through the gums (I think, by feeling for them because he will not open is mouth very wide to let me see them completely - because his mouth is in SO.MUCH.PAIN) So basically, it's been a very rough week for MT. (and us but more Him) I am hoping after these teeth come in, he will catch a break. I also have a theory based on my very limited 24 hour 7 days a week 8month experience with taking care of a child thing. My theory is that MT tends to get extra fussy/clingy when he is about to embark on a new development, milestone, skill.

Short Version of above- He doesn't do well with daytime naps and is getting teeth #11-12

On a more happier note - He has decided that he wants to crawl after all. With his sensitive skin issues and our really abrasive carpet, I have been putting b.aby legs on and homemade version of them on his arms to guard him from the bad rug burn he was getting. He seems to crawl farther distances with the guards on. (yes they look silly - but they are very functional) So this has bee a really big week for us. Black eye, Big boy crib, teeth and crawling.

So, Do I need to mention that I am so far behind on reading your blogs?!After a week that I have just had.

I haven't mentioned it much, and hopefully I will have more to talk about tomorrow. Monday, I called the place that offered me a job a few weeks ago. I had not heard anything from them. I knew they wanted me to start on the 25th but had not received a formal return phonecall like they stated would happen. The woman I interviewed with was stumped, and told me she would call me back. She called back and asked if I could come in Thursday afternoon for orientation. So tomorrow I start my new job. It is not a glamorous job. I will work a few evenings a week (4-7:30) and an 8 hour shift on the weekend in the Dining Hall/Kitchen area of a Short Term Physical Therapy Rehab Center. They offer me benefits and a decent income for the amount of hours that I have requested. My parents and E will watch MT while I am at work. I am excited to see how this plays out for us. It has been so good this week being able to have a conversation and connect with E again. I told him that I feel like we are beginning a new chapter. Do you ever think of your life in chapters?


Amanda said...

MT trips me out in that video. No nap Mommy!

I suppose the eye teeth are so much worse because the roots are deeper on them? (at least the orthodontist told me they don't pull the eye teeth because the roots are deeper and they're the anchors for the other teeth). Just so you know...I'm not petrified of the days the boys start teething. ;-)

I don't know about you, but having the boys sleep in their cribs (yup, used the plural; as of last night they slept apart) is great. After they're in bed I feel like a different person since the boys are tucked away in their own little room. If that makes any sense.

You'll have to let me know how you work out daytime naps. My boys aren't big on them either.

Mel said...

Good gravy, that child is so big. When did he get so big exactly? ;-) Sounds like you've had a run of it the past week, you poor darling. I hope MT's teeth hurry up and get the show on the road so he can get back to being happy and MAYBE that will help the nap situation? (wishful thinking)
Very cool about the job! I hope it works out very well for you. God opens doors, he really does. And yes, I absolutely think of my life in chapters. And some chapters I look back and and have to remind myself that while they reak of utter fiction, they did really happen to ME.

sara said...

Love those pictures and I left a little thank you over in my blog've simply been the best!

sara said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the job as well...I hope it works out well ((Hugs))

Adriane said...

God, the teething sounds terrible.Poor MT. Naptime is so hard, too. I wish I had the answers. We would be rich!

HOpe the new job works out well. Sounds like the hours aren't too bad. Glad you are reconnecting with E, too. Making your relationship take a backseat for so long is really hard. I can sympathize.

Yes, I do think of my life in chapters, too. This chapter, the one with preemie twins, has been long. I think your MT teething chapter has been even longer, though. Hopefully he will be done with the latest round soon. Poor little guy!!

Nicky said...

Wow, I have a new understanding of the misery of teething. And we've only done a few of the "easy" teeth so far!

Jen said...

Elizabeth won't sleep in her crib for daytime naps either. At night, no problem- she'll sleep for hours in her crib. But I can put her down asleep during the day and her eyes pop right open. But she'll sleep in her stroller during the day. Babies are weird.

ms. c said...

Awesome video. What a cutiepie.

But SO SO sorry about the no napping. I have no suggestions. When somehting doesn't "happen" around here, I just keep at it, becasue I feel that giving up will send my child the wrong message. Maybe I'm a little hard-assed like that.

Can I give you one piece of assvice about the crib, though? (Well you can't answer me, so I will anyways...) DO put it on the lowest post possible! MT is SO active, seriously in another day or 2 he will figure out how to use the bumperpads to give himself a boost out of the crib. Please be careful! ;)

Jen said...

I love that video! N doesn't stand yet, but can see how it can be so fun in there! Way to go with sticking with it. I've also been experiencing the nap time no no's. He'll go down, but he cat naps. And I do remember those eye teeth being awful for the twins. Tylenol and teething tablets are my recommendations. Good luck with the new job, I hope it's a perfect fit for your family!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

That video is HILARIOUS! He is so cute. And 12 teeth?!!! WHAT?!!! That's crazy. Here we are at 7 months and Lemy STILL doesn't have any teeth. Worse yet, she seems to be teething but there are no buds, white spots, nothing. Ugh.

Hopefully he will take to napping and the teething will let up soon. ((LOTS OF HUGS))

Cibele said...

OMG, MY, can you be any more charming? He is so big and so ahead Farah!! it seems that he is already doing things that Lyla only recently started doing ...
Lyla thinks her crib is for play time not sleep

Malloryn said...

Thanks for sharing that video, MT is so cute! I hope the teething pains subside soon. Poor guy :(

Best of luck with your new job! I'm glad that it lets you spend more time with E as well.

Hopeful Terri said...

MT is so cute -- wow look at me he is saying. I'm the king of the crib. Not cute though that he won't sleep. Genevieve loves to slam her legs down on the mattress. It makes a great sound on the monitor -- at 2:00 am. As far as napping - we are struggling too. She is so darn tired (her "tired" indicator is on the little red mark above her eye gets really red when she is sleepy). She won't sleep for naps very long -- lucky to get maybe a good 20 minutes.
Best of luck to you.

Photogrl said...

Sorry about the naps...that's hard. And the teeth. I really hope MT and you get a break from the teething pain soon.

Yay on the new job. I hope it works out just right for you and your family.

tryingin2007 said...

those teeth are AMAZING! is MT off to jr high next week? these kids are growing tooooo fast!


Barb said...

Yes, I often think of my life as a book with chapters. I even write some of them in my head sometimes. :) I'm a freak like that.

Congrats on the job! And that last laughing photo looks like you!!

AJ's mommy said...

Oh my gosh... how adorable is he in that video!!!! He is growing up so much.

so sorry to hear about the teeth deal... I think we are at the beginning stages of it and I scared! One has broke through and I think some more may be on the way!

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

sJosie is just getting her first tooth and your kid is about to get braces. :o) He is sooooooooooo advanced!!!!

I love how he is mocking you in the video....nap? MUAAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

He cracks me up!