Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Answers and Questions

A few weeks back an anonymous commenter asked for info regarding the Ta.mpa Reso.lve Group. Here ya go, since you are anon, I have no real way of making sure you get this:

"Hello from Tam.pa Res.olve. It's the New Year and we are very excited to remind you of our guest speaker for January's meeting being held this Wednesday night, 7pm, in the Auditorium at Memorial hospital in So.uth Ta.mpa. The.resa Ta.pp will be discussing benefits of exercise and a special, unique workout. Its called the T-Ta.pp workout, designed specifically for Fertility patients. We look forward to her discussion and have a special evening planned for all.

As always, we look forward to seeing everyone and hearing about you and your individual journeys.
Please feel free to respond to this email with any questions and/or directions, etc.
Sincerely, Tampa Facilitators"

*email or leave a comment for me (with a way to get back to you) if you want the leader's email address

I am sleeping way too much, is this normal? Aren't I supposed to not be tired in the second tri-mester? Or is this because I wasn't tired in the first tri-mester? I think I could sleep 24 hours a day and be fine with it ...

Someone asked if I was going to allow my child to goto my inlaws house - i answer that with a yes when we visit. (unless there are known allergies) We don't visit often, only like 2 times a year (even though it's only 2.5 hours away) Our schedules are always conflicting and such. So most of the time is spent emailing and phone time.


Katie said...

I don't know the answer to the fatigue question, although it probably depends on how busy you are during the day. You might be in the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy, but you are still pregnant. Perhaps this is your body's way of getting you to slow down a bit?

It is still SO THRILLING to say that you are in the second trimester!!!!!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

What a relief it must be to make it to the 2nd trimester. I wouldn't worry about the fatigue - each woman's experience of pregnancy is different.

Not to mention that you probably had one killer allergy atack from the visit to your inlaws!


Jen said...

I have no advice but congrats on the second trimester.

I always wanted to ask. Why are some words ty.ped li.ke th.is? Just curious...

Gabby said...

No, fatigue is a lovely part of the 2nd trimester! It has been so fun for me to have to take naps on my office floor. :]

Anns said...

Shoot - I just deleted my comment by accident, phooey!

Anyways, in case u didn't get it, what I was saying was that I am fast becoming a believer in the fact that each woman will experience pregnancy differently. For example, I have 2 friends that are AS pregnant as I am yet showing SO MUCH MORE. One is exhausted, one has achy feet, whereas I'm bloated and a little moody.

I'd take those trimester guidelines just as they are... guidelines. Nothing's wrong with you, you're just tired that's all. I mean, you are MAKING A BABY GOD DAMMIT! You're entitled to want your bed!

On another note, I didn't realize you were in Tampa! I lived there for 5 years on Davis Island and went to college at UT downtown. GO SPARTANS!

sara said...

I don't have personal experience with the fatigue thing, but I seem to be surrounded by a lot of pregnant people! Many of them say that they are more tired in the second than the first trimester. In fact many of the girls I work with cut back from their 16 hour shifts to 12 hour ones or 12 hour ones to 10s. Either way...it's all about you girl...if you want to rest...then rest. By all means, you certainly deserve it!

sara said...

Oh yeah...saw your other post...I down the activa yogurt and the cottage cheese on work days...gosh I'm an old fart!

seussgirl said...

I think I'm more tired in the 2nd trimester, too, but since I didn't have morning sickness in the 1st one - I'll take the tradeoff!
I just went part-time, too - yey!