Sunday, February 4, 2007

TIVO .... I love you

Well, I am very unsure how to work all this in land of Blogger. It took me forever to figure out how to post a new post. I had to create a new blog in order to get to my dashboard. Well, hopefully I will figure out what I did to make this work for the next post.

Well lets get to my Favorite Subject: TV.

Shows I am watching: (thank God for the invention of TIVO)

Desparate Housewive's (which better start getting good or Im through with our relationship) - there is much useful space on my TIVO harddrive - C'Mon bring back dirt and quality entertainment from the first session

Brother's and Sisters -

Rome - ( history geek, I cant help it)

Grease, You're the One that I want - yes I should be ashamed of myself - labeled as guilty pleasures - and I think it ends really soon

Studio 60 - I dont know why But I am in love with this show - I just am

What about Brian - Yes I know again, I should be ashamed of myself - but its like a trainwreck ... you just cant stop watching and hoping and dreaming about a life like this

Gilmore Girls - I have to say I love this show the best- This show has gotten me through 6 Seasons - but lately I'd rather just not watch anymore - which makes me sad and feel like I am cheating on Lorilea or Rory - but I cant take the Luke has a daughter and she REALLY pisses me off - and Lane having sex one time on a beach in Mexico and now is having Twins - i mena C'MON REALLY - just drives up bad energy frommy psyche

Veronica Mars - (yeah yeah I'm stuck on cliche teenybopper shows) Believe it or Not, Im soooooo much better than last year. Which I am too ashamed to mention what shows I was watching ................................. (Laguna Beach, The Hills, One Tree Hill) - oh I should be mortified

Dirt-(a few episodes behind but WOW, what a killer show, I feel very "dirty" after watching

Friday Night Lights - If you missed this, you should be ashamed of yourself .... I mean seriously - Texas and Football - is there anything else In Texas (hahahaha)

Grey's Anatomy - Lately should be known as "Sob Fest"

Shows that I miss and wonder what happened to them: They are MIA - sent out the search party ....

6th Degress - man i was totally into this show and now what .. Its gone, with out saying goodbye and I can not find any info on it

Big Love - They were supposed to start back in January , Its February ....

What else is an infertile woman supposed to do to escape reality .... bring my show back ..... I need them .... my prrecious

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Diana said...

I'm just reading back to catch up on your blog and saw your comment about Big Love. My DH works on it and I am happy to tell you, it is scheduled to start in June. Enjoy!