Tuesday, May 27, 2008

35 weeks = 5 weeks to go ...

87% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 13% left to go

Normally I note the changes in the baby. This week I decided to concentrate on the changes in my body. I found there are more changes in my body this week than the growing baby. The baby is doing basically the same: adding on fat, learning to breath and just waiting to be born.

But as for me:

Changes in Your Body When 35 Weeks Pregnant
By the time you are 35 weeks pregnant, you have likely gained between 24 and 29 pounds. Other common physical changes that you may be noticing around week 35 of pregnancy include:

Not sleeping well
Feelings of anxiety
Becoming moodier and more irritable
Overall feeling of being physically uncomfortable
A decreased sex drive.

Around 35 weeks pregnant, you also might be experiencing more discomfort from hemorrhoids caused by the increased pressure of your growing baby on the veins in your rectum. You might also be constipated, which makes hemorrhoids worse because you might strain for a bowel movement.

Try to avoid hemorrhoids by drinking lots of fluids and eating plenty of whole grains, raw or cooked leafy green vegetables, and fruits. Try not to strain for bowel movements, and always talk with your doctor before taking a laxative.

Myth: If it is stormy out (or if there is a full moon), you are likely to go into labor.

When and how you go into labor is completely dependent upon your body, and a chain of events that occurs for your body to prepare for labor. It will happen when your body is ready.

In general, babies gain about one-half pound per week in the last month of pregnancy. You may have struggled with low hemoglobin (iron) during your entire pregnancy only to find that it is beginning to rise again. This elevation is due to the fact that your body is storing iron in preparation for the normal blood loss experienced at birth. Your baby has been manufacturing red blood cells and bone marrow, which may have depleted your levels, but that work is almost done. Now it's your turn to absorb some of the iron.

I have to say, I have turned on the waterworks and the anxiety to an all time high (so far). So has the pressure on my pelvic bone and bladder. I am scared ... or worried ... Scared/worried of just about everything imaginable. Here is just the short condensed list.

  • Pre-term Labor ( just need 2 more weeks then it's considered full term)
  • I have been having very random stillborn thoughts, dreams, concerns. Mini is kicking me - My ribs will forever be bruised-but my head wanders off in these thoughts. My father's mother delivered still born babies... I know I need to keep these thoughts at bay. That was a long time ago and under different circumstances.
  • Worried of what harm I may have caused Mini from my P.CO.S and possible Gest. Diabetes and whatever else you can possibly harm a child with ..things I do not even know about or exist.
  • Worried about the baby having something wrong that requires hospital stay or surgery
  • Worried about being judged as a mother
  • Worried about P.ost Part.um Depr.ession
  • Worried about denial
  • Worried about worrying
  • Worried about my moodiness - mad at myself because I lose my cool and get moody - I shouldn't be moody, I should be elated, over the moon
  • The more excited people get about the baby coming around me, the more freaked out I get
  • Tired of being Tired
  • Feeling inadequate, Overwhelmed
  • Tired of my Sinus' taking revenge on me - It started a few days ago (had a few minor nose bleeds)
  • Worried that We have to get the Baby from my uterus out and breathing
  • Scared/worried about the baby items that are behind me as I type this

It's another week down. I have the best husband for me. We will do this together and we will figure out how it needs to be done best for us. I know this in my heart - It's the hormones and the Head I seem to be battling.

I am consoled to read that all these worries are "normal" at this stage. We will do this! I will STOP snapping at my parents, I will overcome this.


Cece said...

Well - all you r worrying is totally normal, I'm sure. Hopefully the worry gets replaced by excitement as you cross that magic 'full term' mark. Rotting for you!

Cece said...

Rooting! Not rotting! LOL

Amanda said...

I'm about 4 weeks behind you (due July 27) but I understand the worrying. Despite testing, I still worry about Down's syndrome. I've got GD too, so I'm worried about too much amnio fluid, too much sugar. DH keeps telling me not to worry, but he's not the one with the kid kicking him! All I can say is hang in there!

Jen said...

All that worrying seems normal to me. But you are taking very good care of yourself and Mini and I am sure that everything will be just fine.

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Oh my goodness you sound like me and I'm only at 28 weeks!

Sincerely wishing you all the best. Mini is a little ass-kicker and so are you!

Wordgirl said...

I'm certain that all of these feelings are completely normal. My thoughts are with you. I hope that you can find some space free from anxiety -- I know firsthand how difficult it can be.



