Friday, February 15, 2008

A Whol-lotta Rambles

Just so you know I am not all anxiety all the time – here are 2 after – the fact- stories that will make you laugh (or at least chuckle)

A few weeks ago – I had worked well over ten hours (12 if you count commuting time) and I was tired. Sleepy, hungry, pregnant, had to pee, you name it. It was a LONG day to say the least – I was pulling out of my work onto the road. Driving the way I normally do (whether that is good or bad). I was not on the cell phone, I was just trying to concentrate on getting home safely because I was so tired I was delirious. Well I came to a light where I needed to turn left. There are 3 lanes: a straight lane and 2 turn left lanes. I broke the law a little – I drove over 2 yellow lines (or a painted fake median) to not hold the traffic up behind me that wanted to go straight – and to get in the turn lane. I was not the fist car to do this – nor was this my first time doing that. I have been coming and going to same way to work for at least 4 yrs now. Well I made my left turn and saw a brigade of motorcycle officer for another agency that we do work with. One motorcycle shorts wearing, mustached, wire rimmed glasses officer( think Reno 911), come through the far right lane and the middle lane to my lane ( the far left lane) and I wave him through – and he points to me and points to the side of the road – being so delirious, I nod my head and wave him to get I n front of me again ( not thinking).. lo and behold, he turns his speaker on and tells me to pull over .. so I do. He asks me for drivers and registration, at this time I see 18 other officers (18 motorcycle Reno 911 officers pull over more and more people). I asked what I was getting the ticket of because I had already forgotten that I drove over those yellow lines because it is just habit “everybody does I t” ( I know I should be ashamed of myself for admitting that) Then, OF COURSE I admit that I am “one of them” in a polite way in hopes that he will not give me a ticket – but instead he insists that I should have known better and should be setting better examples – He walks off and I lost it. I was tired, pissed, hungry, hormonal, felt beat down and just started uncontrollably crying ( and it wasn’t to get out of the ticket) I knew at that point – I was going to pay for this … he walks back hands me the ticket and says, “you know what to do with this “ and asked me to calm down that it was no big deal, just pay the ticket blah blah … well I started to pull out of the parking spot and he comes up to my window and asks me to sit tight until I can finish crying – he is just trying to “protect me and his roads” …I wanted to get out of my car and beat him to a pulp….. So while I was sitting there – I called my husband (who is a de.pu.ty in the adjacent county) and he is LIVID that some jerk would do that to me – Of course , because I am his wife ..he said all the right things .. and made it all better -except for the 3 points on my license for a moving violation and a $150 dollar ticket…………… Oh well…I will Pay the ticket and forget about it.

Warning – a TMI story told gently (I hope) – I hope not to offend anyone
Story #2-
A week ago – I woke up feeling a bit frisky – my husband was already at work and this is/was a new feeling for me. I read all these things about increased libido in the second trimester but I have not at all had that experience yet- well I got up, did some laundry, and other chores and still had that feeling. So I decided to shower and groom up a bit and feel pretty – ya know what I mean?!?... .. So in the shower I realize that my belly is getting bigger and it’s hard to see some things that normally didn’t have that much of a problem seeing or dealing with. So I decide that I am just going to finish up in the shower and attempt to finish up outside of the shower and use the bathroom mirror in hopes it will help and be easier. I remember that I have this stuff under the sink and figured it would be quicker and easier – no razor is involved – So That Is what I did. I followed the instructions and let sit for a few minutes, then wiped all the excess off. Well either while I was wiping or coating – I got some a little to close to other areas and I somehow got a way more closer to an opening then I ever intended …………. And found out that it BURNS……….and burns and burns for the rest of that day, I had to deal with an embarrassing burn EVERY time I went to the bathroom. When my husband came home I waited to tell him the story until I couldn’t wait anymore. He started laughing so hard ..he said that he appreciates the gesture but wish that I was more careful and thinks that pregnancy has made me quite ditsy and clumsy…So needless to say that “frisky” feeling was Zapped by my attempts to make me feel more suitable!

