Tuesday, April 1, 2008

27 weeks

At 27 weeks, your baby's length will have tripled or quadrupled from the 14 week mark. If your baby is born this week, the chances of survival is now at least 80 percent. However, serious complications are still possible. (according to that website - they consider 27w the start of the 3rd trimester) Another website stated that there is a 85% survival birth rate at 27 weeks- Regardless, either stat is good to read. I'd like to make it farther along still, But this info is good to have in the back of your mind. I also read that any rhythmic movement you may be feeling could be associated with a case of the hiccups. These are common this week and throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Your baby can have them but it will be breathing in amniotic fluid rather than air.

I must admit starting a few days ago, I feel I look HUGE and uncomfortable.

After last growth scan w/ the MFM, I panicked. Hearing about leap year and moving my due date up 1 day sent me into a full fledged panic attack. I know that is only 24 hours. It's insignificant, but in my head it was a WHOLE different MONTH ..ya know June IS before July ..... I didn't say I was rational. It wasn't so much the actual due date day being moved up as much as it was a realization that things were coming and sooner than I had allowed my brain to think about. Up until that moment, I was still waiting for the "but" of the situation. Hearing the dr's words made me realize that this IS happening ... Really happening .... and I have not taken time to consider how little time we do have left. I was/am too busy enjoying the now and how far we have gotten verses possibly preparing for the finish line in this pregnancy with a start of a new life to care/provide for.

I have heard of pregnant women having this one defining moment in their pregnancy when they realize that their pregnancy is going to result in a baby and how things are going to be real in just a matter of time. I had that "moment" last week also after that appointment. Things just seemed very Real. Seeing/imagining actually delivering our child. Followed by overwhelming feelings of inadequecy and unpreparedness. It's hard to describe. It wasn't like my ususal fairytale daydreams, or the preconceived notions of the "When I am pregnant, I will do This", nor was it an "ah ha" enlightening moment, It was a "Oh $hit moment" ..It was a bit of reality check for me. Because I am pregnant. It's no longer a when like I fantisized about. and There is MUCH more reality that I had ever considered.
I have been pregnant longer than I have left to be pregnant. .. Think about that. It's spooky.

This thinking sent me in a tailspin. I started trying to have all plans "figured out". I wanted to nail down a shower date .. (yes me - the one that wasn't sure she wanted a shower) I wanted to have all our plans made so we could have a commitment free month of June. *because april and may are completely over stuffed months for us with family birthdays, graduations and other family obligations* I pointed out that, E only has 6 more non working weekends to help me get the nursery set up. Out of those 6 non working weekends, only 2 completely open weekends that can be dedicated to getting all the house/nursery stuff done in time for June 30th. Only 1 of those weekend are after my shower. (e works every other weekend) I thought I had plenty of time. Where did it all go?

Related to getting the nursery getting ready, I have googled changing table more times than I would like to admit. I knew that when I bought just a crib, I was giving up my original ideal "plan"to buy a whole bedroom suite. I figured I could find the additional pieces "later". Last week, I felt like there was no more time for saying things like "later". This weekend, we found a great dresser/changing table combo at a local baby furniture store. It will be at my house by the end of the day today. Now, I really need to start cleaning out that room. My MIL will be here this upcoming week and she will need to stay in there - so we have to make a plan to get that room livable by Sunday. Can you tell Time slipped up on me?

I feel like I have such a long way to go, yet I have come so far. It's a Push me, Pull you kind of feeling. Maybe it's due to my lack there of sleeping.
Our sleeping habits are about to change. I have noticed a bit of swelling towards the end of my very long days and I want to make every effort to lay one my left side. I am now starting to have a hard time staying on my left side on my side of the bed. E sleeps on his right side - which means with me on my left, we are facing eachother and it just creeps me out. I can't sleep like that. It feels like someone is staring at you while you try to sleep. So as of last night, I requested that we change sides. Plus his side is closer to the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, I am waking up about 3 times a night, 11 ish, 2 ish and 4 ish. Sometimes not always 3 times but always 2 times: 2 and 4 seem to be very consistant wake up times.

Please please please know that NONE of this is complaining. These are all just things according to me. I am trying to take in as much of this journey as I can. I am taking it in for what it is worth and documenting my experiences with this pregnancy after IF/losses. It may be helpful - it may not but I do not intend for it to be harmful.


Jen said...

I understand exactly where you are at. All of a sudden I am starting to feel that this could really happen! It's taken me 30 weeks to accept that! Congrats and here's to a great healty spring!

Kathy V said...

Glad things are going well for you. Sorry to hear that reality stopped by for a reality and time check. Atleast now I know what to look forward to.

Marcy "meg" said...

I can relate and I am just at 21 weeks. I can only imagine how it will all hit me at 27 weeks.

And I totally know what you mean about the staring at, sleeping thing :) Too funny!

Mel said...

