Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So ......

Today I realized that at my work, we have meetings to discuss how we can be more "standardized and efficient" ....... (How Oxymoronic . *new word*) ... MORE Efficient would not take me AWAY from my WORK ....... If I am in a meeting for like what feels to be forever *which equates to about 1 hour*, but this said meeting is to start at 11:15 which no one starts showing up to til 11:30 - HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO LUNCH ..I can not think about being more effective w/o LUNCH ?!?!?!?! And secondly, I still stand on my first observation that having a meeting about efficiency ISN'T EFFICIENT! Its Bitch Fest 2007. And even though the meeting will be adjourned, we will all scatter to our holes and commence the email/phone bashing of whomever's idea it was to have a meeting about being more efficient.

The "I've been doing it this way for (fill in the blank) years" club will revolt because a new era is upon them -They will NOT do it that way because that is NOT how its always been done - therefore .. more LESS efficient work and talk will be had all over the office - because us young whippersnappers think that being more efficient looks like equal work for all and with new technology we could do way more work than we are performing now - BUT ..... the meeting thoughts and ideas will eventually Fade into the place good ideas are kept.... and the universe will go back to not being efficient and we will have another deja veux meeting next month - It's much Like Groundhog's Day (the Movie)

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