Thursday, May 1, 2008

In the spirit of always oversharing

Thank you for your input about my new do. (keep up w/voicing your opinions) I made an appointment for Saturday. I have no idea which one I will choose yet. I may not know until the stylist makes the first cut. But I am in need of a uplifted new do. (picture to follow)

Some of you have asked about this new gd diet/sugar testing plan - So here ya go.

wake up - take fasting blood sugar (needs to be under 95)
then eat breakfast

2 hours from the first bite of breakfast test blood sugar (needs to be under 120)
after test eat a snack (consisting of 30 grams of carbs)
2~3 hours later - eat lunch (consisting of 45 grams of carbs)

2 hours from the first bite of lunch test blood sugar (needs to be under 120)
then after test eat a snack (consisting of 30 grams of carbs)
2~3 hours later eat dinner (consisting of 45 grams of carbs)

2 hours from the first bite of dinner test blood sugar (needs to be under 120)
then after test - eat a snack

I will Rinse and repeat this every day for ~8 weeks (ad nausea)
I get 2 servings of 15g carbs for breakfast and snacks, 3-4 15 g carbs for lunch and dinner

Menu thus far :
Breakfast - 1 piece of toast and Peanut Butter (PB) and 8 oz of milk ( 2%)
Snack - 1 cup blueberries, 1 string cheese, 6 whole grain crackers

Lunch - The South Beach Turkey Bacon Wrap, piece of fruit
Snack - celery w/PB, a yogurt, 2 rice cakes
Supper - Hamburger w/ bun, 1 cup of milk, 1/2 of banana
Snack - 1 cup of milk, 17-20 grapes (or 1 cup of milk and whole grain cereal)

other options:
Dinner - Steak, 1 cup mashed potatoes, 1 cup of milk
Snack - 15g of carbs of almonds, and yogurt

Snack - Pops ( the cereal in a grab and go bag), and a small apple
Lunch or Dinner - Salad with Meat and Eggs

If you have other meal idea's keep um coming!

My information packet tells me that 2 tbsp of vinegar before a meal can help lower my sugars

I am still having a hard time mentally but It is getting easier. It's only been 3 days. Once it gets to be routine, am hoping the timing will just fall into place. I have been trying to forgive myself for having to go through these exercises. It just feels like more punishment - I know that is not the case- But it is just my feelings in the matter. It is hard to no longer eat meals with co-workers due to having to test on certain times and wanting to eat dinner with my husband. I feel alittle alienated for now. But it is new and Maybe I will adjust and stop being so sensitive over time. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that this baby gets a chance at birth. My readings haven't been bad at all (so far knock on wood). I get anxious before each test time but I hope that will go away over time as well.


Anns said...

Am sitting here at my desk after trying a new snack and thought of you. You might wanna try Glucerna for one of your snacks - see

It's a healthy shake, with anywhere from 19 to 26grams of carb (based on the flavor), 10 proteins and is supposed to help stabilize your sugars.

I'm drinking the vanilla flavor right now and it's not bad, seriously. I don't know if you struggle with the snacks and milks like I do, but thought I'd suggest this as an interesting alternative that doesn't taste too bad.

I got it at my local boddega but living in FL I'm sure you'll find it at Publix or one of those big supermarkets that have EVERYTHING.

Let me know if you try it!
(ps: I have to go on Glyburide next week to help stabilize my sugars since it's not really working with diet... blehhhhhhhh. Will update my blog later today with the deets).

Kathy V said...

Glad things are going well on the testing and eating front. Stop over at Her husband is a diabetic and she lists a bunch of the recipes she uses for him with nutrional value and content all the time. It might give you some other ideas on what to eat so you don't get tired of the same couple of things.

Thanks for the sleep suggestions.

Jen said...

My husband has diabetes. He loves sugar free popsicles and those 100 calorie packets. They have a nice measured amount of carbs and he can have them for snacks.

Adriane said...

Love the new haircut options.

OK, I read the GD regimen and I almost cried. UGH. I wish I had some ideas to add to the menu. I really didn't realize it was so, well, regimented. Oh, wait, I do know that the South Beach Diet has frozen meals at my Grocery store. Perhaps there are a few things that they make that would work? (I'm into convenience!)

I would feel alienated, too, by sticking to that schedule. I guess it's good for regulation, but it sure doesn't do much for the social life. Hang in there, sister. I'm thinking of you and hoping it gets easier..

Rachel Inbar said...

The one time I had GD, it was diagnosed so late that they just induced... I was terrified of having it with Yirmi & had no idea how I'd make such radical changes to my diet, so I really, really admire you! I hope it gets to be really 'normal'.


you are such an inspiration to me. you are doing great overcoming every obstacle that comes your way. i am 24 weeks now and read your blog daily to see what fun lies in the coming months for me!

christina(apronstrings) said...

keep sharing! we all learn a lot. xoxo

Morrisa said...

I think you are doing great! Keep up the good work.

Nicky said...

I have a LOT of diabetics in my family, and a few food items they all swear by: oatmeal (for breakfast, or as a snack -- don't get the overly sugared kind); and nuts & seeds (snacks of almonds, pumpkin seeds, and the like are low in carbs but tasty and filling, good if you get sick of peanut butter). Also, they all claim that cinnamon has magic abilities to keep sugar levels in check. They all say that having oatmeal with liberal amounts of cinnamon for breakfast lets them fudge lunch a little and still keep good numbers.

