Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wait and See

It's CD 18 and 49 days on Metformin. I am still maintaining the no yeast, lots of organic meats, fruits and veggies diet.

I need to go weigh myself to see if my new prospective on food has helped me loss any more weight. Dare I type this where my ovaries can read, BUT I think I experienced ovulation this month. I was not smart and did not chart temps, or use my Easy Fertility Monitor, or any kind of OTC OPK's, because in the back of my mind, somewhere between reality, faith and despair, I continue to think that "THIS could be it, My Magical Month". I had what I think is CM. I am not completely sure being that it is an unexpected, surprisingly shocking visitor in my world. I have not had CM in years... I'd be willing to bet ~ 5-6 yrs. (That I can recall.)

In college, when I wasn't worried or concerned about all this technical TTC stuff, I remember wishing it away because I had plenty of it and I didn't know it was actually purposeful. (this is why I think I'm being punished - even though I know that's a crazy thought)

The untimely arrival of my pleasantly surprising visitor could not have come at a more worse time. It was the day I spent most of my night in the ER. ... Need I say more. We tried to seize the moment just in case. (not in the ER, but wouldn't that have been a funny story to retell) But man 'o man, after that whole debacle, I wasn't feeling like making Sexy Time. (neither am i completely convinced sure it was CM). I had a few dull achy pains on the left side where my ovary is also, so maybe .. just maybe i did .. we wait and see, if not C.lomid here I come


lisalou said...

Good luck to you!

Diana said...

Let's hope, hope hope!!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Im proud of you for sticking with the diet! Way to go girl!