Monday, March 17, 2008

That was a weekend of sorts

I been being to post this – someone asked what site I use to track things on my blog. I use this site.

Pre-paring for baby speak - skip to purple to avoid it

I should state that lately, I find it hard to make any decision. ANY … simple ones that really do not matter a hill of beans …. I just do not seem that confident decision maker I was a few months ago. E blames it on me always being tired and in a fog.

Ok so Friday night, we headed out crib shopping with a book of resources in hand. I should go on the record saying that I believe that many of these options/choices/purchases that present themselves to be made for preparing for baby are mostly lead and played up severely by the emotional aspects more so than then being absolutely necessary or vital. *maybe this is because I have much to learn or because this journey drug me across a few million speed bumps along the way to get to where we are. Aloud to actually make choices.* But I have been tryin to make decisions that are not based on emotinal and hormonal aspects and not because "all the cool and great mommies are doing it" - Sometimes it reminds me of being in middle school all over again and I HATED middle school coolness competitions.

Ok so we were standing in the Babies are Them furniture section surrounded by a few choices – we look over and found one that we think is a match. Then the waffling begins. It’s not the BEST … the BEST is $X amount of dollars. My husband chimes in that the lower priced crib will get us through the next ~2 yrs that we need it to get through. It is not a family heirloom we are buying and this crib will most likely never have another baby to sleep in it. It is not a death trap and will not affect his SAT scores. He reminded me that we were there to look for the criteria that “I” had listed on a sheet on paper and this crib fit all those criteria. (Thank God, for rational husbands) So after much “are you sure’s”, “will you be happy and content with is purchase”, we purchased the crib. It is now in my spare bedroom in a box. Cross another to do thing off my list. Here is what it will look like when it’s put together:


Saturday, we went to my parent’s house. E helped my dad redo the flower beds with new decorative rocks and such. I sat on the patio swing and read this new book. So far it’s really good and I recommend it.

Sunday – Well Sunday was supposed to be an eventful day. WE had a list of errands to run but the day had other plans for us. I decided that I wanted a salad from
this restaurant. We have one located in our mall and I needed to return a few clothes that I ordered that I did not like – so it killed 2 birds with 1 stone. We went – we ordered, we sat, and sat, and sat… Well I made a few trips to the salad bar but .. People that came in after us had started receiving their orders, and we still sat foodless… I finally asked to speak to the manager and explained that we came in way before these people and still had no food or explanation why our order was taken longer – he explained to me that the kitchen was short and apologized. I explained to him even if the kitchen was short -shouldn’t people who were there first be accompanied before others – about that time our waitress comes RUNNING over with an order and puts it on our table. It was NOT even close to anything we ordered. I calmly explained that was not what we ordered and that I had enough and we would go somewhere else because we had sat there for 45 mins and still did not have the right order. He assured me there right order would be out in nano-seconds and that our bill was free. So the waitress went in the kitchen and came out with the EXACT same food she tried to deliver to us when the manager was there – I did not have the patients to gain explain to her that was not our order. She was all confused as to why I was aggravated and we got um and left the restaurant. I have never in all my #0 some odd years EVER just walked out. But now I can add that to the list of things I have done. We left and received better service here.. Not as healthy, but I needed some protein and dessert bad after that encounter.


Kristen said...

I'm loving the crib! It is beautiful. I have to agree with your hubby on the crib issue. I fell in love with a crib at PBK but the price tag made me just about faint. DH and I do alright in Ikea so I figure our little guy can live with a DaVinci or similar brand that is functional and stylish without breaking the bank :)

I'm so sorry about your restaurant experience. Nothing like making a pregnant woman wait for food! I'm glad you got a DQ fix though. We all need those once in a while.

Shelby said...

Congrats on the crib! It's adorable!!

Great book too- I read it a bit ago. Apparently they'll be turning it into a movie too! I can't wait for that!

Sorry you had a bad experience at RT. I think it's worst when you're hungry, pregnant, tired, and just want your food, and see everyone else getting their food first. And then they bring the wrong thing.

Kathy V said...

Sounds like the restaurant service was a disaster. I love both of those food places. Although I have never had an experience like that one. The second one is one of the best. By the way, I know that it is not your bedding, but that is one of my bedding choices. I don't think you can really go wrong with the light colored wood crib.

christina(apronstrings) said...

ewwww, LOVE IT.

Barb said...

Great comments on the baby purchasing stuff. Very interesting and insightful.

The book looks very good! I may have to read it! :) Thanks for putting it up there.

And UGH on the service. MAN do I hate that. I always understand difficulties. What I do NOT understand is when they don't apologize and/or try to explain and listen to you. I've done food service. It's possible. sigh.

Barb said...

P.S. Crib is pretty!

Diana said...

YAY on picking out the crib!!! That looks great!

Mel said...

Love me some DQ, sister. Did you get a blizzard?

The crib rocks. I cannot wait to see photos of your nursery!!

Jackie said...

Hey, love the crib. On a related note, the bedding pictured is the same that we got for our nursery, "Zanzibar". It's pretty cute and totally neutral, so it can be reused.
Hey I let myself get too hungry and went thru the McDonald's drive through. I sure paid for it later. I hope your future experiences in dining establishments go better!

Kate said...

I like the crib!

My_Herstory said...

The crib is beautiful!
The restaurant sounded frustrating to say the least. My husband is a freak when it comes to bad service and or food at restaurants. I have never known anyone that gets so much free stuff if the order is messed up *hehe*. Bonus for me, food is good lol.

Chas said...

Let me tell you why you guys made a good decision in not buying a super high end crib. Of all the moms I know, half of their cribs look like they've been through the ringer. I can't tell you how many have teeth marks all over the rails! When these babies start teething, they chew on ANYTHING!! Wait until the kid is older and you can get him a really nice bed that he can use until he moves out!

sara said...

First of the crib. I have a special place in my heart for sleigh cribs, especially in that color! Second of all, a little DQ always does a body good. My first real job ever was as DQ girl and I make a mean blizzard. In fact, maybe I'll write more about it since I was tagged by Jen..more updates to follow :-) Third...I can't believe you have only 105 days to go! Wowwy wow! That's great! I saw that book at Target last caught my eye..maybe after I finish the 9 other books I have sitting on my shelf at home. I'm terrible about starting books and not finishing them. Glad to hear all is well :-)

Marcy "meg" said...

Love the crib!