Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving Right Along ...

Well, It's CD 4 and 35 days on Metformin. Since i am almost done with all my stressful situations at work, should be the end of April, I decided I would hold off this month on the Clomid. I am going on Vacation May 7th - 12th and that would be about the time to find out If the Clomid+ Met worked and I didn't want to be sad, mad, depressed ..or many other emotions that take residence when AF shows up or a cycle fails. So I am still on the "TTC" break.

Honestly, at first, it was nice to not chart temps, pee on sticks for my monitor, BD every other day like a cycled appointment, and pretend to "just relax". NOW, the more I go to work, the more people announce pregnancies. It is freakin spring.. I guess everyone that I surround myself with is a fertile myrtle or in Full Bloom - or "It's just their time".

My first baby shower that I had to plan for my office mate at work was yesterday. As ironic as this may sound...I didn't want to go to work. My cramps were so bad and AF was so heavy and I didn't get much sleep. Some drunk driver went through our parking lot where we live and decided to hit many of the cars in the parking lot - at 2 am - so the cops had to come and identify all the damaged cars - luckily mine nor my husbands were not involved - but we still had to be out there to give a statement. I think it was a boyfriend/girlfriend fight - because one car seemed to be the target - and then that target car just got tossed around the parking lothitting most of the rest of the cars in the lot ---- Dear LORD ... so crazy. SO there were many reasons I wasn't feeling all hostess like for a baby shower. But it went over well and everyone was happy.

WARNING TMI info inc -***not for the weak stomach*** seeking advice -

I have had a few chemical pregnancies in my past and I am wondering if there is anyone else that has had once of these and would be willing to read this and either email or or comment on the following ... My period was like about 9 or 10 days later than most periods in the past - but like my chemical pregnancies - I have been extremely tender, crampy and in a lot of pain in the abdomen/pelvic/vaginal area (more so than my other cycles). Also, this period is very bleedy (extremely large clots that are not dark red - but more of the color that muscle are in textbooks or the color of the inside of your tonsils - like a dull pinkish-purple). This is kinda reminding me of the pain I experienced with my chemical pregnancies that I had in the past, but it's been a while since that and I can't fully remember - that is why I am asking

I have been know to have clots before but they are usually at the start of my period and they are darker red color and not large , just small ones. Is this a symptom of PCOS? I am all new to this diagnosis... just a little confused .

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lisalou said...

Sounds like it might be worth a visit to the DR to Check it out.