Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seriously, And I Hate vegetables

I know that am over weight and have been TTC for 4 years + now - I did weight watcher's for 9 months and lost 65 lbs a few yrs ago. (and gained it back as soon as i didn't keep to a strict plan) BUT- knowing what i know now, I wish i was aware of the way your body metabolizes/uses different types of foods. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS - and I am reading up on Insulin and how the body stores/disperses/uses this AND what i have discovered is that although I did weight watchers and learned "to count points" I still was eating the wrong types of foods - even though i lost weight. I gained it back - On weight watchers- because my body was still storing the wrong types of foods- it was contributing to my insulin lvls and effecting the way i feel daily and hording the weight around my midsection. I really wish I would have been more educated or aware about PCOS from my DR - but she never once mentioned PCOS to me - she ran all kinds of bloodwork, test, laps, HSG, told me to lose weight, provided me clomid for 2 months and never once did she mention that maybe it was what i was eating and how i was eating.

My primary care physician does a full yearly physical every yr on me (for the past 3 yrs) and never once mentioned that my fasting insulin lvls or any lvls were out of the normal range, she just always stated that i need to lose weight, I'm over weight .,... OF course I need to lose weight, IM TRYING LADY !!!! BUT I go one visit to a fertility specialist and he just states that I have PCOS based on my previous records from my gyn's and primary care Dr offices' and that i need to be watching what types of foods i am eating etc and take Metformin.

I am frustrated that no one figured this out after the miscarriages and bad/weird periods, weight in the midsection .... I just don't understand why it took this long to figure out .. It is a huge setback for me. I don't want to the Fertility Dr to help me "get pregnant" and spend lots of money before tackle my Insulin problem. I really feel like i need to concentrate on my Weight and Insulin lvls .... here I am thinking that since all my chlorestral, and triglycerides and such are all checking out that I was healthy - SERIOUSLY -- I am very frustrated - Its overwhelming and i HATE vegetables ;)

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Reproductive Jeans said...

All I think about is food in "points"! It can get does work, but it is a LOT of work-good luck, and I am sorry that the dr. didnt pick up on the signs gets frustrating! Keep pushing forward!