Wednesday, February 14, 2007

60 BFN's ..And other mushy stuff

WOW, i never really thought about how many BPN's i have had in my journey. ... .... WOW is all I can say. It's a wonder that I still have any glimpse of hope .... It's not always rainbows and butterflies ... I need to stay out of Myspace Chat rooms .......

How does this make me feel ............. Like a Failure .... My closetest friend is 11 weeks pregnant and has starting telling people at work and i thought that I would not be bothered by this and I thought I'd be excited about it for her .......... and I am...... and even though i know that in 33 weeks she will have a baby, just hearing her excitement in her voice and having others be joyful with her - makes me very uncomfortable - and werided out ..... "this too shall pass"

On a funnier note - My most awesome and amazing husband got me a pick Ipod .... I know that yall do not know how much my husband is opposed to APPLE (some conspiracy I do not really understand) ... but he put his hatred for Apple away just long enough to make my valentine's day SOOo very exciting .... (and with this gift comes a very hilarious story) Since you do not know my husband, you do not realize how incredibly shy and quiet he is.. (unlike myself ..he really is the polar opposite to me -

Ok so, I got a phone call from my husband yesterday and it went something like this:
DH- "do you know what your cat did?"
Me- "well since you saidm "your cat" it's bad
DH- " Yes remember the gift your parents gave me to replace the one your cat chewed up?
Me- "Yes your headset, walkie-talkie for your computer game"
DH- "Welp she ate another one, she chewed the cord right at the base where you plug it into the computer AGAIN"
Me- "Hey I know what i can get you for valentine's day Now"

So i had to run to Target to get a peace offering and i got this stuff that you spray on stuff to deter pets from chewing ..lets hope it works - if not he said "kitty is gone"

But i get home with my peace offering and he hands me a gift ... i open it to find a "Strip Armband for an IPOD ...... OMG im totally excited but yet very confused ... i asked what i was going to do with that ... and then he pulls his other hand out from around his back........ A PINK IPOD .. weeeeeeeee

then he told me that he bought the IPOD and the sales clerk told him that he needed to get a case and asked what Kind I would like .. and w/o thinking ... he states "a strap on one" he said he immediately turned BEET RED and the sales clerk ( w/o missing a beat says , Sir, you are in the wrng store for that" ....

Hope all have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!! - i forgot to mention that we celebrated it yesterday because my husband works tonight --- 2 more days til he is done working 3-midnight Yeah mE

he tells me this story AFTER he gives me "the gift"

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