Baby Deux! said...

If you weren't freaking I would be worried. :o) You are going to be GREAT!

Pepper said...

I'm here visiting from NaComLeavMo.
I'd blame all those worries on the hormones! I'm not sure if that will help, but sometimes it's helped me in prior cycles when I thought I was losing my mind, sort of like: "Oh yeah! Hormones. Not my fault. Cool."

Hang in there.

Chas said...

It's so normal to worry about all of these things. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a mom that didn't.

sara said...

I left a little award for you on my latest post :-) Hey, I know everyone tells you how normal all these worries are, so I will spare you that. Instead, I will say I would be worried about you if you weren't worried! Be true to you feelings, allow yourself to feel the good, the bad, the worries, everything. I thing it is the only thing that allows us to grow as women - and the thing that differentiates us from seaweed or rocks :-) (I would say between us and animals - but I'm pretty sure our cats and dogs worry about us sometime :-) 35 weeks, I'm so proud of all the things you have done and sacrificed for mini, they are going to be one lucky baby to have you for a mom.

Adriane said...

I cannot believe you are at 35 weeks already. OH MY GOSH. The weeks are flying by. I completely understand your anxiety. I'm sure it's very normal to feel the way you are, but that probably doesn't help much. Hang in there. The rib kicking and sinus issues sound horrible. UGH.

starsgoblue said...

The good news is once the baby comes you'll be too busy and too in love to worry about all the little things! Enjoy. You are going to have a great time with your baby.

Katie said...

I was stopped by the "should have gained only 24 - 29 pounds" part. Ugh. I am almost to the 24 pounds part - at 26 weeks. Ugh.

But enough about ME :)

As for you, you are getting so close to that full term mark. It's understandable that you would be worried. I hope that you are able to find some enjoyment in these last few weeks ans soon Mini will be here! Can't wait to meet him!

A New Beginning said...

I am glad you have the support you have. Husbands can be a wonderful thing. You will get through this and be a great family!

vamplita said...

Oooo...five weeks to go! I'm getting excited on your behalf. :)

Try to relax, and try to let someone else do the worrying... trite I know, but it won't be much longer!

Marcy "meg" said...

I have many of those same fears and I am only 29 weeks! So I think it is pretty common. I think you are doing a great job.... you only have a few more weeks left girl...

Jendeis said...

Sign that you are a good mother already = you're already worrying about Mini. Hoping and praying that everything continues to go fine. :)

InfertileMadWoman said...

Oh sweetie, your list is shorter then mine was!! LOL Hang in there it is almost over!!!

Visiting from NaComLeavMo

becoming-mom said...

Worrying is normal I think... I worry about him being still born too, and I have no family history. There are just so many things that can go wrong, but the odds are still MUCH greater that everything will go fine. But, I won't say "don't worry" because that would make me a hypocrit :)

BrownEyedGirl said...

I agree that worrying is normal!! Soon, soon soon!!! Mini will be here!!! :) And safe and sound I might add!

Anonymous said...

You are almost there. I hope that fact in itself helps with some of the worry. Look how far you made it so far, the rest will be a breeze.

Jen said...

Yes, yes, yes! It's all normal! That being said, I know what your going through. The worry is so hard, especially after we've gotten so far! You can do it Fara, and then when baby is here, the worry changes... :)
Welcome to being a mommy!

Barb said...

HUGS (and laughing at Cece's "rotting" comment) :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

You will overcome all of it! 5 more week! WOW! Hang in there! :) HUGS!

mo*reezy said...

If you didn't have all those worries, they'd take away your mother's license. Keep strong!

Debby said...

Wow..that's quite a list of worries you have going on there. I hope as the days keep passing they melt away more and more for you. You're almost there!

Larisa said...

The worry is normal. And, honestly, it doesn't really stop after baby arrives - it seems there's always something to fret over.

Hoping it goes well for you.

here via NaComLeavMo

tryingin2007 said...

thanks for posting your "worried list." wow! you took the words right out of my mouth. sometimes I just want to fall asleep and wake up 3 months later with little one in my arms -- safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

You're right. You and your wonderful husband (not to mention precious Mini) will get through this. All fears aside, you will pervail. I wish I could take some of the fear and anxiety away from you, but as you know I can't. At least you know that the anxiety and fear are normal (and here you just thought you were crazy). It will all be OK. (((hugs)))