Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Rough .

loads of tmi questions about BF

Recently we have run into a reoccurring situation. My son has taken up chewing, biting, gumming anything that he can get in his mouth. Yes, this includes ME ... I has gotten used to the drool, gumming, biting for the most part. The kicker is this behavior does not stop when he nurses. He has bitten my nipple more times than I'd like to remember. It hurts like a mother ... He just chomps, bites and pulls on them. Sometimes he treats them like a dog w/a chew toy, shaking his head back and forth, side to side. (*yes there is plenty of milk) Instinct is to pull him off quickly and throw him .. .... BUT ......It actually hurts MUCH worse if i pull him off. I have tried the pushing his head towards me over and over and over. This seems to agitate the beast more and he bites harder .... On days like this, I am so very thankful there is a bottle that I can feed him from because he usually leaves my nipples so sore and tender for a good day after he decides to bite down on them.

I know he is not doing this out of spite ...but I can't help but get upset at him over it. I know he doesn't know he is hurting me but it hurts none the less. I am actually afraid he has damaged one of them pretty badly. When I pump, I notice that it is no longer pumping like it used to. It dribbles the milk out instead of a stream/squirts. His biting is making me more susceptible for yeast infections I think. I try to apply a hot/cold compress on them when I have time ... but Time is not something I have alot of most days.

On top of the yeast and hurting issues, It is making me dread feedings. i find myself being very apprehensive about breastfeeding him. (on top of the already timidity and lack of family support) I am so gun shy about being bitten again. I assume this is because he is teething .... Anyone else experiencing this, experienced this? Any tricks to help or will I get used to it so I can learn to grin and bear it?

I was bf-ing 3/4 times a day ... It seems like now as soon as he bites me, I stop and go get a bottle because it just hurts way too bad to get bite again


Kim said...

I think that you're technically supposed to unlatch him right away and say 'no biting!' firmly. Every time. Obviously he doesn't know what that MEANS, but the reaction and firm voice should teach him that what he just did is not good. Maybe if you're consistent enough doing that, he'll get the message. The only other thing that I can think of is that maybe he's not really hungry and just wants to 'play' with you ;o).

Jen said...

Ouch! That sounds extremely uncomfortable!

Christy said...

Ouch! Well I hope that he soon finds a more appropriate chew toy!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Lemy does something very similar to that. I assumed it was teething, but I'm still not 100% sure. I also notice she does it when she has gas/wants to poop. I've taken to giving her mylicon drops before a feeding and that helps. When she does it I generally unlatch and give her the pacifier because I think at that point she just wants to suck. She hardly ever spits out the paci so I'm thinking she just wants to cuddle and suck through her discomfort as opposed to feeding.

Give the paci a try and see if that helps. It's done wonders for me when she gets especially bitey.

Good luck! :) ((HUGS))

Marcy "meg" said...

Ouch... that does sound painful. Maybe teething?

Barb said...

I love how you say exactly what's happening to you unfiltered. It's one of the best things about your blog.

I was thinking as I started reading that I would probably get irrationally upset with my baby if he/she did that and that I would be all conflicted and gun shy. Then you went and said it! Even though I'm not in the situation, it makes me really identify.

Morrisa said...

Hmmm..no advice here but maybe he is done eating and just wants to "play"?

Mel said...

My mom told me my brother did this a lot and she would gently but firmly tap him on the head and say "NO." According to her, he got the point. She said it feels strange to scold your child at first, but there is no time like the present.
I am such a wuss when it comes to that region, I think I'd probably just switch to breast milk from the bottle all together. Ugh.
*hugs* and good luck

mo*reezy said...

I totally understand how you're feeling like you're dreading feedings. I don't think he has damaged you and that is hurting your supply - I've noticed that the more relaxed I am, the more milk I can pump. I have to intentionally relax - like literally say out loud "RELAX!" and make sure your shoulders aren't raised in tension.

As for the biting, everything I've read says to immediately unlatch the baby (using your finger, not just pulling him off), give a firm "NO" and end the nursing session immediately. He will not starve, I promise you, and he is old enough to be learning cause/effect. Ask the ladies at your BF support group if they have any other advice. I'll be praying for you!

Kathy V said...

My sister had this occur a few times. She would gently flick my niece on the cheeks. After my niece got flicked (gently) about two or three times, she stopped doing it and my sister has had no more problems. My niece has plenty more teeth now at fourteen months and my sister is still nursing so it obviously helped.

christina(apronstrings) said...

ohno that sounds awful. to be honest, were it me...if it didn't stop *i* would pump and bottle feed.
it probably doesn't help...but cate does the side to side thing when she has to burp-i wonder if taht is why he is doing the chew toy thing. (it freakin hurts to even type that!!!)
i hope you get him in line!

Elle Charlie said...

Ouch. I have no advice on this, but am certainly sorry to hear it. I can understand your frustration, even if he doesn't know/understand what he's doing. It's sometimes hard to remember that.

Geohde said...


The other ladies appear to have some good suggestions. I'd have no idea since I flunked at making boob juice.

Offering loads of virual support though,


Anonymous said...

I, too, was told to bring the baby even tighter to the breast (not to pull away) and to loudly say "NO" and end the feeding. Baby S has not bitten me yet, but I have a raging yeast infection in my breast and am having to pump/bottle feed, too.

We got Baby S a teething ring and keep it in the fridge, and when he really wants to chomp, he likes the cold sensation.

Poor MT! Poor you!

Rachel Inbar said...

I also say NO and end the feeding. Offering a bottle may be counterproductive. It doesn't take many times of saying NO for it to work (otherwise almost no babies would be breastfed once they have teeth)