Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's Not a Bad Day !!!!

It's not a bad day ... Have you ever felt or said "This must just be a bad day!"...... Reality of people suffering/coping with infertility - 1-CONTROL - (or lack there of) ...It's your body and it should work like the science books teach you in 5th grade. I can completely relate to this. That feeling of out of control-ness makes me way more crazy and feeling out of the sorts and just plain NOT NORMAL ... I was advised to find something (postive and healthy) that I can control - Something that allowed me to regain confidence and control over my own life with I am at the mercy of all the Dr's and treatments. (Including all our real life people that we interact with that all happen to be pregnant or are getting pregnant easily). It's serioulsy a hourly struggle for me - I was offered relaxation tapes - they are based on your menstration cycles - I took them at first not realizing how stressed I allow myself to get and thought I would never really get that relaxed with them, but i tell you - It's strange how it helps my mind relax when this lady talks to me and tells me what to do - it's just instructions to let yourself relax - and it has worked at times for me and It helps me feel more "in control". It's weird that in our "fast lane" society, we are never taught how to relax but told to relax ...... I am glad that I have times of relaxation .... just wish i can figure out how to bottleit up and take it with me all day so I don't have the urge to Kill those that piss me off. Anybody come up with a cure for the uncontrolled feeling that is legal ?

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