Friday, May 23, 2008


Dr's appointment (skip to the red to avoid all baby chat)

We saw a different OB in the practice today. I really liked her. No trace of anything bad in my urine, down 3 more lbs., no swelling, BP 144/90 ??!!!! Apparently, The nurse took it wrong .. I swear she did. I have a sinus/head cold/snot fest going on. But 144/90 ??!!?! I started to panic alil. We discussed my fundal height still measuring 1.5 weeks ahead but we figured out why - I go to my visits when I am almost into the next week. Like today was a 34 week appointment but I am 34w 4d. measuring at 36 weeks. Not so terrible. She doesn't think the baby is as large as the mfm predictions?!? ok?! She is going to discuss the met/gly.bu.ride with the other dr's and maybe have a phone consult with my mfm. All but my fasting reads are great so I get to cut out the 2 day testings. I will test the Fasting read (am) and 2 hours after dinner read (pm). She checked for swelling today and I have none - She said I was on cruise control and that at my next appoint (June 6th) we will do NST's and a dr appointment. I told her that I have my nst's all set up, she was very happy about that - called in the nurse to take my bp again and it was 112/64. I really think she took it wrong the first time. There was only 10 mins in between reads and the dr had me laying down and sitting up a few times in between those times. So She said that I am on cruise control. Feeling much better.

-preparing for baby items-
For those preparing for baby- I bought a book to go by. They also have a website i follow. 2 days ago I saw this. (basically a " safety issue" with the crib manufacture we bought. I was not pleased and tried to contact the maker myself but they just had a generic recording. I do not want to chance anything - so we returned ours today (see procrastinating paid off because it was still in the box-if it was out of the box i could not have returned it). We did end up buying a much more expensive crib - but It was a good choice. It should be here in less than 14 days .. Cross your fingers and hold your breath. My dad went with us, he found a cradle he liked (for his house - made by the same crib manufacture-, I didn't argue - So he bought it and plans on sending my mother back up and letting her pick out bedding and such. He is just so excited about our boy - I know he really wanted a boy and he raised 2 girls who know how to change tires, know the names of tools and how to use them, had a basketball hoop - all while wearing pink girlie outfits ;)

A few days ago, My father and husband got rid of my pet turtle. I knew they were going to, I told them both if they felt strongly about Mr Turtle going I would respect their wishes just do it and not tell me about it. Mr Turtle has been around for about 10yrs now. He was my college pet and has grown quite large over the yrs. He is a yellow bellied turtle. There is a pond next to my parent's neighborhood - so he now resides over there. I had a good cry after I found out he was gone - but I understand their concerns. He was in the room that shall soon have another purpose then a guest room. Although - they pissed off my cat royally. My cat used to lay in the fish tank and play with him. My cat was the one that told on them. I came home and she was meowing/crying like something was wrong. She would sit at the guest room door and look in the corner and just meow her lil heart out. I looked and Mr Turtle was gone and She was letting me know. So funny yet so sad. Here is a pic of Mr Turtle and his new home:



Well, I am off to prepare for a house full of company this weekend. We are celebrating E's birthday tomorrow at my parents house with friends. Should be alot of fun! I hope everyone is doing well


Anonymous said...

Hooray for cruisin'!!! And hooray for smooth doctor's appointments. Lord knows you're due for a good appointment with your OB's office. Now if they'd only get on the ball with the Met.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your friends and family!!!

Mel said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. :)
So sad about your Mister Turtle, though!

Adriane said...

SO glad you appointment went well. And, good for you for getting another BP reading. That is strange.

I can't believe your ticker is down to 39 days!!

I teared up reading about Mr. Turtle. He was a cute one - hopefully he's happy in his new home. Have a fun weekend!

Marcy "meg" said...

Very sad about Mr Turtle... that was so sweet about your cat! Hopefully he will enjoy his pond though... You have given him a good life!

Everything at the dr's sounds great! I am so excited for you!

Have a great weekend and relax and enjoy yourself!

Chas said...

That stinks about the crib...but at least, like you said, you hadn't taken it out of the box! I'd have been so irritated.

What was the reasoning behind them not wanting Mr. Turtle in the house with the baby? I'd never want a pet turtle myself, but you'd had him for so long.

Diana said...

Enjoy all your company this weekend!!!

Jen said...

We had a turtle just like that, but smaller. Your turtle looks quite pleased with his new home.

Searching said...

Great appt!! I had two turtles like that, Tommy and Tilly, when I was little and taught them tricks. In college I got a box turtle and hid him in a giant tupperware container. When the RE would come around I would toss a towel over the top so she couldn't see him. One day he kept banging on the walls with his shell so I had to pretend like I was tripping over things. Also kept a hamster (in his cage) under my bed so had to cover up the scratching noises from him too. Fun times. :)

Mister Turtle looks like he will love his new digs and your kitty will soon have a baby to focus on. :)

Kate said...

I'm sure Mr. Turtle will never forget you. :)

Stacie said...

Came your way through the NaComLeavMo list! Congrats on your little boy! You are almost there. That is so exciting.

Scary about the crib recall. I went through the same thing with the car seats I picked out. 2 of the ones I picked out were recalled! I couldn't believe it. I do really like the car seats I finally got, though. I guess what I am trying to say is that you will probably like the crib you just got a whole lot better than the one you had!

Sassy said...

I love the crib. It's just gorgeous.

And I hope Mr. Turtle is happy in his new home. I'm sure he'll miss you and the kitty though.

Heidi said...

Mr. Turtle will be very happy in his new home, have no worries. But please hug the kitty for me!! How sweet that you won't be the only one missing Mr. Turtle!

Momma Mary said...

Found you through NaComLeavMo.

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for the final days of your pregnancy. And I'm sorry about your turtle. :( That's too bad.

From a gal who also knows how to change tires and use tools, all while wearing pink. ;)

Katt said...

Aww...poor Mr. Turtle...and poor kitty! so cute thinking of them sleeping together. Any pictures of that?

Heather said...

Not to be a negative nancy but here is a copy+paste about releasing pet
turtles into the wild...

"It is actually illegal in all 50 states to release non-native wildlife, and is illegal in almost every state to release a captive animal in a wild environment. I know it is in the vicinity of a $10,000 fine per animal released in my area, I don't know what the laws are in your area.

I would put out ads on or, it is much better for the animals to remain captive, believe it or not even wild caught animals lose their "wild" instincts very fast when they don't have to use them. Releasing any animal is basically the same as killing it, it will likely starve, die of poisoning, or fall victim to a predator due to lack of ability to hide properly.

I hope you take this decision very seriously and you do the right thing and take the animal to some place where they will be taken care of."

Sorry, but I thought you'd like to know this.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Much better bp the second time, phew! Glad that everything is going well!

Here from NaComLeavMo

Heather Johnson said...

Stopping by for NaComLeavMo - I hope you're having a great day. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond. :)

Resplendentquetzal said...

It's always so hard to lose a beloved pet, especially if you've been together a long time!

Baby Step said...

I stopped by for NaComLeavMo (sorry if I got that wrong -- too many cocktails at my Memorial Day BBQ) -- I hope Mr. Turtle is happy in his new sure looks like a nice place for a turtle to retire!

Laura said...


Glad to hear the BP went back down. I am seriously jealous, at almost 13w my BP was already 130/80!