Sunday, December 16, 2007


Brown-Eyed Girl tagged me so here it goes:

1 - I am a tv show watcher. Most likely, If you think the show is awful, I watch it. D.irt, The, N.ip/, Gos.sip Gi.rl, Di.rty S.exy Mo.ney, We.eds, Ver.on.ica M.ars, Tr.e Hil.l Seasons 1 -3, Bi.g L.ove ..etc. I have seen just about every reality tv show - I dunno why, I am drawn to drama and catty-ness. (aka Ke.eping u.p with the Ka.rdas.heins, LA Ink) Throw in a NYC or California Glam show in the mix and I all about it. I did watch the B.rett Mic.haels of L.ove. WOW was that ever entertaining. One of the more entertaining shows also is So.up.. I highly suggest this show if you like to make fun of reality TV and some celebs. However Gi.lm.ore G.irls is my favorite tv show ever. I own the box sets and they have been played numerous times. ( now that I have scared many people.. let's continue)

2- I recently found a love for reading. ANYTHING. I never was into reading as a child. I loved a book or two read to me but that was only at bedtime so I could stay up longer. As I got older it never "fit in my schedule" or was "boring". Getting involved in the Barren Book Club has really opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. (and I love getting suggestions from other bloggers that have been reading for a long time because you guys have the best book ideas)

3- SOCKS - I love funky, wild, non matching socks. And I will wear 2 different sock, just because. It makes me smile when I look down.

4- If we do get to be re-incarnated, I would like to be a dolphin.

5- I long to move to a colder state - I have tried and tried to suggest NC (or GA) for a few yrs now. One day, I will win out

I know i am supposed to do more .. but I can't think anything else interesting. I am just a boring open person that will share WAY TMI most of the time ;) So if you want to know something, just ask! Oh and btw the way, I met a blogger today. She is REAL and I love her. Courtney is so inviting and warm. I felt as if i had known her forever! Pure, genuine soul! Now I have to come visit you in passing throughs (and our husbands graciously suffered through lunch with us) Have a safe flight Home Girl. Can't wait to see those Cruise pics.


Geohde said...

With you on the reading, I've always been a bookworm and I can dissappear for hours, nose in book....mmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with two different socks on, actually, yesterday I had two different socks on, too. It is time to do laundry!


i watch all the same silly shows. lol! and i am a reality tv junkie. hey...ever see reality chat on tv guide network?

also, a wonderful book to read is called Summer Sisters by judy blume. yes, she is the one who wrote all those books we loved as kids, but she has written only a few "adult themed" books. it is the best book ever.

christina(apronstrings) said...

i only watch three shows and all of them are reality shows.
embarassing, really.
( you think spence and heidi are really broken up!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

lub said...

We have so much in common! Especially the trashy t.v. shows. Wish me luck today- I have my nuchal translucency test and have freaked myself out...

seussgirl said...

Yey for the Girls! :) I'm currently working through season 6 and then will have to start over again. (No "7" for me, yet)
And I'm currently reading 2 books at once: "Little Women" and "Family Tree" by Barbara Delinsky - interesting so far!
Thanks for sharing. :)

hoping for a child said...

i'm trying the sock thing today...thanks- i need to smile more.

Shelby said...

I watch most of those TV shows too- and Gilmore girls is my fave too. I don't have the boxed set yet, but I'm sure I will one of these days. Thankfully ABC-family plays it daily, so there's always a few episodes on the DVR. Did I just admit that??!

Barb said...

YAY on getting into reading!!! I've been an avid reader all my life, so I'm so happy when someone finds the reading style that suits them best. I've always thought that most every literate person could enjoy reading if they found the right material and mustered up the oomph to get through their first book. HURRAY! :D If you're looking for any specific type of reading, you should post and ask since I'm sure we have tons of good recs. :)

LOVED the sock comment.

Oh.. I've read Summer Sisters. Good but sad! :) I'm currently into quirky, funny vampire books.

Searching said...

I tagged you for a meme- check my blog to figure out what on earth that means! :)