Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bring out the MET Welcome Wagon

Well, Today I had a HSG(hysterosalpingogram). This is an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes. It will show any abnormalities or blockages - Which I am happy to report I " have no blockages and a pretty uterus". YAH ME, Two things are not completely crap!!! I am not completely broken. Although, after I received that joyeous news - i should have seen the bad news coming. So as you remember from my previous post about the The Institute of Vampyric Research ( they took 15 tubes of blood and the results are in ... *drum roll please ...............I am a repeat spontaneous aborter. LOVELY, Not only am i over weight, but my body eats the fertilized eggs. Yes I know that sounds disturbing but that was one of the images I got in my head as he the Head of Vampyric Research was discussing my results. The other image is not pretty and i will not describe it. Ok back to the results -
I have 2 major things that are causing my miscarriage: 1- my autoimmune (it was a bunch of letters MTHLMF or something like that (as my Husband refers to it as wtflmao because he said it was my body laughing at us or taughting us - " Dare ya to bring in a fertilized egg .... DO , it heheheh DO IT"- yes my husband is just as nuts as I am). It basically causes me to reject and treat the fertilized egg as a virus, WEll isnt that Productive - I bet if it was the Flu - it would totally let Mr Flubug RIGHT IN but nooooo not a fertilized Egg.
2- Clotting Disorder- I have a higher amount of coagulation than most. Atleast #2 is easy to maintain - i just take an 81mg aspirin a day.

#1- Well, #1 is making me alittle uncomfortable - or that may be the HSG cramping ;). No serioulsy, With #1, I have to inject luvenox in my body as soon as i find out that I am pregnant - in hopes to deter Mr. WontplaybytherulesImmunesystem. Oh and call the DR. and then I will take Prednisone until like week 18 and then he will ween me off. A steroid. I'm just a tad freaked out .

..Don't get me wrong, I am very glad to know what is "wrong" with me and get a diagnosis. Im a lil worried about the getting pregnant and spontaneous aborting and having to take steroids. PHEW, thats a lot to digest in one day. Also - I am now a member of the Metformin Club - AKA the Liquid Bathroom Pill - and boy today I spent ALOT of time in the el bano. I wonder if that was from the Met or the HSG - maybe Both


My_Herstory said...

I'm glad your HSG test went well. But wow, you have lot to think about. Best of luck with the Met, Avandia isn't much different from Met with side effects, lol.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Ohh the lovely HSG--not pleasant, but I am so glad that you got some answers and it looks like you all are on the road to BABY!