Tuesday, April 15, 2008

29 Weeks

  • Yes, It's that time again. p-word with a pretty cool video
  • I am 29 weeks.
  • We used my digital camera to record a poor quality video of Mini kicking up a storm 2 nights ago. I just love seeing and feeling that. I am told that I am going to miss those things. I may. Right now, it just all feels somewhat like a Sci-Fi movie. (stole the idea from kristen)I debated posting it, it sorta looks like I am not wearing any clothes - but i swear I am. Here it is, you've been warned:
  • I still haven't heard back from my OB about the test results. I am still holding my breath in nervousness.
  • I have been pretty headache free up until a few days ago. These heachaches are absolute killer
  • Acne is back with avengence. I had to change face scrubs again.
  • I am working on my I,pod play list to take to the hospital - any suggestions? Soothing music? What are your choices?
  • What kind of sleep clothes are best to take to the hospital? Gown, button up, no buttons, pull on, top/ bottom set? ..Help
  • It was a busy weekend doing nothing. Ever had one of those? Ran lots of errands and getting no where fast.
  • I semi wanted to get the crib up but I was veto'd and told it would be done at a later date ... Whatever
  • I notice I am good to go from about 9am-4pm. After that, I just crash.
  • My husband reminded me how long "it's" been - poor guy. He just needs to hang in there. I know it has been rough on us but I am busy making sure all things continue to be great with as little anxiety as possible
  • Someone asked about my dreams - they are bizarre and usually have absolutely no point what so ever. Some I remember, some I don't. Last nights dream was Me at a friends house, her grandmother (who was actually a character in a book i am reading) was terrified by my eyebrowns and began pluking them. WEIRD - I just reently had them done along with the horrible pedicure. My eyebrows look decent right now ...
  • I need to post a picture, I think the bump is traveling - or moving south or relocating. I need your vote.
  • There weren't any super fun facts about 29 weeks that I could find. It was all about stretch marks, vericose veins and other non-sexy stuff.


JJ said...

Awesome video. And its ok that there is non-sexy stuff going on at 29 weeks--just so glad you are this close! =)

Mel said...

The video is so freaking cool. Totally like ALIEN!!! LOL That's what I would think, too. Craziness.

Boy, do I have iPod suggestions for you! Soothing music I love: Norah Jones, Josh Groban, Meiko, John Mayer, Imogen Heap (some), Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson... I could go on and on.... let me know if you need more suggestions.


Jendeis said...

Soothing music - Norah Jones, Michael Buble, Ray Lynch (album is called "Deep Breakfast")

Barb said...

You ARE close! Crazy! My poor DH gets non-sexy goings on and I'm not even pg! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cool! 29 weeks! They're flying by now!

I have lots of song suggestions, a favorite that comes to mind is "Yellow" by Coldplay. The entire new duets CD by Tony Bennett is fantastic. Let me know if you need more ideas.

Marcy "meg" said...

My doctor told me the headaches would probably start up for me around 28 weeks since I am the lucky one who used to get them terrible before pregnancy. Sounds like according to you, he may be exactly right. I hope I can continue to escape them, but we will see. I hope yours ease up soon.

Happy 29 weeks!

gracechild said...

Your poor Dh. Tell him he just needs to hang on for a few more months :)

Rachel Inbar said...

Happy 29 weeks!

About PJs for the hospital - I loved having flannel pants under my gown (I used a hospital gown so as not to risk bleeding all over my own), it let me sit any way I wanted... If you're planning to breastfeed, make sure the gown (hospital or your own) opens on top to allow good access.

As for music, just take the music that makes you feel happy. Ohad & I also chose the first song that our baby would hear, making it a song that will always be special for us.

I'm so excited for you :-)

Chas said...

I can't even imagine wearing any type of bottoms while still in the hospital...shorts, pants, etc...no way. My mom bought me two brand new nightgowns to wear in the hospital when Lila was born...and then I wore the hospital gowns the entire time. It's quite messy even a day or two later, and you'll ruin anything of your own. I'd save my money and just let the hospital provide gowns for you.

Kami said...

Glad things continue to go well. Thanks for posting comments on my blog, especially since I mostly lurk on yours. Your are a sweetie!

Oh, for clothes, I have heard big t-shirts so you can be modest and still sans bottoms.

Cibele said...

I took so much stuff to the hospital and I ended up using NOTHING... I used a hospital gown and the disposible underware that they gave me...
Your poor husband, he is in the place as mine LOL. It has been a long time... Mine is counting the days Happy 29 weeks

Cibele said...

I took so much stuff to the hospital and I ended up using NOTHING... I used a hospital gown and the disposible underware that they gave me...
Your poor husband, he is in the place as mine LOL. It has been a long time... Mine is counting the days Happy 29 weeks

Geohde said...

Totally hear you on the acne and the wistful spouse!



Anonymous said...

The hubby will get over it!

Those movements are so cool!!! Hooray for Mini kicks!

HAPPY 29 WEEKS (and one day)!!!

sara said...

Ohh varicose veins and stretch marks...what do you mean that's not sexy? Haha..just kidding! I love the video, thanks for sharing it with us :-) I'll be looking forward to what you find out about comfy hospital clothes and music. I might have to save the info for when I need it! It's so funny what you said about the husband, mine mentioned it last week. Needless to say, nothing has happened in that department yet! I'll check back later to see if you found out anything from the doc, I'm sure it'll be great news. Can't believe it's 29 weeks, holy crap ola!

lady in waiting said...

Aww, that's so fun! I love to feel all the kicks and see the movement. Great idea to take a video, I may have to copy that!
Oh and I am sure if you haven't heard anything, then it is GOOD news. No news is good news right? If it were bad they would have called you right away (like my doc did).

seussgirl said...

Hmm..considering we went into the hospital with nothing but a book and a toothbrush...:)
I agree with those who said just wear the hospital gowns. And have comfy pants (probably still maternity ones) to wear home. Our hospital made sure to give us nursing gowns, so they were helpful. A sweater to wear over it if you're going anywhere might be helpful (those "convenient" holes don't always want to stay closed!).
yey for 29 weeks!