Monday, February 4, 2008

Rattlings in my Head

There are some really horrible things going on in the blog community - Please send your thoughts and comments if you'd like to: Me and Steve and Alexa. I wish there was more I could do to make things like this never ever happen or to heal the hurting hearts. But I am not in control all I can do is think of them and send them warm thoughts. I really feel a bond that is unique between this community - Please know you all are in my thoughts

p-word talks - skip to the red font if you want:
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To answer a few questions:

I was told at my last OB's appointment that I would have an anatomy scan (with an MFM) before my next OB appointment which would be Feb 7th (thursday at 11). It's Feb 4th- and the MFM's office still has not called and my OB nurse keeps ensuring me they will call .... At first this was very frustrating to me - now I have calmed down and it doesn't even bother me - except that I was told someting that hasn't happened (pet peeve).

E and I have gone back and fort on whether we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. I wasn't sure at first and he said he doesn't care. This waiting time has given me some time to process my thoughts and understand what I want for me. As of today since my opinion changes hourly, I want to know. I do not think that I could handle the Dr's knowing and not me. I like to know things. Plus it does seem easier with the way baby showers/baby products/clothes/American Traditions are all done these days. (on the record - I would feel much more comfortable with a "the baby is here party" but that is not the way things are done and I am trying to go with the flow). I am excited don't get me wrong, But it just seems like that whole "counting chickens before they hatch" thing. (Or Maybe it's more evidence that I need therapy.)

I am going to express my interest in knowing the sex at my thurdays appointment and see if they can help me out with this. Either an U/S or a call to the MFM dr's office and see if I can have an appointment soon ..something. I will admit that I am more concern with seeing all organs that will be developing nicely (crossed fingers) than the sex. The sex scan is just a bonus. Although I also think that knowing the sex will help me (in a few areas of things I am dealing with). It does not matter either way what the sex results are. But I am looking forward in decorating and picking out items. The baby world has made it quite difficult to plan if you do not know. Maybe I am once again, overthinking (or un-american). There is part of me that still does not want to know - but there is part of me that likes to "plan". This is why I really haven't pushed the issue at all. See I am still really conflicted by this ... sorry if it seems tedious to some since i know there are alot of really horrible things going on in our blog community.

On another note: I was tagged by a few people- here we go:
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1) My H.igh Sc.hool mascot is a ( yes ..really.. I know it's weird) and yes we did get made fun of alot
2) I absolutely can not sing - but I can turn it up in the car and try really hard!
3) I am not a big fan of Soup - Maybe because it never gets real cool long enough here - But I just don't care for it that much
4) I married one of the kindest, gentlest souls on the planet. There truly needs to be more like him. His generousity, heart, and wisdom amaze me. (and shame me often). He is just genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Despite his upbringing, and lack of support/good role models, He is a true Gentleman.
5) I adore the ocean. I get lost in it's power and beauty. The sound of waves and chirping seabirds help heal my soul.
6) I think that the blogs I read are people that I wish I lived closer to. I have gotten an opportunity to read many of your stories and they bless me and encourage me and keep me going more than you may ever know.

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SaraS-P said...

Hope you learn the sex and that all looks healthy!

Marcy "meg" said...

I understand the wanting to know/not wanting to know thing. We decided to find out, because we just have waited long enough and it is time to know! So hopefully we will find out for sure soon. Good luck at your appt, and I can't wait to hear the good news that everything is going well!

Barb said...

Best wishes on your quest to know or not know the gender of your baby. :)

And for the record.. I think we all could use a little therapy. ;-)

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Mr. LIW doesn't want to know but I simply cannot imagine waiting. It is simply not in my nature to choose not to know something that can be found out.

Good luck!


gracechild said...

i am a plan-maniac myself. I end up making a list for almost everything so I fully understand your itch to get going with the nursery and pink vs blue booties

Melissa said...

I hope your appointment works however you most want it to work out! I would be crawling with anticipation to know, something about it would seem to make it more real to me, but I know so many who haven't found out and were really excited when the just saw it for themselves!
I pray that everything will go perfectly and you will have peace in your heart about whatever you decide.

Kathy V said...

I don't want my house to be covered in a color that would resemble pepto bismol therefore I do not think I would want to know. People seem to only buy pink if it is a girl and there are so many other pretty colors. I know many people that want to know and there is nothing wrong with that. I think WHEN I get pregnant that I would like to be surprised for the first one and find out for subsequent ones. We have already picked out our baby nursery theme for a first baby. Now we just need a baby to go in that nursery. Whether you decide to find out or not, I hope the baby is healthy.

Chas said...

I can relate to wanting to know the sex of the baby. I think if the doctors are going to know, then I'd definitely want to know. I also think people usually wait so they can have the big SURPRISE....but what I don't get is why is it not a SURPRISE when you find out while you're pregnant? I found out with Lila, and I was just as surprised then as I would have been at her delivery...just a little sooner. Actually, I was so out of it when she was born that I probably wouldn't have known she was a girl if I was finding out then, lol.

Searching said...

I really wish we all lived closer too. Whatever you blurt out at the appt (finding out or not) will be the right thing. So many cool things about each choice, you can't go wrong. :)

My_Herstory said...

I hope all is well with your apointment... I like to plan things out as well. It would be a hard decision, whether or not to find out!
I wish we lived closer as well...

Cibele said...

I had a dream with you the other night; it was so real and vivid... I went to visit you in Florida and you had baby girl, a cutest little thing ever!!!
I could never wait, I admire people that can... I had to know

Morrisa said...

I'm going on record now as saying that I really think that you are having a girl. I have nothing to base this on, just a feeling.