Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blue Light Special

mostly weekend re-cap - very little p-word until the purple font but mostly embarrassing symtpoms

I have been meaning to jot this down since Saturday. My co-worker informed me that the b.lue lig.ht spe.ci.al store was having huge sales. I haven’t been in the bl.ue l.ight s.pecia.l store in probably 15 yrs. She said she saw maternity clothes for $3. Um that was all I needed to hear to run out and see what I could find. I work in a job that I am allowed to wear “regular clothes” 90% of the time. We have lab coats, uniforms, bdu’s and other protective coverings but, no matter how hard you try, you will get something on you. It’s just part of the job. So I have clothes I wear to work and clothes that are not for work. Some are in the same category and some are not.

So when I hear $3 I immediately think – SAVINGS – who cares if I get stuff on them, I can throw them away if I can’t get it out. I ended up with 4 pair of jeans(pants) and one shirt all for $22. That, my friends, is a steal. I have a clothes addiction – Much like having a purse addiction and shoes addiction …. I LOVE clothes.. I usually LOVE expensive clothes. But Saturday, I was diggin’ the more economical side of clothes shopping. Especially since I am almost in that 3rd trimester – I call that the home stretch. (I still should ask my dr, when they start counting a pregnancy in the 3rd trimester- However I did love Nancy’s answer of 26w6d! That just tickles my fancy! Thanks Nancy.)

Ok so after My super savings, I decided that I needed to celebrate with a pedicure.. I mean what else is a girl to do on a rainy day in Fl. So I tried out this new salon ….. OMG worst pedicure I have ever had … SOoooooo very uncomfortable. I was highly disappointed. I should state that I am a girl that has received many pedicures in my lifetime. I think pedicures are simply divine. I haven’t had one since pregnancy. I was afraid of all the hoopla. Wouldn’t you know it – this lady made my feet bleed. She scrubbed incredibly too hard on the side of my foot with those pu.mi.ce st.on.es. I was a nervous wreck after that. I have since been cleaning it with p.er.ox.ide and ne.osp.r.oin. I asked the peri yesterday and he assured me it looked ok. But I just can’t help but feel a little worried. But the toes are blue and lovely! But you can bet I will never be back there.

I am 26 weeks today. I am definitely larger than before. I am feeling it. I am only up 2 more lbs since my last ob appointment. That’s a total of 8 lbs. ( I am still blaming 1 of those lbs on Mini –since he is getting bigger and I had plenty of extra room to start off with) My sciatic nerve has its moments of hate but mostly controllable by sitting down and putting my legs up. The weirdest thing that I can think of – no, one of the weirdest things I can think of is that by the end of the night,(tmi alert) I have this weird pressure feeling on my pubic bone (I guess that’s where it is) that causes me to have a hard time opening my legs up ( yes I typed that). Like when getting in a car, or walking up stairs, getting out of the bed ..etcs. that movement .. the pressure and doing those actions are noticeable uncomfortable. The other weirdest thing I can describe is – the automatic pee button. This is what my husband and I are calling it. Mini either moves or kicks or does some kind of C.hin.ese wa.ter to.rt.ure trick that can instantly make me pee myself…. (YES, I am doing k.egal.s-have been for weeks) Friday night, going to run an errand, I was on the cellphone with E, locking the door, had my sunglasses and purse in hand – ya know being ultra coordinated. And the automatic pee button was tripped – I dropped everything, desperately tried to get back inside to the restroom and did not make it. I was laughing so hard that It did not help matters at all. Last night, E and I were taking 26 week pics and he made me laugh so hard that I almost did it again … I was so mad at him.. and he – just kept snapping pics while I was wobble running to the bathroom … Boy is he going to get it.

Also – shower talk is in the works. I have to say that I know I posted my fears about that – there are still in the back of my mind, but I am really excited also. Now only if I could get the courage to order
this dress … It is hard to justify spending money on a maternity dress when it won’t be worn much. (plus my husband keeps reminding me that the ribbon is pink – and I keep reminding him I AM still the Queen of The Pink)


Kathy V said...

That dress is so cute. Atleast you can justify it because you only spent $22 at the blue light special store and you got a bunch of things.

I am sorry but your automatic pee button stories made me laugh out loud. Atleast I know what to expect in a whole bunch of weeks.

Sorry to hear that you had a miserable experience during the pedicure. The toes look cute though.

Have a great Day!

Katie said...

Yeah, I am also sorry to admit some laughter at the pee button. But since I imagine my own pee button will be pretty active as well, I stopped laughing pretty darn quick!

Showers, yes. The actual putting a date on the calendar really scares the freak out of me, and yet, even with my due date still so freakin' far away, everyone keeps trying to plan. We already have one on the books for June 14, can you believe that? It scares me, but what can you do.