I am so glad to hear you had that "moment," scary as it may be.
You are having a son and I couldn't be happier for you. ;)
Try not to stress out too much (easier said than done of course) and remember that your pregnancy and your strength are inspiration to every single one of us still waiting.

Anonymous said...

I hope that switching sides helps.

Just remember, as long as you have the basics for Mini, everything else will come together. It'll all work out! :-)


Rachel Inbar said...

I think there's still an element of shock that it's a real baby, even after it's born... I have never been able to connect between the pregnancy and the baby - I mean, once the baby is born, it's hard to imagine that that is what you have been feeling and worrying about for the past several months.

Barb said...

"Oh Shit" is right! I understand where you're coming from!

Barb said...

P.S. That's what I like so much about how you blog about pregnancy. It's so REAL. You put yourself out there. I can't handle the "baby is wonderful! Life is wonderful! Tra-la-la-la" stuff sometimes, and I can't handle the "Woe is me, pregnancy is the worst thing EVER!" stuff sometimes. Mostly it's because they aren't such starkly realistic pictures. You do that with an ease I admire.

sara said...

It's cool that things are moving along so quickly, but I also understand that would make you feel like holy crap I have a lot to do. I'm glad things are going well! Thanks for the advice on the just breathe right now..that's my new mantra!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your "moment" came, as nerve-wracking as it must be now. You will get it all finished and taken care of, and if you miss a few details it will all be ok. Enjoy yourself! :)

Jendeis said...

You go right ahead and tell us all, even complain if you want to. It doesn't ever mean that you are ungrateful; you're just telling us about your symptoms.

My thought has always been that I track who's pregnant and if I'm not in a place where I can read about their pregnancy, I just don't check in that day. Why is it so hard for other people to do that?

Diana said...

Oh yes, time is flying! I hear you on it becoming more real. Sometimes it hits me really hard and I start to panic but most of the time I can put it in the surreal and not worry at all.

Looking forward to seeing pics of the nursery!

Kathy said...

Congrats on 27 weeks Farah! Good idea to switch sides of your bed. Bob and I did that when I was pregnant w/ Sean and it helped a lot. We actually never switched back, which is kind funny. Also, I remember w/ Sean stressing out about the left side thing and my OB telling me that women have been having babies for many many many years and not sleeping on their left sides, so if you are able to great, but not to worry too much if you find that you can't do it all the time.

Also, I second what others have said, that this is your time and you are more than allowed to enjoy it, blog about it, relish in it, etc. I know it may be difficult for you at times, with everything you have gone through to get to this point though. Anyway, I am really so very happy for you, my almost due date buddy, and even though my pregnancy is likely not going to end with a healthy baby or an alive one for that matter, I hope you know how much that doesn't take away from me wanting the best for you and your happiness, which includes the wonderful blessing that is/will continue to be your son/your baby boy.

On the flipside, thank you for continuing to read/follow/comment on my blog, as I imagine it can be pretty depressing at times when you are trying to enjoy a more "normal" pregnancy. (((HUGS)))

Sorry so long. Congrats again on being in your third trimester or almost there (depending on who you read/talk to)!

Take care and God bless,

becoming-mom said...

I think I'm still a bit in the fairy tale stage, but I have stressed to Jeff that we need to start working on the nursery NOW. That is, if he wants any help from me because there's no way I'm going to be able to help him move furniture around, get on a ladder to paint the wall corners etc for much longer.

I think the idea of doing it alone has scared him into submission :)

hope548 said...

You'll get it all done, and even if you don't have it all done before the baby is here, it's not the end of the world. You'll get to it eventually, and the baby isn't going to care what the room looks like, just so long as he has a place to sleep and plenty to eat and gets his diaper changed, right?

Take care!! Glad you're doing so well.

tryingin2007 said...

oh, you are scaring me! you mean there is more to come after a pregnant belly? after so many IVFs I sort of forgot what the end result is. a tiny baby? WOW!!!!!! :O

mini will be here before we know it -- sooooo exciting!

gracechild said...

Farah girl...breeeeaathe!!! this is a good place to be in. One trimester to go!!! yeeehaaaa!!

Topcat said...

Welcome to the third trimester, dear Farah. It's kinda cool here. You are NEVER complaining! Just telling it like it is, there's a big difference.


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I totally understand. While there is still a part of me that is terrified to accept that this could all turn out well, there is a part of me that knows how real all of this is. And you're right, it's scary.

YAY for 27 weeks and good luck with getting everything done in the time frame you've set up. HUGS!

My_Herstory said...
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My_Herstory said...

Happy 27 weeks!

It all sounds so exciting, as nerve racking as it is! Sounds like you have things under control, planning is underway. It's all good!! Third trimester did come up fast though. :) Yay!

Polka Dot said...

I so understand how your brain transferred 1 day into a whole month thing. I was that way when I went from 30 to 31 - I was officially in my 30's. Freaked me out.

I'm sure you'll get through this and you'll start to calm down some. I always hear of women who panic and then suddenly relax those last few weeks.