Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is how we roll

Baby A's annoucements where ordered from here.

Tomorrow at 9:45 am ish will be 3 weeks from when my water broke at the peri's office. I can not believe how much time is flying by.

Here he is (i won't make you wait til the end of the post for a pic):Photobucket

I have an post delivery appointment with My OB today. I am not really sure what to expect. I am sure its an in and out appointment. I am still injecting lo.ven.ox for another 3 weeks. I am sure this is probably why I am going back every 2 weeks instead of waiting the full 6 weeks like most. (because we all know I am THAT/difficult/not normal patient) I am going to ask her if I can start taking my Met again.

I really do feel fantastic. I haven't had many hormonally induced cries like I expected to have. I just love this sweet baby so much. The bleeding has tapered off quite a bit - Which I am way grateful for. Baby A is eating more, so I am having to be very diligent with my pumping to make sure his needs are being met. I am pumping every 2-3 hours to try to up my milk supply. The pump I have (was bought used) and it does not allow me to double pump. I may be going to the hospital tomorrow to see about renting one. I am told that double pumping is the way to go. We'll see.

We haven't ventured out much with Baby A yet. We have ran a few errands. Our laptop died so it was a much to run to the nearest computer store so E could get something to try and fix it (which didn't happen - good thing for a manufactured warranty - a new one is in the mail and should be here shortly) Baby A does love his car seat/stroller for what little outings we have done. I have walked around with him in the sling also - which is his favorite thing I believe. A few friends from college highly suggest a slin.g, Anyone know anything about those? I think my friend has one, I may ask to try hers out.

My parents are obsessed. Absolutely must see their grandbaby EVERY day. (which has mostly happened) There have been a few days that I haven't been over there - but they came over here instead. Trying to pump and keep up supply and keep the grandparents happy has been a bit challenging. I am afraid for those that encounter my parents - they can ONLY have Baby A conversations and show everyone their slide shows on their phones and palm pilots .... Sickening Huh ..

I was asked about what products I deem a must have - In all my 3 weeks of parenting, here is my list:

a little spiral notebook to write down the days schedule: I write the date on the top of the page, we count poop and pee diapers, what time and how much we fed him, (sometimes record naps), I also record if he did anything like sucking fingers, eye contact, etc - This helps gage what he did while I was sleeping and when he needs to be fed again etc. It also helps me see if there is a pattern or it may help me indicate irregularities to ask the dr's about.

Diapers - We have gone through ~172 diapers since we have been home. (17 days; about 10/11 diapers a day)

Bottles - (unless you plan on breastfeeding) - i would still consider having 1 or 2 bottles on hand and Formula (if you are nursing or planning on nursing this store is having a sale on nursing bras.)

Bottle Warmer - the cheapest at bru has been awesome for us thus far

Boppy pillow or boppy lounger - It has really been the greatest gift thus far - because A likes to be propped up in it and talk to us. ( buy an extra cover just in case)

A place for your baby to sleep -

I have enjoyed having a changing table and all the necessities in one location. If you have a changing pad, buy 2 covers, one will be in the wash soon ..Trust me

Diaper Genie II & refills- greatest invention!

Blankets & Swaddles - absolutely the greatest. The tighter the wrap the better it seems. It is June in FL. HOT and humid do not begin to describe this kind of weather and this kid loves being wrapped up tight while napping. I didn't receive many blankets and have had to run to the store or send my parents for more blankets (we are using the thermal/waffle ones) They are light and comfy.

Burp Clothes - If you think you have enough - Buy 1 more pack. They are good for just about anything you can think of. (and you don't run out)

Soft wash clothes - This has helped with the blocked tear duct and sponge bathing until his umbilical cord falls off

Alcohol & non stick cotton pads - for umbilical care

Swing - He absolutely Loves it.

Onesies - Baby A does not like to be nekkid- He likes to be clothed. I bought a pack of 10 newborn ones and that has kept us well stocked - because I have to do a lil boy load of laundry about every day anyways it seems

Of course: Camera, patience, an extra hand, lots of love and flexibility. The best part, for me, is figuring it all out. Figuring what works for you (even if the books say it's bad, or scarring, or insert whatever stereotyping here)

Be willing to eat crow, be forgiving to yourself, be patient with yourself (and your significant other) and ask for help when you need it. Enjoy it for what it is and what it isn't.


Natalie Jane said...

Congrats congrats. What a beautiful baby!

lub said...

Very good list. Its amazing how much you need and how many things you don't that you thought you might! I love those waffle blankets to swaddle! Also, thanks for the tip on the bra sale! I am in need. ;)

My_Herstory said...

Ohhhh a list, that's good to read through! I was actually just telling a friend I did't really know the 'little' things I needed to get. Thanx for the help! hehe

Sugar&Ice said...

You are so right about the boppy. So many moms assume it's just for breastfeeding, but we used it for everything. My husband would even use it to hold Lila so his arms wouldn't get tired.

I rented a double pump for the first month...seems like it was about $75.00. Then I purchased a Medela Pump in Style on Ebay, brand new, for $150...awesome deal, best baby purchase I made. It is awesome. I used it constantly when I was pumping at work.

Stacy said...

I preferred my pouch sling over the ring sling but I know people who love thier ring slings. I ahve one you can try out. I made one for KA so if you see her before me you may be able to borrow hers. If you want one I have an extra set of rings and can make you one. Te ring slings are more adjustable than the pouch slings. I made one for KA's friend this weekend. It's easy to do.

Cindi said...

Your son is adorable! It sounds like things are going terrific for all of you!

Adriane said...

Love the pics of Baby A! what a great list - I am bookmarking this post for later on. I must admit, I didn't get any slings, and I'm reconsidering this now. Thanks for the info!!

christina(apronstrings) said...

i am printing the list as we apeak. it sounds like things are only getting ebttter and that you all are adjusting just fine. phew.

LJ said...

Is it wrong that I think this is the coolest list ever?

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

THANK YOU for the list. Very helpful!

I'm so happy things are going so smoothly with Baby A. Love the pic. He is beyond adorable!

Katie said...

Thanks for the tips! I am sure each baby is little different, but it's still good to know what's working for you.

Good luck at the OB appt!

Jen said...

Good list! I'll write it down.

sara said...

Cute baby, Baby A has the cutest most alert eyes as if he's say, "hello world, I see you!" I like your list, it is very good info for those mom's to be like me! I'm glad you were able to rent a pump that you like. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck at your OB appointment!


sounds like you guys are doing great! hugs!

Marcy "meg" said...

Thanks so much for the list!!!! It helps more than you know.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Just reading that list and seeing where you brings such tears of happiness to my eyes. :-)

And of course I'm taking notes! ;-)