Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend Update ;)

Day 26 on Metformin, CD 35 ..... Still No sign of AF - wondering what i should do?!? Call the Dr office?, wait a few more days? - It's bizzare, I usually spend hours upon hours casting my prayers so AF does not show up ..... and now it seems odd to me for wishing that she would just come and get it over with already.

Since we know I do not ovulate (result of PCOS) - I was doing the no yeast or Candida Cleanse. I went about 20 days and was doing great - THEN the dreaded work scenario that was not condusive to "weird foods I can eat to keep me full"in the middle of no where. It was then that I realized that I needed to find some type of plan that would work for me. The New and Improved Diet Plan: I am now just trying to stay away from breads as much as possible. If I have to eat breads, I try to stick with whole grain. I still shop at the fresh market and organic food store for fruits and veggies. We are still eatting very lean and organic meats and alot of beans. I TRY to stay away from salad dressings except this awesome low fat greek dressing .

The past two days I have eatten the honey mustard chicken salad from Quiznos. I don't know what it is about that salad but I am HOOKED on it. (and yes i use the honey mustard dressing).

So overall- feeling better than last week, don't hate all pregnant women - but still don't want to "discuss baby topics" with my pregnant friends - I just get the glassed over look - at lunch today it was "talk about maladies and the ho-hums of being pregnant" .... and about a great new movie that is coming out that everyone in my office cant wait to go see ..... called KNOCKED UP ... First thought .....really we should all go run out there and by tickets in advance to boost the ratings. Second thought- In all honesty, its probably a very funny comedy, I just have lost my sense of humor - if anyone finds it wondering around .. contact me so we can arrange for it to be returned.

I took JJ's advice and watched Facing the Giants - it is a very spiritual movie and I was touched by the storyline. I was raised in church all my life and I know, I do not always grasp the concept of the power of prayer. Alot of the time, I just think selfishly or judementally or that no one is hearing my prayers. There are times that we never get to see our prayer requests come to fruition. That's when I get discouraged and lose faith. Instead of praying differently, I just take my bitterness and go home. I am glad I got to watch it. It has challenged me.


Baby Blues said...

Not being able to predict when AF arrives, goes with having PCOS. I've had three months without AF. Your RE could recommend Pro.vera or other similar meds to induce it.

I was also raised in church. But I must agree, IF made me question a lot about my faith. I believe in the power of prayer. Although there are prayers I still hope would be answered someday. But prayer comforts me and helps me get by.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Glad you are feeling better...and Im SO glad you got to watch the movie! It's not the best acting=) But what a story to make us believe just a little bit more each day! Prayer really does comfort the soul!

lisalou said...

My first cycle on Met was 38 days