Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Anyone know what today is ... Yes July 1 - My Due Date!! And Baby A (aka Monkey Toes' (or MT) - yes he know has a nickname) is 3 weeks old today.
(3 weeks ago) Photobucket

The changes that have happened are amazing.

  • He went from not sucking and having trouble eating to 3oz. He has gotten much fuller in the body. (do you know I haven't taken a picture of him w/o a outfit/blanket on, I am going to do that today) I cannot wait to weigh him. I may take him to a grocery store scale today and see if I stand on it and then stand on it with him, If i can see about how much he weighs now.
  • His belly button fell off yesterday (took 20 days). He can now have his first real bath instead of the lil bird baths he was getting.
  • He is sleeping great
  • I have only called the pediatricians office 2 times.
  • He does have an irritated lil booty. The dr's office told me to stop using wipes and switch to either toilet paper/wet paper clothes and wet wash clothes to wipe then apply something with zinc oxide on his lil red bum. It looks like after a day of this, it is getting better. If not I will be calling again before Friday. He does have his one month appointment the 9th
  • He loves to suck on his tongue and fingers
  • His hair is turning a shade of red, he has the most beautiful long red eyelashes.
  • He was laying on his floor gym the other night and grabbed at the toys overhead to pull on them - I wish I had the video camera. That was so cool to see.

*I am oh so forgetful, there are so many more changes my lil brain sits down to blog and it goes blank. If there is anything else, I will be back to update or post another*

As for my pumping - it took a nose dive in supply about 3 days ago. I am now still pumping every 2 hours, using a hospital grade rented pump (this one) MT has latched on to breastfeed about 5 times now. He still is having a hard time understanding that he can get milk out of them - he latches on for about 2-5 mins then I have to get his re-latched (?) while he is alil fussy and seems to get alil frustrated. My OB gave me some pill to try also. This morning I had my best pump session in 4 days - So I am hoping the efforts are starting to work.

The OB appointment was very standard and routine. (except for discussing breast milk supply and her encouraging me to see a lactation consultant). I will be seeing her again in 4 weeks and I still hope all is going smoothly still.

(I am hoping to get a good picture of Me and baby today to post. I have to wait until E wakes up)


Mel said...

Happy 3 week birthday, MT!!
He sounds like such a joy, I cannot even imagine how much fun you are having. I cannot wait for the new photos.

Jen said...

He is just so cute! I demand more pictures so that I can see how much he's grown in three weeks!

Amy said...

Happy 3 week birthday! Yes, yes...more pics please!

Shelby said...

Happy 3 weeks! Wow time flies!

Have you tried a layer of vaseline for the diaper rash? Seth had horrible bleeding, cracking diaper rash, and his day care teacher suggested switching from wipes like you said, but also to use a layer of vaseline and then diaper rash ointment on top of that. It keeps the wetness/poop from getting into it as easily. After 1 day, we noticed a huge difference.

T-Mommy said...

The time goes by so fast, doesn't it?... Three weeks already, wow!

Don't worry too much for the sensitive skin. My daughter R, has also very sensitive skin and after I started using the zinc cream it got really better and I continue to use the wipes but do apply the cream every time I change her diaper.

About the milk supply, it is also normal to have good days and bad days. As long as you don't stop pumping and/or nursing your supply will continue. Do not worry and keep on the great job!

I am so happy everything is going great.

Jen said...

3 weeks, wow how time flies! It sounds like you are doing well and mt is the cutest little guy. The hospital grade pumps work the best. All good news!

Lissa said...

With the rash, if you just wipe him with warm water and a soft wash cloth that can help, also with my kids I made my own mix of ointment - i mixed Boudreux's butt paste with the corn starch powder - just enough in the palm of your hand and apply - PS I know people say don't put powder directly on the baby because it starts floating around everywhere, thus mixing it in the palm of your hand - Congrats !!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

He is just too cute! I love the picks and all the changes are so exciting! :)

Amber said...

Just adorable. Breastfeeding was the hardest thing at first. Then all of the sudden I was like, " What was so hard about it?" But if was hard. See the consultant. I did and it made all the difference.

And I want to say how impressed I am with all the effort you are making Pumping every 2 hours sucks. By the time you pump and clean up it's time to pump again.

Sugar&Ice said...

That's the same pump I rented after Lila was born. Have you tried a nipple shield? That was the only way I ever got Lila to the point where she would actually breastfeed. They were a lifesaver for us. Medela makes them as well.

Kathy said...

Happy due date and A being three weeks old to you, A and E!!! He is adorable and you look so sweet Mommy Farah holding your precious son in that picture! Love, Kathy

Adriane said...

He is just adorable. Love the red hair. Can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!!

Hope the nursing gets better. You're doing great!!!

Kathy V said...

Farah, A is looking so cute. I am glad he is doing well. Sorry to hear that the breast pumping is not going so well. Maybe that is just a temporary problem. Hopefully all continues to go well. Glad the little guy is growing and getting bigger.

sara said...

Monkey toes, I love it! That's really cool about reaching up to touch a toy - amazing how fast they develop. The play mat thing - is that the one that is a bouncy and transforms into the mat, and does like one other thing. It's like a 3 in 1 system? If it is I looked at that and I think when I get up the balls to register I may want that one. It looked cool. I'm glad the appointment went well, and I hope the pumping keeps improving over the next few days :-)

Marcy "meg" said...

Happy 3 weeks!!! I just love reading your updates and seeing all the new pictures. Sounds like things are going very well.

Anonymous said...

How amazing is it to be holding your little one now? After all that you went through to get where you finally are...how amazing!!!

Good luck with the pumping and the diaper rash! Monkey toes...hee hee...how cute!