And your poor toe!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I agree with going on the cheap for maternity clothes. I plan to do the same. They don't have to be great quality - the only reason to buy great quality is when you hope to wear them for a long time. Since that is not the case here, I agree that your purchases were an absolute steal. And I plan to follow your lead!!!

I love your TMI discussions. They are always so funny and help me to know what I am probably in for down the road. But, man, have you heightened my resolve to do the kegel exercises. Imagine if you didn't do them! :-)

Glad you are doing well!!


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

Oh, I forgot to comment on the pedi. Like you, I have had many in my life and love them. So it always sucks when you get a bad one. At least your toes look great. And, unlike the Arctic where I live (aka Boston, Massachusetts,) you can wear open shoes right now. It's only 40 degrees today. *Sigh*

To say that I was jealous would be an understatement....


Chas said...

I never could find many worthy maternity clothes at the "blue light" store. Maybe they've gotten better.

Never in my life have I had a pedicure...and I hope that when I do get one that they don't make me bleed!

Sorry to hear you're peeing yourself lately, lol. I have been there myself, though it didn't start until after giving birth for me. It does go away for most of us though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel :).

Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Definitely buy the dress!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the wonderful blue-light-deals!!!

E needs to remember that you're dressing for your gender, not Mini's. Hahaha! I absolutey love the dress and think you should go for it!

I'm sorry you got such a horrible pedicure, but at least your toes look cute. Don't you love flip flop weather! :-)

Kegel Kegel Kegel!!!!

seussgirl said...

I agree with those who say - get the dress! Anything that makes you feel cute at this point is worth it, right?
My shower is finally next weekend, when the boys will have already have been here for 3.5 weeks; how's that for weird? What does one wear to THAT shower? :)

Mel said...

Dude-love the BLUE toes to match Mini's gender color!!! That is awesome!!! :)
That dress is too cute, buy it!! You only live once and this if your baby shower, so major! Enjoy every second of it.

sara said...

That dress is super cute, I think you should get it. What the hell...you never know when you'll get to wear something more than once. Some things like a dress for a shower you definitely should treat yourself to. I love it!

lub said...

What a cute dress! I need to buy something soon for a wedding in April and I am dredding spending the mula... I don't have the pee buttom prob yet but that is too funny! I am glad all is well with you and Mini!

christina(apronstrings) said...

$3! i'm there!love the cute little toes.

Sunny said...

I LOVE the dress!

Diana said...

Oh that dress is sooooo pretty!!! Buy it! Buy it!!!

Anns said...

Love the dress - get it... splurge, enjoy it and remember that you may be able to use it again in the future!

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

oh my gosh- you are so close!!!! I'm so happy that you've made it to the home stretch!

A New Beginning said...

Husbands can be so sweet sometimes! I love the dress. I think you should go for it. It is just like a wedding dress, but you spent much more on that for only one wear as well. SO there's justification for you.

Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

That dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you, too, have only gained 8 lbs. I was not tiny to begin with, so gaining a lot of weight would not be a good thing, but still.

Your toes look great! I love funky colors in the summer, and you are clearly in summer weather.

Congrats on the 26th week mark! Hooray!

vamplita said...

I'd spotted that adorable dress a couple of weeks ago, when I decided to entertain myself by looking up places to buy maternity clothes for myself, on the outside chance I get preggers within the next millenium. :oÞ

I say, "buy that party frock, m'dear! You earned it after being so frugal at K-Mart!"

My_Herstory said...

The dress is soooo cute! Spoil yourself a little, you deserve it! Think of how beautiful you'll look with your mummy tummy! We wanna see a picture after you buy it! hehe
Pedicure, my friend B goes for pedicures every now and again, we've already talked about going together. It'll be my first ever pedicure! I am a little excited hehe.

Kim said...

I swear, I was laughing WITH you not at you during the pee button story.

Also, love the dress! You have my vote.

Marcy "meg" said...

Oh sorry about the pedi incident! Those are usually really good :(

I need to think about my shower attire too! A dress sounds perfect!

My granny bought me two shirts from the blue light special store and they are cute!!!

Adriane said...

You got some great deals at the bue light special store. That is fabulous!!! I can't believe how expensive it is to get a completely new, maternity wardrobe!!

Funny pee button stuff. Cracks me up.

Barb said...

Cute toes. :)

The wobble/run comment made me laugh. :)

tryingin2007 said...

that dress is adorable! get it!

your post made me want to get my toes done (ohhh, it's been awhile and I have crazy "winter feet.") I'm sorry the appointment was not ideal. cute color though.

the automatic pee button is terrifying me! just the thought! is this my future?