Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just watched Gre.y's A.natomy - I bawled like a baby when Callie said something about God Knows who you are, you Save Babies" to Addison. Talk about waterworks, I have to pause the D.VR to collect myself

I have driven passed this church for a while now. It is only 5 minutes from where we live. Last night, I looked up the times of the services and decided that MT and I would go since E was working this weekend and the service started at a time I thought would work out best for us. I woke up this morning later than I would have liked. I thought about not attempting church since we would be crunched for time. But I pressed through and we made in on time. Actually with a few minutes to spare. I was greeted by a lovely woman before We even made it to the door. She asked me if it was my first time there. I was shocked that someone is so attentive and friendly at 9am. She directed me where to go and informed me about the cry room in the back. MT and I started out in a pew. Many members sitting around us spoke to me and MT and commented on how it was nice to have us this week. (this is a rather large church - I was in shock about how many people spoke to us and knew that we were new visitors. It was refreshing) After the singing was over, MT needed a diaper change before we ran everyone off. So we slipped back to the cry room. This room is fantastic! It is still in the main church but has a bathroom with a changing station, nursing area, couches, rocking chairs, benches a plexi-glass and loud speaker. After I changed MT diaper, I just decided to stay back there. I could put him on the floor and let him crawl around while I listened to the service. The woman that greeted me must have saw us sneak back into the room, because she came to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed. She brought me a visitor info packet and invited me to join her for a Wed. Night Service. Seriously. Another mother came in with her 13 month old and the kids played for a while, while greeted each other and listened to the service together w/o fearing that the kids would disrupt anyone. It was just want I have been looking for. It was a breathe of fresh air. I have visited tons of churches for a while where no one speaks to you. I have been to churches where there is too much speaking to you. This was the perfect blend.

I spoke with the woman again before we left and told her that they really should advertise that they are equipped in this way. If I would have known about it months ago, I would have gone so much sooner. Being that it takes a while to feed him a bottle, I was always afraid to attempt it. But with an option like this, it just takes the anxiety away. It's unreal the things you look for in life when you looking through the eyes as a parent.

On a totally different topic. It's been well over 3 weeks since I even pumped. I still have a let down and am leaking (at night). It is not every night but about 2 or 3 nights a week. I was on a decongestant last week to help dry up my sinuses. That didn't help my milk dry up apparently. Anyone know how long it may take?

For Valentine's Day (well it just happened to coincide) MT got a new toy. I went to a consignment shop to look for something to assist him with standing and walking. Here is what I found. He LOVES it:
Picture 059c
Picture 068c
(more pictures here, if you want to see)
He can ride on it, push it, sit on the floor with it and push all the buttons to make the lights and music play. It has been a big success. He is still alittle to wobbly to push it w/o help because the rolling tends to get ahead of him. But he was pushing it while being on his knees this morning which worked out great. I liked it because the seat opens and acts like side rails to assist with balance. We all need alil help with balance at our house these days.


Jen said...

That sounds like a really nice church. We've been looking for a good one.

Anonymous said...

Yay for finding a place you love! I know what you mean about the places that talk to you too much vs. ignore you completely. There's about 3500 people at our church on any given weekend, and the one thing that annoys me is that we don't really know ANYONE. Granted we don't go out of our way to say hi to people, but we've been going there for 3 1/2 years so you'd think we'd know more people just from being there so much. Anyway, exciting that you found a place. *hugs*

Hopeful Terri said...

He is sooooo cute!!!! I love the first photo. Love the onesie too. (However could they put the star somewhere other than his tushy?))

Courtney said...

So glad that you had such a nice experience. That toy does look really wonderful and covers all kinds of movement!

Dreamer4agift said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good church experience. It's sounds very nice!

I L.O.V.E. Grey's, and probably cry way to often than appropriate:-)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Aaah, church. It is so daunting to even think of going now that we have Lemy. Not that we really went as often as we needed to before having her. Now its just difficult. It's great that they offer mass during the week though! :)

And look at MT standing! What a beautiful little man you have there! :) ((HUGS))

Mel said...

I am so happy that you found a church you think could be right for you. We have a newborn room in our sanctuary and they also have AMAZING childcare for all ages that we simply cannot wait to take advantage of! Keep going with it, I am going to praying that it works out for you... it just makes life so much better.
MT looks freaking adorable (as always). Glad he loved his present!!

Dugi said...

hey farah that sounds like my church. aren't those rooms thew best? they even have a different room for 1yr-3yrs of age....with appropriate toys etc. but i don't think there is a weds night service though.
yay im so happy that u found somewhere u r comfortable :)

Amanda said...

I wish we had a church like that here. I'm glad you found it.

MT is just gorgeous!

AJ's mommy said...

I remember that moment on Grey's.

Awesome on the church.. that sounds fabulous!

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

OK, not only is your child gorgeous, he is so advanced! I still have dibs on him for Josie!

Your church sounds nice!!! We are looking for a new one...