Saturday, March 10, 2007

Met Day 3

well, i am still continuing my Insulin Resistance Diet - and its now day 11 w/o chocolate, caffeine, white flour and fast food (including Starbucks). It is day 3 of Metformin, and CD 12. Got all those numbers running through my head. With that all said- I feel wonderful!! I have not had any major withdrawals or hunger fits. However, I am tired of planning and preparing meals - and i need to up my water intake tremendously. I do have more energy and ability to not feel tired or hungry all the time. There was an immediate feeling of not being hungry. SO all these health nuts may have a point with eating "weird organic" foods. Favorite snack right now is an apple with organic honey nut peanut butter. I think my faith is increasing in alot of areas as well.

**Warning semi-graphic Bathroom talk**

As for Metformin - I had my first "experience" with liquid poo Wednesday night. I spent alot of time in the bathroom that night after my HSG. I blame it on the metformin but i don't really know. Rinse and repeat my bathroom experience on Thursday as well. Friday, I ate lunch, then about 15 mins later - went running to the bathroom and threw it all up. I spent the rest of hte day extremely nauseous until about 5. I ate dinner, took another pill , came home. I felt better until after BD'ing (remember it is cd12 - however i have not "charted" or been keeping track on my OPK since December- i still think that by chance i still "may" ovulate and I don't want to miss the opportunity even though my dr said i will not ovulate until i either lose more weight or have more metformin and clomid combo) After BD'ing OH BOY !! i was sooo sick to my stomach- nauseous and hot flashes and etc.

today - so far so good on the no bathroom trips and feeling nauseous.

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lisalou said...

Oh! I hear ya...good luck with the nausea it does go away though..