Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Adjustments

  • We are still supplementing feeds with this formula suggested by our pediatrician. 2 days ago we ran out of the ready to eat form and decided to try the powder form. So far so good, except I have decided that it would be best to pre-mix before putting it in his bottles. Since I am using these bottles, trying to find a b*P*A free container to mix the powder formula in has been difficult and involved some creative thinking. I emailed that company in hopes for future customers to not have a hard time finding a b*p*a free formula mixing pitcher. My creativity has not paid off yet but I remembered this product, and tomorrow, I am going to the sporting goods store to purchase one. (this is not product endorsement, I just want to help those that may be in a similar dilemma
  • MT had his first boat ride to see fireworks on the 4th. He was so good while we were on the boat. I just put him in my sling and he just hung out. (

    click on view all images)
  • E is going back to work tomorrow! I am feeling pretty sad about that. He calms me, reassures me and helps out so much. We will figure it out on our own. I will build my confidence level. I will learn to go with my instincts.
  • I ran out of size o diapers so I thought I would use the size 1's. They look so huge on him even though we used a size 1 diaper from the hospital. I love the diapers we used in the hospital. They have a yellow indicator line that turns blue when the baby has peed. In the beginning, when it is hard to tell, I loved that feature. I asked the nurse what kind they were and she told me she believed that they were only sold to hospitals.. I finally found the diapers the hospital used.
  • We have discovered that MT has super sensitive skin and developed an aversion to his wipes and a chaffed bottom. We have been using wet tp and this diaper cream suggested by my pediatrician. I LOVE it. It has helped clear it up pretty well. It is expensive and I am going to ask on Wednesday about others to use on a day to day basis, or if we even need to do it on a day to day basis.
  • His blocked tear duct seems to be doing much better, but now I am worried that his belly button is infected and not healing right.
  • We had the best bf'ing latch tonight - YEAH!! He even wanted to bf. He still only wants to suck on one side. (it was the side he usually hates) I switched sides and he cried and cried. BUT he did latch and it was nice!
  • Ever since delivery, I have had an involuntary twitch in my left leg. It just does a quick spasm or involuntary twitch once in a while. I am going to ask the dr's about this
  • I have found a weird line of lumps where I was alternating sides of injecting the lo.veno.x. E thinks I have an internal bruise, I have stoped using these sides and have gone to different areas until I can get a Dr to look at it.

I am so sure there are other things - I just simply can't remember. I swear I am not product endorsing. I know everyone has different stuff that works for them and their children - this is just what is working for us for now.

Thank you so much for the encouraging emails and comments and prayers/thoughts for my mother. We will get through it, we have gotten through it before - It just takes time and medication until we can get a dr to help us and vice versa.


christina(apronstrings) said...

i love the pics. the sling look neat. i hope you all had fun on the boat.

wanttobeamom said...

Thanks for sharing your bpa free bottle ideas. I just thought I would share this link with a list of bpa free baby stuff:

I didn't see a pitcher there but your water bottle idea was a good one. Also, you might try Nalgene products. They are also bpa free.


Jen said...

Hi Fara! I love sharing product idea's. It helps to hear what other's are using! I am using the playtex drop in bottles, cheaper than born free and bpa free. I also am using balmex diaper cream, love it and it's a little cheaper than bordeaux's. You can buy the camelback's at target. I used with the twins, a pitcher from pampered chef, but I don't know if it's bpa free. Also, be sure to go enfamil website and sign up for coupons.

Jen said...

this is the link to the pitcher, doesn't say if it's bpa free though. :)

Heather said...

I don't know what you are paying for the butt paste or how much you go through...but you can order the 16 oz online from walmart for $17.88...and it can come shipped to you or ship to store.

Jen said...

It looks like you had a great Fourth of July boat party!

Marcy "meg" said...

I love your product ideas. They help alot. There is so much stuff to know out there, that when someone says one thing or another helped them, it makes it nice!

Love the boating pictures!

gracechild said...

I had this site bookmarked for BPA info. YOu may wanna take a look. & thanks for the info on the color change diapers. I'll definitely be bookmarking that as well

Katie said...

I love your product recommendations. I didn't know about the indicator on the diaper. Gonna have to get some of those now!

Be sure to let us know what the doc says about those lumps and the leg twitch!

Mommy Someday said...

Thanks for sharing, Farah! I would love to know more about your breastfeeding/pumping endeavors. I can't decide which way to go -- I think I am more of a pumper, but I'm not sure!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a good latch! Go little man (and Mommy)!

I love that you're sharing all the things that work for you. I'm definitely going to have to try the diapers with the indicators!!!

I know you'll do wonderfully when E goes back to work. Of course you'll both miss him, but you are a wonderful mother and you'll both adjust!

I hope the bumps are merely an internal bruise and that the doctor has a simple explanation for the leg twitches!

lub said...

Oh my is he ever adorable! My little girl swims in 0-3 month clothes too. I can't wait for her NB clothes to be snug and to go up a size in diapers!!! Ironically FJ is going to work today too (just for a few hours though). I can't get to your pics from the 4th. It says that the site is not available. I hope your day alone went well!

sara said...

Thanks for the diaper and diaper cream info. I need to start writing down suggestions! I'm really glad that things are going well - and I hope that your first day with your husband back at work went okay. It's cool that our husbands sound so much alike :-)

Jennifer {[]} said...

What adorable pictures! I can empathize with the clothing issue. We have about 6 outfits that we rotate between the girls, because they swim in EVERYTHING! I think I'm going to try today and return all the 3 month Carter's stuff we had bought, because there is no way they'll be wearing the summer stuff. They still swim in some newborn stuff, but they'll catch up! I'm just glad I didn't take tags off of anything larger!

Congratulations on getting into the swing of a routine... you'll be out and about more in no time! Good luck with the adjustment as your DH goes back to work. You can do it!

Kathy V said...

The leg twitches may be a slight case of restless leg syndrome. I think some people get it during pregnancy because of the stress on your legs. Thanks for sharing your product endorsements. That gives us an idea of what to keep in mind later.