Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I carried a Watermelon and Vacation highlights

We are back from a fantastic trip to the Keys. It’s a long drive but worth every penny. I enjoyed spending time with my parents in a 8 hour car ride – and I enjoyed not being on a major schedule. The wedding was actually in a n area of the main Key that I have never been to before. My Aunt rented an electric golf cart (limo style-picture below) that E and I got to shuttle people around on taking them to see all the different tourist/landmark locations. E had never been to the keys so I was excited to show him around. We didn’t make it to the sunset shows. I do highly suggest that you go to the pier off du.val street if you are ever down there during sunset. They have street vendors and different types of street entertainments – but the sunsets are the best.




p-word mentioned

42% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 58% left to go.

I am 18 weeks today. I am still feeling movements and flutters and kicks and rolls. YAH, this makes my mind so much at peace. (not 100% of the time but more so then before) . Mini is the size of a Cantaloupe and I feel like the Dirty Dancin line "i Carried a watermelon" Except I said "I am carrying a watermelon). I am feeling a bet more "stuff, weight, pressure down there. I think lil Mini was tangled in my lower ribs his weekend quite a bit. I feel like a weird pinchy feeling in my lower ribs at times.

My cousin had my name tag at the reception with Mini-Vann on it!! ( it was awesome and made my night)
Yesterday I had a bad nose bleed and I probably should have called the Dr’s office – but I am alil upset with them at the moment. I called last week (Wednesday to be exact) and asked about why I hadn’t heard from the MFM Dr’s office yet. Friday on our way out of town, My cell phone message alert went off to notify me that I had a voicemail. I called my voicemail and it was the OB Nurse, I don’t know how I missed her call – but she left a message letting me know that the MFM Dr is reviewing my files, I should be expecting a call this week – they aren’t sure they will be able to get me in before my OB appointment on the 7th. I was ,at first, really bent out of shape about this news. I have now calmed down a bit and am trying to go with the flow (TRYING!) I thought about why I was so upset about this – it’s really about expectations. They tell me X is going to happen this way – and X doesn’t seem to be happening the way they instructed me it would– I except it to happen that way (they have done this to me in a few of my appointments now) – I need to learn to be more flexible. It’s just one more of my flaws. I like structure and reliability. I was going to call back this week and ask if I could schedule an U/S at their office – but after talking with E, as long as we hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, I will be ok waiting until the MFM Dr’s office calls me to schedule. I hope everyone had a good week – I have caught up on my blog reading but did not comment much – hopefully I will be back in the swing of things soon.

I have a few posts brewing in my head - one is work related, one is pregnancy related. Hopefully I can get them out of my head so they stop torturing me soon.

Melissa (smells like Mel) - Apparently you have gone to invite only- If possible I'd like to be invited.


Katie said...

What great pics! I LOVED your place card - tell me that you saved in for the baby book!

You look beautiful - and definitely preggers! No hiding that little melon anymore!

Courtney said...

What great pictures from a great trip! That place card was so thoughtful and cute. :)

I concur with Katie - you can definitely see that bump!!!

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Yup. Knocked up.

And OMG, is Mini-Vann the cutest name ever????

My_Herstory said...

Awesome pic's... love the golf cart!!! ABSOLUTLEY ADORE the place card!! You look wonderful!

Caro said...

Great pics and I keep having nosebleeds, had one in the middle of a yoga class last night which was very embarrassing.

Kate said...

Has anyone ever told your husband that he looks a little like Jimmy Fallon?

Chas said...

What a great trip!

I wouldn't worry about the nosebleed. While I didn't have a full fledged nosebleed while pregnant, my nose was always slightly bloodly when when I'd blow it. It's got something to do with membranes loosening up..gross!

Janna said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time on your trip!!!! You look awesome, btw!!!!

I hope that your MFM will get their act together!! When it comes to my health there's little that I hate more than miscommunication and disorganization.

seussgirl said...

That placecard was adorable! And I love your black dress!
I've had nosebleeds every day; I agree with other posters that I think it's normal. Although I definitely think they're the most obnoxious thing about this pregnancy! If that's as bad as it gets, though, I'll take it!

Marcy "meg" said...

I have had bloody nose stuff going on most the time myself. Not actual bleeding bad, but definately there when I sneeze. I have heard too that it is pretty normal.. yet gross!

Your pictures are great!!!!

tryingin2007 said...

ahhhhh. short sleeves, the sun, and that glorious ocean. I'm so jealous!!!! good for you!

sara said...

I love the limo golf cart...but I love your black dress so much more. That is super cute! I'm glad you had a good trip..you deserve some time to relax :-)

Hope all is well...hope to catch up soon!

lots o hugs for the mini vann too!

Morrisa said...

Great pictues! Make me want to go on vacation! Cute little baby belly you got going on too!

T-girl said...

You look awesome, congrats!!!

That place card is the BEST ever! ;)

SaraS-P said...

OMG...love the place card!

Looks like readers predict a girl for you!

Baby Deux! said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I think these are the nicest pics of you!

imran said...

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