Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lot's of Pinks

Thank you for not flogging me yesterday with my worries. I appreciate being somewhat understood. It's nice. I tell ya what is also so nice, seeing so many new comments from so many great blogs. I can't wait to check up on all the new visitors. It is so refreshing to see comments start flowing again.

Any moms out there with P.Co.S who breastfed. I am reading in a few books and articles, (another, more .. think you get my point) lately that PC.OS patients have a low milk supply due to a few things - but Met.formin Helps? Is there any truth behind this? If so I'm so going to be very pushy at my next appointment. Any one know anything about this? I think I may try and call a lactation consultant. yes/no?

For the pregnant FL/So. GA bloggers, You must go register here. I received a a great book on parenting and bundles of coupons for buy one get one free baby, pregnancy related items.

Here is a 20, 29, 35 week Picture all in the same shirt.


Here is the hep.arin shots that I do 2 times a day - see It's small ;)

Sara gave me a Photobucket . How Sweet is she.

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I nominate:
Pam for her beautiful blog/writing skills. She often leaves me just wanting more.
Janna for her heart.
Amanda for helping me get through the day.
JJ for all that she does for this IF community and her giving spirit.
Mel for her honesty
Seussgirl for her outpouring support (and because I am going to be emailing her lots of questions soon)
Jen for her ideas and getting the Cent. FL Bloggers together.

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Jendeis said...

Love seeing the comparative pictures of you! You and Mini look great!!

Kathy V said...

I like the pictures of the belly. It looks like Mini is growing nicely. Way to go!!!

Resplendentquetzal said...

I have been reading for a long time. I have PCOS too, and am just starting in the fertility journey again. You give me hope that things will work out!

Congratulations on making it towards the end!

sara said...

Yay for progression pictures! Sorry, I get really excited over them these days :-) I'm not sure on the PCOS Met breastfeeding thing. I hope you get the answers you need :-)

Rachie Pachie said...

Love the pics! It's so cool to see the progression just a couple of weeks makes! :)

Kate said...

You look so great!

Kate said...

Oh, one more thing - I have a friend who has PCOS and she was able to breastfeed very successfully. She was pumping 8oz per session! Hopefully, you will have that kind of success....

Chas said...

You should talk to Wendy at I know she has PCOS, and I'm pretty sure she breastfed.

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

I am LOLing at the idea of a "buy one get one free baby coupon" :)

Look at that gorgeous belly!!!

Jen said...

Aw, thank you, that's sweet.

Thanks for the Publix tip. I love Publix.

Marcy "meg" said...

I love the pictures progressing in the same shirt. Great idea!

Mel said...

Ok, I am sooooo behind on blogs. Just caught up on you!
First, you look incredible, LOVE ME the photos!!!! =)
Secondly, you have so much to worry about right now, I cannot even imagine! I would be terrified! But I know you will get through it with your head held perfectly high because you are so strong and so brave. Just think how far you've come! You are in my prayers and I know God has his hand on you and mini at this very moment.
Love you!!!


only 5 weeks to go and you look great! we all have those same worries. having a baby is scary, but as we all know....soooo worth it!

JJ said...

Thanks so much Farah! Warmed my heart to see this=)
And you, my dear, look PRETTY in PINK!

Morrisa said...

Look at that belly! I didn't know about the b/f and PCOS thing but I would be interested to hear what you find out.

Anonymous said...

Looking good!! You and Mini both look fantastic! :)

I'm not sure about the met/PCOS thing, but I'll be watching your comments for good responses. :) Does your hospital have a Lactation Consultant on staff? Both of our hospitals have an LC available for pre and post-partum meetings.

Kristen said...

What a nice idea for the award! Sara was so right to nominate you :)

Mini is doing so well - I'm so proud of him. You look fabulous. It's the final stretch now! XOXO

T-Mommy said...

I love your belly pics, Mini and you look awesome!

I really have no info about the PCOS & breastfeeding but I have been reading Mrs. C at and from her latest posts I know she is breastfeeding and has an outstanding milk supply, and she has PCOS.

Wordgirl said...

Farah -- THANK YOU...

The photos are so beautiful -- I'm so excited for you -- I hope you're being gentle with yourself!



Kymberli said...

You're so close to delivery, congratulations! Congrats also on your Pink Rose Award! Thanks for passing it along!

I also have PCOS, but my milk supply was one thing that it didn't impact. I have heard good things about Met with increasing supply, though!

Hope said...

I love the pics, not much longer!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the love. That means so much (yeah, tears in the eyes and all). You just plain rock! <3

Look at the beautiful progression you got going on there! You look wonderful!!!!

Baby Deux! said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK! You have 5 more weeks...SO exciting! Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Beth A. said...

I have PCOS and I was able to breastfeed, but I know people with PCOS who did have problems with low supply (although the opposite can happen and you can wind up with oversupply). Met.formin can help, since it helps keep the PCOS at bay. I started taking it again at about 6 weeks postpartum, but I definitely would have demanded it earlier if I had supply problems.

You might find this blog helpful:

Your photos look wonderful!

Geohde said...

It's always great to see belly growth :)


Janna said...

Love the growing belly!!! Not much long now!!

Anonymous said...

A little late to the party on this one (here from NaComLeavMo). I have PCOS and breastfed my son. Although it's true (according to the stats I've read) that 25% of PCOS patients will have trouble building a supply, that means 75% won't, so you may not have a problem. In fact, some PCOS women have an oversupply issue rather than undersupply. If you do have trouble with supply, they say that Metformin can help (I was prepared to try it) and also there is domperidone, a prescription drug, in addition to the herbs (fenugreek and some others), pumping in between feedings, eating oatmeal, and other such tricks to help build supply. is a great source of information on breastfeeding, though not specific to PCOS moms. A good lactation consultant can be helpful once you start to work out any issues. Some will even make home visits. It's expensive but can be worth it. Hope this is somewhat helpful!