Here is a pic at 20 weeks (from last night) I realized yesterday that there was a whol-latta belly before..But there seems to be more of a whol-lotta belly now. I am gaining weight in my upper arms ... quite weird ..I no idea how this happens. But althought i am gaining weight in places - i think it's more shifting because the scale says that I am still hovering at the 6 lb gain mark (same as last dr's appoitnment - i am pulling my shirt a lil snug)


Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Those stories are too funny. And look at that GORGEOUS baby belly! :)

Kathy V said...

Okay, now I will think of you everytime I come to one of those intersections where the the lane really only leaves room for four cars unless you go over the yellow line. I would have cried too and I am not pregnant. Sorry to hear about the other story. i am sure that wasn't pleasant (whether pregnant or not). Baby looks like it is growing. Halfway there must be so exciting for you.

Mel said...

LOVE these stories! That is just hilarious, and I love the visual of the Reno 911 cop. Good to know about the Veet-I have always wondered if that stuff was safe for "down there" use. LOL
Adorable photo-look at you and that pregnant belly! I love it!!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I would have cried like a baby about that ticket, too. I stress about what it will do for my car insurance - which is super-high here in Mass - so I break down into a blubbering idiot. I think that cop was a jerk, but the way.

You poor thing - trying to do a little nice grooming and you get pain instead. OUCH! It is amazing how sensitive that area down below is. I hope the burning stopped sooner rather than later and that your husband rewarded you for your efforts.

You look very healthy and happy. 20 Weeks is quite an achievement!!


Searching said...

What a cute belly!!

Sorry about the meanie cop. Jerk.

You cracked me up with your story. I'll file that away into the "good to know" column...

Baby Deux! said...

I can't see your pic for some reason. :o(

I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your stories which will most likely cause me to have bad karma and get pulled over tonight and burn my who-ha with Nair. :o)

I ran out of gas on the highway an hour from our house when I was pregnant with "Buddy." I had to wait for my hubby to bring me gas. :o)

Cibele said...

Sorry about ticket, I would have cried also!
you're too funny! love the picture. You look so happy!!

TABI said...

Funny!! What a lovely big belly you have!!

Anonymous said...

I think the stupid cop guy was a jerk!!!! He decides he's going to pick you over everyone else that does that. Come on! Then to tell you to finish crying because he's trying to keep his roads safe...since when are they his? Grrrrr (even though I'm glad you stayed safe.)

That second story still makes me chuckle! Tell the hubby he'll just have to get used to a little more fuzz! Haha!

Love the belly shot!!!! <3

gracechild said...

you just put a whole new spin on the song "come on baby light my fire!" :)

Diana said...

Cute pic, you look so happy!

SaraS-P said...

Oh, I have heard soooo many horror stories about "that stuff!"

You still look radiant in that belly!

Heather said...

Your belly is adorable! (that sounds so wrong)

That officer is a dick. And your second story cracked me up!!

Dreamer4agift said...

I laughed and laughed at both of them:) Although, boo to the officer...must've been his day to show how big his balls were.

And I love the belly pic. You're lookin' so cute:)

peesticksandstones said...

I had a similar incident with some Nair-type stuff a few weeks ago. Thought I'd found the perfect fix for my upper-lip fuzz (the hair slid right off!). But I was left sporting a painful red "moustache" instead for a few days. Classy!

Love the belly, by the way!

Geohde said...

It's always lovely to see belly pics :)



Nurse Lochia said...

I love the belly pics! You really look radiant! Just wait until it really pops!

Barb said...

Cute belly! Lovely smile! :)

Sorry about the cop. :( I had a policeman be really rude to me about a stupid road that you can't use between 4 and 6 in VA that was named the same name of the road that I was looking for with the exception of the word "OLD" in its name etc etc. Tell me.. how am I supposed to KNOW all this crap??

Anyway.. sorry.. but DH sounds so sweet.

Sorry about your "burn" too. UGH! That really sucks!

Katie said...

Loved the second story, because it sounds like something I would do NOT pregnant! BUT I didn't like that jerk of a cop from the first story or the fact that you got a ticket.

And look at you, Preggers! :)

lub said...

You look terrific!!! Funny stories too. I too have felt the increase in libido recently. I have also been cutting myself while shaving A LOT lately! I don't know if that is a ditzy pregnancy thing for me but I bet it is! As for a belly pic of me- I just can't bring myself to take a pic- I feel so fat and yucky. You on the other hand are a gorgeous 21 weeks! Congratulations girl!