Friday, February 16, 2007

..... bang on the drum all day

Ooooooo DEAR GAWD – the first post I wrote was accidentally Erased ….

So what was I saying … hererrrm.

I believe I was explaining how my biological clock as has started ticking so loudly in February and I was wondering if anyone found the volume control … I’d like to mute mine for a few months … because I was SUPPOSED to be on a break

I wanted a break from Peeing on Sticks (POAS) Club. (not all pregnant stick, ovulations sticks too) In fact I have twitches and anxiety when it comes to POAS. I freak out cry and act all 2 year old like, stop breathing and do the “I don’t wanna” dance. Well. I told my husband in January I wanted a break and that I would let him know when I was ready to join the Medically TTC Club. After my intense fertility boot camp since June, I was emotionally drained and becoming this alarming unfamiliar monster.

I know, I know I said take a break and now I’m talking biological clocks and hearing that damn drum yammering away every minute of every day … can you imagine me at Best Buy “Excuse me, Can you lead me to the remote control department, I need to see if you have a Universal Remote for a 30 yr old Infertile NutJob?”

Ok so since I could not find a remote, I made an appointment to see a Reproductive Specialist. I have seen this Dr before because he is also a GYN, I was not thrilled with him. But he is close and this is a whole new ball of wax and I may like him and his opinion this time around. I did not like him the first time because I thought he was getting a little ahead of my situation – although I am going back there, I am very happy that I did not take his route because his route did not include “exploring my nether regions or taking a gander inside”. So I found an OB/GYN who would. .. SO we will if he has any opinions or advice I like this time. My appointment is Feb 21. Like in 5 days – So now I need to rally up some GOOD questions for him.. I have done all labs, laps, HSG, and stuffs (which are being faxed or mailed to his office as we speak) and I know that I want to ask about what my chances are for him to help me ovulate (since I believe that is hopefully my only problem) Help me …Please .. what else do I want to ask him ..other than how soon can he get he pregnant w/o selling everything I own and becoming homeless …. (just a consult is $315 – and my insurance will not cover it)

Ooh also, before I forget, I am not sure if this is for real but I am reposting (just incase it is) I want to pass it along. If anyone has any real information on this petition let me know. If it not real I will take it down off my post .. happy weekend everyone

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Reproductive Jeans said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog! I will definitely keep up with your journey. I hope the appt. with the RE goes well--I hate that our insurance doesnt cover zilch eitehr--we are currently figuring out what we are going to sell to finance all this! *sigh*
Sending lots of positive vibes your way, and Ill be interested to hear your update from the dr. appt.