I know it sounds weird, but in a week or two when your diet is established, you might want to try it. Good luck!

gracechild said...

Looks like it takes a lot of discipline to monitor your diet so closely. I applaud you Farah. Please don't beat yourself up over this. Like you rightly said Mini is more than worth it. :). Sorry I have no snack ideas whatsoever

Marcy "meg" said...

sounds like you are doing a great job my friend. I know it isn't easy... keep up the good work.

sara said...

I can't wait to see the new do :-) The new eating schedule sounds tough. When you have to miss eating with co-workers try imagining you're eating with this cool girl from MI named Sara. I promise I would keep you smiling and thinking of happier things than icky blood sugars. Instead you would have visions of shoes, purses, and flip flops dancing in your head!


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I know it must be hard adjusting. Hang in there--I know it will get easier. HUGS!

Barb said...

I have a few tips I learned when I was trying to go low sugar...

cinnamon is a GREAT flavor enhancer when you can't have sugar, AND it's supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels. Vanilla extract has been a godsend for me as well. If you must use sweetener, agave nectar is apparently one of the lowest on the glycemic index (along with maybe brown rice syrup??)

Green tea without anything added helps control blood sugar as well. I like mine if it's a little bit roasted. (I don't know if it will say that on the tea box. I just know when I taste it)

Bananas aren't so hot, but if you eat them when they are most yellow, they are lower on the GI than when they are more brown. Berries are the best though. (When the SunnyRidge Farms blueberries from Winter Haven are out... YUM!)

Cooking pasta more al dente makes it lower on the glycemic index. I also use whole grain pastas.

Barenaked Granola makes two low sugar cereals (in a bag), berry and vanilla almond that are YUMMY.

Kashi sometimes has good low sugar stuff.


Barb said...

P.S. I'm a HUGE lover of the Smuckers All Natural No sugar added PB. The honey one isn't even as good as the plain one! I love it. (the Smooth version) I like to eat it with a slightly tart apple like Gala for breakfast. Eggs are good for me for breakfast as well.

The cashew butter that whole foods makes (its 365 brand) is to DIE for. I don't even care that it has no sugar! If you'd like to try some and dont' have a Whole Foods around, maybe I could get some for you.

I don't know how good this is since it's still mashed up apple, but Motts has yummy yummy no sugar added apple sauce snack pack mixes... blueberry, peach etc.

OK. I'm finally done!

Anonymous said...

Another "trick" is to take psyllium fiber (Metamucil) about 20 minutes before you eat. It slows down the digestion of the sugars, which can really help.

Also, it helps with constipation, if that is a problem for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also forgot about string cheese (lots of protein) and nuts, as long as you watch your portion size.

sara said...

You said your friend had a cerclage? I would love to hear her experience with it if she doesn't mind. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you're having to go through this at all. But I'm sure that as you get used to your new schedule, you'll adjust well. At least you know that you're doing the best for Mini.

And hooray for the readings going so well!!

Cece said...

Damn. That is a lot of work! Good luck!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

That certainly does seem like punishment. How stressful! I would find that schedule to be a very difficult adjustment as well. But this is NOT your fault in any way and you are doing the best you can!!!!

As for haircuts, any of the three would look great. I happen to like Katie's haircut the best (even though mine matches one of the others a bit more closely) but ask your stylist which one will work best for you. The thickness and waviness of the hair usually determines which will work best. I have very thick and slightly wavy hair so I typically need a decent number of layers to make a bob work, though I can't normally do the more whispy-types because I have too much hair.


Wordgirl said...

You are so dedicated -- I applaud you -- you have such a terrific attitude.

And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog -- every time I get more information I tend to feel overwhelmed -- but the wonderful advice from people like you who've already been through it have been really really helpful.

Thank you,


Shelby said...

One of my favorite snacks was goldfish crackers and peanuts, or cheese sticks and wheat thins. And sometimes I'd throw peanut butter and celery in for a change.

I was diagnosed the first time at 28 weeks, and they tried using diet alone to manage it, but it didn't help so they started me on glyburide. After a month, my sugars were still on the high side for fasting, so they upped the dose of glyburide. I did deliver early the first time, at 38 weeks by C-section because my placenta was starting to deteriorate (a common thing in GD). This time, I started testing and glyburide at 10 weeks. It took about 2 months to find the dose that worked, but we finally got it under control. They did do a fetal echo on the baby to make sure the heart developed properly (another issue with GD). I also had to watch my water intake and eat way more protein, because my amniotic fluids were high (another issue with GD- the elevated sugars cause the baby to urinate more, as it would a regular diabetic, leading to higher Amniotic fluid levels). This time I did deliver early, but that was mainly due to early contractions/Pre term labor, but would have had a c-section early anyways by choice (no vbac for me).

Good luck with the diet, it's so hard following everything! On the plus side, I always had way less side effects from the glyburide than I did with metformin.

vamplita said...

I'm a firm believer in using apple cider vinegar for its medicinal qualities! I used to drink a huge glass of water with a couple of tablespoons of it every day. It wasn't half bad, ya know.

I've also heard that garlic is helpful with blood sugar issues, but I can't confirm that.

Take care!