Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to pass time at work when you are the only one here

Obsessing over TV....Ok Ok Ok ..i know.. how shallow of me:

But I am worried about my TV shows and my d.v.r:

I saw that some new show was coming in January after Desperate Housewives and I Panicked! Br.other.s and Si.ster is supposed to. It one of my more adult, favorite shows and I could not bare the thought of it not coming back. After much research, It seems the show is doing so well, they are moving nights. Monday nights. So everyone watching make sure your tivo/dvr is set for Jan 7th instead.

Anyone seen this movie? It is an independent film and also an exclusive through It.unes. I have never ordered anything off It.unes. I may now because I really want to see this movie.

ALSO – I am so pissed that I missed the finale of Cl.ash of the and it can not be seen on the n.bc webpage. It was THEIR fault for labeling it the wrong thing .. not my ti.v.o’s!!! I missed the most beautiful man win!! (yes I said it.. I am crushin on mr la.che.y)

As for the cor.nish hens, my husband said they turned out "perfect"..He used the p word, he must have been hungry ;)

E got me a great gift for Christmas, I got this. Made me so happy. I also got one of those digital picture frame and a digital picture key chain. Hey you think people figured out I like taking pictures or what?!?! I can't wait to give E's lil brothers their gift. We won't see them until the 4th but I am so excited to see their faces. It's a video game that involves using a gu.itar as a controller ;) What was your favorite gift to get and what what was your favorite gift to give?


A said...

I'm hard pressed to decide if my ring or the Kit.chenAid stand mixer is my favorite gift this year. I really really love my mixer!!!

I should have you check up on my shows for me. Haha! (and Nick isn't as cute as She.lton!)

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas!
Glad your holiday meal went so "perfectly!!"
I love me some Lachey, too. That Jessica Simpson is one hell of a dumba$$.

Baby Deux! said...

LOVE MY NIKON D40!!! I am addicted to it. I will have to email you a link to our online photo albums. :o)

You and I must have had teh same Santa because I got a digital picture frame too. :o)

I am glad your meal went well!!!

Marcy "meg" said...

Kris LOVES Nick Lac.hey.... just loves him... so glad he won!

seussgirl said...

Yey - I'm glad you had a good Christmas! We also have a Nikon SLR, and it takes AMAZING pictures! We just bought a Canon Elph though, because the Nikon is too big for quick snapshots.
Favorite gift I got...lots of books to read! My hubby gave me the Bourne series. And my dad bought me maternity shirts, which I thought was cute. :)

Meghan said...

I've got lots of love for Nick...I'd never judge someone for crushing on him!

Glad you got such great gifts!

LJ said...

Nikons are faboo! Great gift!

Chas said...

Wow, that's a great camera!! I'm in need of a new camera, but I don't think I can swing one with that kind of price tag :).

My favorite gift to receive was my Cashmere Mist set...I love that stuff...Donna Karan is a perfume master. My favorite gift to give was my husband's new TV armoire I had custom made for him. He loved it!

sarabaumancrna said...

That's great that you got such nice gifts..I love taking pictures. I had a great Christmas even though initially I wasn't that excited for it. My husband Jason got me a necklace from Tiffany's...boy was I suprised. I think I actually squealed I was so happy! He never buys me jewelry. As for brothers and sisters...thanks for telling me it was moving time's one of my favorite shows! And my husband actually likes it as well!

Lara said...

Thanks for the headsup on the TV. I would have been wondering where my bros and sis's went! I'm a TV addict too and right now I'm jonesing for ANYthing to come on TV! Oh well...biggest loser starts again on the 1st so I can make it at least that far! Love the picture of you and E - you guys are SO CUTE!

Debby said...

Never seen the movie but love everyone in it and have loved every other movie that Edwards Burns has directed. His voice is so dang sexy! Has that raspiness to it that I just love.

Your camera looks great - have fun taking pics and post lots of em.

And so sorry you're at work!

Barb said...

His brothers will LOVE that! I know we do! haha.

White Christmas from my hubby (the movie).

Anonymous said...

First, I love Nick Lachey.

Second, I love brothers and sisters. I got the first season on DVD for
Christmas and I've almost watched the whole thing. I need to finish it before Mon. night!