Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a few 12's

12 weeks = 84 days
26% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 74% left to go
“Your belly is finally starting to expand and grow. This week your uterus will finally rise above your pubic bone and pelvis. This will definitely create a small pooch in your lower abdomen.”

Fetus Size relating to fruit
I read somewhere about a pregnancy mask. I am not having this but I am having alil bit of a grease problem ... GREASY face and hair... and oh and the headaches..wow the headaches are more intense than the earlier headaches. My belly is twinging and stretching and sometimes feels like a charlie horse at night.

2 nights ago, i slept too long inbetween peeing and i woke up and thought I was going to pee all over myself and my belly was so tight and had alot of soreness. I hope I wake up to pee tonight and for the rest of the nights. That was weird and quite bothersome.

After my dr’s appointment on Friday, I have been feeling a lot more confident about this pregnancy. I am still losing weight, which I am very happy about. I am starting to get a little nervous about getting off my medication though. Anyone have to take pre.dni.sone, when did you stop? Metformin, when did you stop? Why do I HAVE to stop the met? I read a few articles that state woman with P.C.O.S have a hard time with breast milk supply. Any truth/opinions to this? These articles stated that if you needed Me.tfo.rm.in to conceive, you most likely will need m.etfor.mi.n to breastfeed. I am not at all under the opinion that me.tfo.rm.in is what made me conceive, but I am sure under the assumption it was a contributing factor. I am also not sure I even want to breatfeed, but I like options .... Who doesn't?!

As for another 12 - It has been 12 years since I had heart surgery today. (ASD repair) It just happened to fall on my 12 week milestone. Pretty Cool huh.

7 Days til Christmas.. Boy, Do I have alot to do. I need to get wrapping gifts and packing for a weekend trip to here to have christmas with my sister and parents.

I posted this late last night but I am posting it again - PLEASE PLEASE give Kathy some Support. She and I are close due date buddies. She just had a great NT Scan on Wednesday and all things were Fantastic at 12 weeks. Monday started bleeding red. Now things are not sounding very hopeful.


Geohde said...

Congratulations on the 12 week mark,

I am so sorry to read what is happening to your friend, it must be absolutely terrible to bleed like that and not know for sure one way or the other.


A said...

Congratulations on 12 weeks!!!!!

One more week until Christmas...but even better...one more week until you start your 2nd trimester!!!!!! Yay!!!!! Do a little dance...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another milestone! Sounds like things are going steady, here's to lots more of that! :)

Wordgirl said...

Congratulations on the 12th week!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Marcy "meg" said...

Congrats on the 12 week milestone!!!

Barb said...

So sorry about your friend. :(

It is true that people with pcos can have difficulties breast feeding.. along with certain ART patients. From what I understand, wonky prolactin levels in women with pcos are what cause the difficulties. But I'm just a layperson. :)

I think my doctor told me that I would be on metformin (if I ever got pg) for the first 3 mos and that it wouldn't be beneficial after that, but I can't remember why.

Katie said...

Congrats on 12 weeks AND 12 years!

sarabaumancrna said...

Congrats on the 12 week mark. Wow...I didn't know you had an ASD repair years back...you've been through a lot girl! Certainly gives the rest of us some perspective. I believe that my friend was on metformin her entire pregnancy for PCOS, but I'll ask her. Hope you have a great week!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on 12 weeks Farah!!! That is such a huge milestone and I am so happy for you close EDD buddy! :)

I am hoping that I get to continue on this journey with you, as we await the birth of our babies.

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you enter this next phase of your pregnancy and I am so grateful for your support during mine, especially during this difficult and uncertain time.

My_Herstory said...

Congrats on your 12 weeks. Hey, what system did you use to help you lose weight?

Cibele said...

Congratulations on your 12 weeks and 12 years milestones!!!!!!!!

lady in waiting said...

My peri wants me on the Met till 12 weeks, then stop. I am also very nervous to stop! I know other PCOS ladies that stayed on it for the entire pg.

Congrats on your 12w! I am sorry about your friend, I went to read her story. I will pray for her and her baby.

Courtney said...

Yay for 12 weeks!!! That is a great milestone Farah! I hope that the rest of this trimester and the next two are uneventful, yet wonderful. :)

JKH said...

YEA for 12 Weeks!!!!

coolingstar9 said...

life is so many exciting journey, Merry christmas to you and all at home.