Thursday, April 12, 2007

Losing my mind ...

I am sorry if yesterdays post was WAY more graphic then anyone wanted to know about me - I don't have any real life infertile friends at all ..... and I OBVIOUSLY need one to two ..... Sorry again for that ... I was just panicking and my degree from the Google University and the University of Common Sense was failing me. *plus I was heavily medicated*

I need to figure out how to link texts to things and post pictures .... I am working on that ....

Ok so I told you way back that I have a tv addiction, Anyone watch Friday Night Light's? Very good show, if you have not seen it, I suggest watching it.

I have been watching October Road on ABC at 10 pm on Thursday nights - love the first like 3 episodes ...... found out tonight that it wont air but some show about "notes from the underbelly" will be playing instead. It is a show about a couple who finds out they are pregnant and weren't trying nor really fully sure they want to be pregnant and the etc. ..... LIKE TV NEEDS ANOTHER SHOW ABOUT THIS .. ........................ I should include it's going to be a comedy sitcom ... oh, boy won't it be a hoot and comic relief .... Unfortunately I'm just bitter - AND will probably watch because I am massacistic.

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