Monday, April 16, 2007

Apples, Lettuce, Carrots, Take-Out and Cupakes (not the kind you wanna eat) ...Oh my

Well, It's CD 9 and 40 days on Metformin. I am still attempting to do the no yeast, organic meats, fruits and veggies.

My taste buds have changed !!!! I like apples(even the apple peels), carrots, lettuce, squash, water, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, brussels sprouts .. all things that I attributed as gross and yucky .... And they fill me up and keep me full. That was my hugest argument. The bird food never made me feel "un hungry and satisfied". Now it does .. maybe it's the combination of that and the metformin. Whatever it is, its working! * although, I confess I still can not eat spinach leaf salads ....

My sister came home this weekend and had some plans that involved our whole family to go to church together on Sunday. After church, we were invited to join a few people at a southern buffet restaurant that are known for their very hot, warm yummy YEAST ROLLS with honey butter . UM, need I mention Not diet friendly. I must say that I was extremely proud of myself when leaving the restaurant. I ate salad first, then 1/2 piece of grilled chicken, that was actually quite tasty, then steamed broccoli, corn, brussels sprouts, I snuck in a few fried Okra because i just love them and its hard to find good ones, and 1/2 of a yeast roll with butter. Thank God for my sister - she and I halfed the chicken and the roll. She knew I really wanted one but was too afraid to go get one myself - in fear of eating the whole thing. My sister and I realized that restaurants like this are like feeding troughs for the american family. YUCK

While everyone else was moaning and groaning about eating too much, all i kept thinking of was, "Gosh, I am really very proud of myself. A whole dessert section of the restaurant, all the macaroni and cheese I could eat, friend chicken, sweet tea, ice cream machines, mashed potatoes, biscuits gravy, yeast rolls ....... and I stuck to THE PLAN .... goo me, go me" Cabbage Patch 'n around the parking lot ... Yes I always have had a short coming with food ;) I am learning to not be glutinous in all aspects of my life.

This leads to a story that i wasn't going to share but feel its now necessary. I have been doing this new food plan for like 40 days. I have not weighed myself in months ... maybe even a yr. So i do not know exactly how much i weighed before i started this - but i can tell you that I can pull my jeans (hot from the dryer) on and off without even unbuttoning/unzipping them ... I do not know exactly how much weight that determines .. I have been complaining because I cut out my 4 cokes a day and no chocolates and sugars and I was whining that I had lost nothing .. then BOOM all of a sudden, last week, all my clothes felt looser. (and so did my bra)

The loose in my bra is not anything I am happy about. ITS ONLY in ONE chesticle!!! Yes folks, one ,and only one, is shrinking ............WTF. I am getting rather paranoid that I will be lopsided and people will point or gaulk. It just makes me feel rather uneasy and self concious. (like I need another reason) My husband and I had a talk about "will Plastic surgeons give me a deal because I only need One implant ?" Then he remembered that they sell THIS (takeouts and cleavage cupcakes) .... because one of my very open friends used to swear by these ... I just may to have to invest into these If only one continues to shrink ---- Why can't my body even lose weight in the right areas.... I mean do you really think I was saying to myself "BOY, I gotta diet because these darn boobs are too big ... i need to do someting about this" ................ I think NOT

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Courtney said...

Yay for stickin' to the PLAN:) You are a much better person than I would've been at that buffet. Though I have to agree about the trough thing--gross. Keep up the good work and don't worry about your boobs, I'm sure it's not as drastic as you think and who knows, maybe the other one, along with the rest of your body, will be like "hey! that's not fair, we better catch up to the smaller boob!":) Good job.