Monday, March 5, 2007

"You're Just Fat, Get Over it and Exercise"

I hope that link will work. Those poor girl on the TODAY Show had a 93 lb ovarian tumor. (if the link doesnt work - im sure if you goggle 93 lb ovarian tumor - u will find her)

Here is my beef when dr.s' insist that all fat people are eatting the "bad" foods and leading lazy lifestyles and they should be ashamed of themselves for eatting the foods that put them in their own miserable situation. Don't get me wrong, I have not eatting brussel sprouts and tree bark for every meal but neither has all the thin/skinny people either. McDonald's isnt just getting rich off the "fat and lazy". Just because a person is thin may not always mean they are more healthy than an overweight person. Dr's REALLY need to be more sympathetic and do their job to all their patients. If not they are doing an injustice to their profession. I am sure that there are just as many good dr's as there are bad ones. and maybe i am taking this post out on my bad doctors that were all involved in helping me find out why I couldn't sustain a pregnancy and stay/get pregnant - they all blamed me for being over weight - not once thinking that I was overweight because of a system malfuction - a downward spiral of negative emotions and feelings.

I have just been worked up lately about the medical profession - I should back off because i need them to help me - but how.who.when do you trust them and thei infinate knowledge, experience, resources??

Here is an uplifting true story for all of us infertile - A girl on another board i read has had to have 1 tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy and multiple other issues - just got a BFP like a week after she just went to an RE and found out that there was less than 1% chance of them conceiving on her own and that hte DR told her that IVF would be the only way to get her pregnant!!! TAKE THAT you RE Specialist !! (I do hope for her that it is not another ectopic pregnancy) - sorry - today, I am just over Bad Dr's and the Insurance Factor that we all suffer from

I felt the need to post something positive - here is something I Stole from, Hope it will inspire you to trust God.

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My_Herstory said...

I totally agree with you! Apparently I don't like anything but fast food, and all I do is eat all the time and sit on my fat butt, just cause I'm O/W? Uhhh no! I have friends thinner than me who eat worse than I do... and believe me I've come a long way from how I was eating.
Anywho, wanted to drop a line on this post and say "That's right sister!". Ya took the words outta my mouth!