Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hurry up, Wait

Is this week over yet - I wish it would hurry up......ironic -because Hurrying and waiting - thats all I have managed to do all week long- i wont go into much detail about work - but all i do is hurry and wait- i waste a huge part of my day hurrying to meet someone to help me only to wait for them to get there - what is this about - after this waiting occured, I was informed that I have a huge deadline that must be met march 30- and absolutely no later -no sirree bob - must be done. Then I scurry to another Hurry up and wait session 30 mins after the first no so great H/W session to find out that there "new circumstances beyond "our" control and we(meaning I) have another deadline that must also be met in 3 weeks - april 6th- with no exceptions - WHOA nellie - and I realized this week that I am without a doubt an emotional eatter - this leads into
Day 8 on Metformin, CD 17, 16 days w/o chocolate, cafeine, sugars (besides those that are naturally in fruits),and white flour.

*warning potty talk*

Tuesday - that was a horrible day for me, I have been feeling great, headacheless, and happy and upbeat - nothing like an hour and 45 minute commute ( that should only be 35 mins) to start your day off - plus I had a Met Moment- what i refer to when my bowels suddenly feel the need to explode all over - I took my Met in the morning before I left this house after i ate a apple and a little bowel of fiber cereal - Bad combo when it takes you 1hr 45 mins to get to work - I was in the car- mad from traffic - then all of a sudden- gerggle gerggle- NOT good sounds when you know there is no where to stop and use the bathroom descretly. I was sweating, and frustrated and starting to tear up ( amongst other things "up"). There was an accident at every interstate, intersection, light you name it - traffic was a nightmare - and all I could think of was "i am going to have to call my boss and explain to her that I was on my way to work but I am know using the dirt devil wet/dry vac and I will not be able to make it back to work today" But to my astonishment, I was able to "hold it" until I ran from the parking lot to the restroom. (phew, wow, that could have been a disaster)

Being that I admitted that I am an emotional eater - and not being allowed to have such foods that i want to indulge in, I have found out that I am capable of dealing w/o the need for "such foods".

*** i am in a hurry up and wait situation .. I will finish posting later on my cycles and such seeing that this IS supposed to be an infertility blog and all


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I am not yet taking any IF drugs but I have IBS and so I can relate to your near-disaster. I have cried in those situations but luckily so far have not needed the wet/dry vac. But it might only be a matter of time so I count my blessings!

And, it is great to find another person who thinks about her life in terms of cycles of hurrying and waiting!

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...
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My_Herstory said...

That wine and pedicure is sounding better and better!
Now what kind of diet are you on? Any book names? Congrats on doing so well! It's a hard thing to do, dropping all the comfort foods. I myself am a huge pop fan, and major chocaholic. I've purchased juice instead of pop for the next week to drink at work, then I'll get into the water. Any tips on staying strong?
Hope tomorrow's a good day, take care!


Baby Blues said...

New to your blog. I have PCOS and I know I should start Metformin again, get on a low glycemic index diet and start exercising. But I'm still procrastinating. I'm an emotional eater too and it doesn't help that these hormones are making me emotional. I'm glad you're sticking to your diet and Met. Good luck!